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10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes — No. 8 is our Favorite!

If you are on the lookout on what to do in Batanes for your upcoming vacation, we suggest you add the activities listed below to maximize your vacation.

If you are planning for your Batanes trip, we highly suggest you get a registered tour provider from a company that can really take care of you and please, do not DIY Batanes. I tried it last 2018 and I can fully say that I had so much fun on my second Batanes escapade because everything was organized!

You can find one on the island but better if you contact a tour provider before you go to Batanes. Better be prepared than sorry, dear. Might be fully-booked already when you get there.

We actually searched for the best tour provider. Saw a number but Amazing Batanes Tours stood out.

Let me know if you want me to connect you to them. Hassle-free and the tour guides really knew Batanes well.

Amazing Batanes Tours Details:

  • Contact Details: GLOBE: 0927 387 8172 | SMART: 0920 217 9031
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook Page: Amazing Batanes
  • Instagram: Amazing Batanes

10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes

Go ahead and explore the island to the fullest! I hope you have a day or two all to yourselves as some of these are not in the usual itinerary. Oh, writing this makes me wanna go back to Batanes again!

1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen

More than the seemingly endless green rolling hills of Batanes, the province has a lot more to offer especially with their dishes.

And trying dishes is actually a great way to learn more about Batanes traditions and culture! 

Our team tried a number of restaurants in Batanes but one stood out — the Hiro Joy Canteen.

Hiro Joy Canteen or Hiro’s Cafe is located in Abad St. Corner Argonza St. They are offering a number of Ivatan dishes, American, and some traditional Filipino dishes as well. What we love most is that every dish is made with extra love — extra herb, extra sauce, and is carefully cooked with passion and love.

We were talking with our team the other day and if we wanna go back to Batanes, we’ll definitely go back to Hiro Joy Canteen. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Food to try:

  • Lobster
  • Graham Cake
  • Uved
  • Lunyis – Ivatan’s Pork Adobo
  • Marida or Taveh (Ivatan Escargot)

Check out our separate review of Hiro Joy Canteen here.

2.  Fishing at Basco Port

Free time in Batanes? Go fishing!

Being surrounded by water, one of the Ivatan’s primary works is fishing. If you don’t have a fishing rod with you, you may ask your tour guide where to find/rent one.

For us, fortunately, there’s a family friend living in Basco and luckily, they have fishing rods! 

On our way to Basco port.

We also asked our tour guide, Kuya James, if he has one. Although he was very eager to lend us his fishing rod and accompany us to Basco Port and Chanarian Point, he wasn’t able to because he needed to go diving/fishing as well that afternoon. 

We wanna go but his boat is small.

Anyway, I suggest you go fishing in Batanes. What a memorable way to maximize your Batanes vacation!

3.  Take a dip in the beaches of Batanes

When I imagined tBatanes beaches before, all I can think of was they’re so rocky that you can’t even swim near the shore.

While this is true for some beaches in Batanes, there are also beaches with fine white sand and less rocky.

There are also rocky beaches like the blue lagoon and some lagoons in Sabtang shore near the port.

So yes, add this in your itinerary — swim in Batanes!

Suggested beaches:

  • Beach near Basco port
  • White Beach in Basco
  • Sabtang beach near Sabtang port
  • Blue Lagoon in Basco
  • Sumnanga Fishing Village
Morong Beach in Sabtang, Batanes

Sabtang lagoon near Sabtang Lighthouse

4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle) 

One activity to never miss while in Batanes is biking!

There are a number of bike rentals in Basco and just a couple in Sabtang. Basco also has motorcycles for rent at a gasoline station near Nanay Cita’s Homestay.

No need to worry if you think you are lost already. Just talk to the Ivatans and they will guide you the way. Don’t forget to use google maps as well! 

