Who is Piathought?

Pia, a 20-something gal, is the blogger behind this website, piathought.com.

Pia is currently managing another website as well, visitmanila.ph which revolves around Metro Manila – where to eat, what to do, where to stay. Also, she has a number of social media pages that focus on specific niches.

She was an extrovert a couple years back, but now, she has transitioned to being an introvert. She loves staying at home with her laptop on. Coffee, rain, and peaceful music are her thing. Know her more here.

After three years of working in a travel company, she is now happy with her new job in Shopee.

The Blog

Piathought.com has been existing since 2010. The blog started as an online journal of her feelings and emotions but after a couple of opportunities, the blog transitioned into a lifestyle and travel blog in 2014.

Because of this blog, she have met wonderful opportunities and people who have been her mentors and close friends now.

Piathought.com encountered a lot of ups and downs during those years.

The blog has been deleted, got stagnant for years but through this blog, she has travelled to different provinces, partnered with different hotels, resorts, restaurants, brands and services, and even won blog writing contests for this and for the other blogs that were deleted.

But still, after a lot of hardships, we continue to fight to add value to our readers and to provide resources for travels itineraries, travel reviews, how to tips, and financial education.

Piathought Goals

  • Inspire every reader that they can get out of their comfort zone to fully live the life that God has blessed us in the best way possible.
  • Provide budget travel itineraries to every reader because vacations don’t need to be super expensive
  • Write honest reviews of every establishment that were being reviewed
  • Provide financial education to every reader to balance fun and being responsible

For any type of advertisements, collaborations, reviews, please send an email to thoughtpia@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.