Suggested biking areas:

  • Around Basco preferably the one near the school and open grounds
  • Outside Basco Airport
  • Way to Boulder Beach
  • Way to lighthouse

Went to Naidi Lighthouse early in the morning. We had so much fun!

5. Sunrise at Chamantad-Tinyan Point in Sabtang

This is not in the usual itinerary when in Batanes but we highly suggest you visit Chamantan-Tinyan point and cove before sunrise.

It is a magical experience waiting for the sun to rise while looking at the vast ocean and endless rolling hills. 

Additional payment is P1,100.

6.   Sunset watching at Natawu Point

Another activity to add to your Batanes bucket list is sunset watching at Natawu Point in Sabtang Island.

Our tour guide said this point is the best spot for sunset viewing in Batanes. 

True enough, it is indeed the best one. Here you can see a 360 view of Sabtang, the rolling hills, and the ocean.

Additional payment: P400

7.   Roam around Basco and make friends with the locals

Any place can be more experienced in being with the locals. Each time you go out, make sure you engage with the Ivatans.

Talk to your tour guides, make friends with them, ask the history of Batanes, where they live, what they do.. 

Sometimes it’s not just about the place but the people that you will meet that will make you really love the place.

And I can say that you will leave Batanes with a heavy heart because of the memories and the Ivatans as well.

8.  Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse

Who would have thought that exclusive dinner dates are possible at Naidi Lighthouse?
Naidi Lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses in Batanes. But, did you know that you can arrange a dinner date here?

Whether you wanna surprise your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, or any milestone in life, and you are in Batanes already, I suggest you go and reserve that exclusive date!

We are not sure if there are other operators for activities like this but we reserved our slot with Amazing Batanes Tours.

They will help you arrange everything. From food to balloons, to the set up of the place.. Really glad we booked everything with Amazing Batanes Tours.

Videos soon on our youtube channel!

9. Camping in Sabtang

If you will stay more than one night in Sabtang, try camping by the shore! To make this hassle-free for you, book your stay with Pananayan Homestay. They can help you with the tent pitching and can even prepare a bonfire for you!

10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

If you happen to have spare money, we want to suggest having your merienda or lunch at Fundacion Pacita.

Fundacion Pacita, perched at one of the rolling hills in Basco, is one of the most picturesque places I have been to in my entire life. Suggesting that you add this to your itinerary, separate from your tour, and try different dishes.

The food was great for the price that you would want to order another one. We tried their pizza and it was surprisingly good. While waiting, you may also check their arts area below the restaurant.

Fundacion Pacita also has several rooms for guests which starts at P12,870.

In summary, these are some of the best things to do while in Batanes! Make the most out of your Batanes trip!

  1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen
  2. Fishing at Basco Port
  3. Swimming 
  4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle)
  5. Sunrise at Chamantad in Sabtang
  6. Sunset at Natawu Point in Sabtang
  7. Roam around Basco, make friends with the locals
  8. Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse
  9. Camping at Sabtang
  10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book your Batanes Tours?

We highly suggest you book your Batanes tours with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Batanes Beach Getaways Chasing Wonders Staycations

Where to Stay in Sabtang: Pananayan Pension House and the Camping By the Beach Experience

Looking for the best place to stay on the beautiful island of Sabtang in Batanes? We would definitely like to recommend Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House is the best homestay in Sabtang island if you want a perfect view of the ocean, the lighthouse, and if you want to try camping by the shore.

The term ‘Pananayan‘ is an Ivatan term for waiting area. I talked to Ms. Joyce Elesterio, the very welcoming daughter and manager of the homestay and Pananayan canteen, and she mentioned that their business used to be near the port which served to be a waiting area for people going in and out of Sabtang Island.

We actually planned in staying on the island for about three nights but our supposedly first day in Sabtang was canceled because of the typhoon that time. I actually thought we’ll never get to the island because of the storm.

Good thing we just got stranded in Basco for one night! Still a good thing though because we get to experience the Batanes storm together! Haha!

Anyway, I was actually excited to check-in because of happyandbusytravel’s blog about the Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House, Sabtang, Batanes

Okay, I want you to be present with me. Imagine staying near Sabtang’s shoreline with the lighthouse near you. At night, you can hear the soothing sound of waves, with the moon above the ocean, and with the stars sparkling so bright at night — together with the love of your life. Isn’t it sweet? Hehe.

It was actually a dream come true.

The Smooth Check-In

It was around 8 o’clock in the morning when we checked in at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang Island.

Since there’s no data connection or mobile signal in the area, I was not able to message Pananayan Pension House that we’ll be moving our stay to the next day, if the weather permits.

When we got to the place, they welcomed us with a big smile and helped us through our room on the first floor.

I was actually a bit sad because I talked to them weeks before that we would want the room near the balcony.

But because of the typhoon, they were still cleaning the rooms on the second floor when we arrived.

We stayed on the first floor first and asked again if we can transfer to the second floor after they cleaned the room. So happy they agreed! Our room was near the balcony, overlooking Basco, the ocean lighthouse, and the port of Sabtang.

We were also the only guests at that time. The house was all to ourselves!

I wanna go back. Really.

What’s Inside Pananayan Pension House?

What I love about Pananayan Pension House is that the whole house is generally clean and well-maintained. Really happy we stayed here!

  • Dining Area – Glad that they have a dining area! They also have a water dispenser, kettle, coffee and sugar, and mugs! Really a plus for a coffeeholic like me! Hehe!
  • Kitchen – There was no common kitchen in Pananayan Pension House but they were already constructing one when we were there. No worries about the food though because they also own a canteen near the port which is a 5-minute walk from the homestay
  • Living Room– What I love about Pananayan is that they have a living room at the first and second floors. Since we were the only guests at that time, we had so much fun staying in the living room.
  • TV They have a television in the living room however, there was no signal that time because of the typhoon. Would be better if they have cards or anything that guests can use for bonding time.
  • Rooms – I love their rooms! Pananayan Pension House is somewhat new and I love that the rooms were all fresh and clean. The whole house is well-maintained and you wouldn’t think twice about the cleanliness of the place. Not to mention that comfort rooms are really clean as well!

Pananayan Pension House Sabtang Living Room (1st Floor)

Pananayan Pension House Living Room
Pananayan Pension House Living Room at the second floor
Pananayan Pension House Balcony overlooking the ocean

The Pananayan Pension House Rooms

Here are some of the rooms at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang, Batanes.

Pananayan Pension House Room Rates

We got our room for around P400 per pax but they now have new rates. Please see below rates from their Facebook Page.

The Camping Experience

One of the items in our bucketlist is to try camping near Pananayan Pension House. We opted to pitch our tent early in the morning because it was so dark to pitch at night, we chickened out. Haha!

We just knew after our morning camping that if we opt to camp in the evening, they will assist us with our very own bonfire. Huhu!

oh, hello there, Mr. Sunshine!
Lovely morning view from our camping tent.
Can’t believe we pitched a tent! haha!
Camping area by the lighthouse! Beautiful.

We were surprised that they even pitched a tent for us!

At first, we thought there were other guests who want to camp as well. But turns out they thought we didn’t bring a tent! So, they pitched one for us. So sweet.

Camping before swimming!

Swimming Time and Roam Around the Shore

Of course, we will never leave without experiencing Sabtang’s sea! Hehe We went picture taking first before we submerged ourselves to the cold lagoon near the homestay. It was half amazing, half scary because we’ll never know when will the big waves come and what’s inside these rocks. Haha!

It was a total adventure.

Ryan, being his pa-superman self, went to the upper side of the rocks which got me so disturbed. Haha! 

Pia’s Thoughts

Pananayan Pension House is actually the best place to stay during your Sabtang trip. I also urge you to stay two nights to really enjoy Sabtang and have intimate moments with loved ones and self (if you are traveling solo).

I think it would be best if Pananayan Pension House has a common kitchen for guests though. Not sure if the kitchen that they constructing the last time was built now. But still, we are highly recommending this place if you want a home away from home, access to Sabtang’s shore, near the lighthouse and if you want camping by the beach!

Pananayan Pension House Details:

Where to Book Sabtang Batanes Tour?

We highly suggest you book your Sabtang tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Batangas Beach Getaways Calatagan Chasing Wonders Featured Weekend Guides

Ivory Beach Resort Calatagan: Relaxing Beach Escapade [UPDATED 2019]

Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan is one of the serene places to go to in Batangas. You may not always catch the high tide but still, this beach resort is good for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

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Can you wake me up when September ends?

Can’t believe it’s already the end of September. As cliche as this may seem, time really passes by so fast and we really have to make the most out of it.

That’s why I pushed with my Calatagan getaway! Fortunately, my best friend is from this peaceful and beach blessed town.

Lately, the sea and the mountains are calling me.

I have been longing for quiet times where I would just write my thoughts and places in the past months and glad I took a leap of faith in this area. I conquered two mountains already, Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Ulap.

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And now, I am conquering beaches!

Not the populated ones though, but the peaceful and laid back beaches like Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. 

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Along Calatagan beach resorts (Manuel Uy Resort, Stilts Calatagan Resort, Burot Beach, and Playa, Calatagan) lies Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas.

This peaceful and Talisay-blessed resort is perfect for those who want to spend the rest of the night in a tent or just to stay hours to enjoy the serenity of the vast beach space.

If you really want to have that peaceful stay with a few other beachgoers, we suggest that you try Ivory Beach Coast Calatagan.


How to Get to Ivory Beach Resort from Calatagan Bayan

From Calatagan Bayan, it will approximately take you less than 30 minutes to this hidden beach resort via tricycle.

Tricycle Fare to Ivory Resort: PHP 100/pax

Bus Fare to Calatagan: PHP 160/pax

Van Fare to Calatagan: PHP 180/pax

It’s a bit far from Calatagan Bayan so please, wag na nating baratin sila Kuya driver. 🙂


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The Ivory Beach Calatagan Resort

Angelic (my best friend) and I arrived at the beach at 1:00 in the afternoon already as we prepared some food and also went to the grocery to grab some snacks and drinks.

Being a beach lover, what I appreciate more about the place is its exclusivity. 

I can actually compare this beach to the virgin beaches in my hometown, Masbate.

Also, although there are a number of pitched tents in the area, still, the feeling of peace and stillness of the place is there.

Or maybe because I was just too focused on how lovely the ocean is. Even if low tide siya. Hehe.

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Ang peaceful. Ang ganda. Gusto ko din ‘tong time na ‘to na parang uulan sya.


The water was not high when we arrived. Sad because we weren’t able to fully enjoy the beach.

But, we enjoyed cooking/roasting or should I say ‘toasting’ hotdogs. Haha! We had a very lovely chef by the way. Love how she made our hotdogs so yummy!

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Going back to the beach, I also love that this resort is blessed with trees that bring shade to the beachgoers. It also has tables and some areas have hammocks as well. Not sure though if it was brought by the guests as well.

Ivory Beach Resort Entrance Fee: PHP 100

Tent Pitch: 500


Read Also: Animasola Island Rock Formation | Island Hopping in Burias, Masbate

Who doesn’t love pictures?

Angelic and I are fond of taking each other’s photos (even if sometimes we get pissed at each other. Haha.)

Because the heavy rain is about to start (sad part because we had to leave), we quickly went to the beach and took photos although the water is really low.

After a couple of shots, the rain already started to pour. 

Looking for Calatagan beach resorts? Check this list.


Although we stayed for just two hours because it started to rain, my heart was still filled with so much happiness.

It has actually been my greatest joy ever since to be in the beach while raining.

All the more when I am already swimming! Huhu! That’s why it was hard for me to leave earlier. I wish I could still see the rain over this vast beach as it gives me the feeling of peace and joy each time I see the calm waters and the pouring rain combined.

I wish I can stay but I can’t.

But still, I left the beach with a happy heart, thanking God for another prayer fulfilled – to be with nature again and to experience the rain at the beach.

Special thanks to Concepcion Family!

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Bataan Beach Getaways Chasing Wonders Top 10 Lists Travel Reviews

Top Bataan Hotels & Resorts for Your Next Adventure

Bataan is so much blessed with nature, filled with history, and lovely people that is worth the 2 to 3-hour drive.

So, if you would like to know more about what happened in World War II, the infamous Death March, and the life in the past, plus check out some eco-tourism sites, we suggest you secure two whole days to explore the beauty of Bataan.

To help you prepare for your escape, we listed here some of the best hotels and resorts in Bataan that you may want to consider!

1. Casa Veles Hotel Bataan

  • Location: Freeport Area of Bataan, Mariveles, Bataan
  • Room Rate Range: PHP 2,800 to PHP 3,000
  • Inclusions: Breakfast for two and (strong) WIFI

If you are looking for a place to stay after a very long day, I suggest you check-in at Casa Veles Hotel. Not only that it will give you a fresh welcome upon entrance, but also, every corner of the hotel will give you that relaxing ambiance asking you to just stay inside the room and tuck yourself inside the bed’s soft mattress.

Also, you will love this hotel more if you are looking for a strong internet connection as each room is equipped with its own free and fast wifi! Yey!

After a good night sleep, Casa Veles hearty breakfast from Cafe Industriya will surely pump your day up!

2. The Oriental Bataan

  • Location: Freeport Area of Bataan, Mariveles, Bataan
  • Room Rate Starts at: PHP 3,000
  • Inclusions: Breakfast, Balcony/terrace and (strong) WIFI
Check room rates HERE

Just like Casa Veles Hotel, The Oriental is also located in Mariveles, Bataan.

With its close proximity to different highly recommended places to visit when in Bataan, this will surely be a good base for your adventure! The Oriental Bataan’s comfort will make you wanna stay a bit longer in the hotel though!

The hotel offers a number of facilities for leisure to make your stay a memorable and relaxing one. Dip into The Oriental’s most photographed indoor swimming pool while watching the sunset; clear your mind and relax your body by availing their signature outdoor spa; lose pounds at their Fit and Tone gym; or simply chill at their relaxing cliff lounge where you can just relax with your family and friends.

3. The Plaza Hotel – Balanga

  • Location:  Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Bataan
Check out The Plaza Hotel Rooms HERE
Photo Credit: The Plaza Hotel

With The Plaza Hotel’s convenient location inside Plaza Mayor de Ciudad in Balanga, Bataan, this hotel surely is the best hotel option for you with it’s close access to different must-see destinations in Bataan, whether for business or leisure purposes and will make your stay and gala a hassle-free one!

Moreover, imagine staying in this hotel with its old-charm, quaint rooms? Definitely a must-try in Bataan!

Check out The Plaza Hotel Rooms HERE

4. Camaya Coast Hotel

  • Location: Bgry Biaan, Sitio Wain, Bataan, Bataan
Check Camaya Coast Hotel Rooms Here

Just for a three-hour drive to this posh resort, you will get to experience a kilometer stretch of beach, endless sunsets, and a relaxing feeling of being close to the mountains and sea — which the metropolis cannot give you.

If you want to get away to the hustle and bustle of the city life and just wanna be close to nature, we highly suggest Camaya Coast – one of the best resorts in Bataan!

What’s great is that they also offer another mode of transportation as you can just book a ferry ride to the resort with just a breeze.

4. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Hotel

  • Location: Brgy Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan, Bataan
  • Room Rate Starts: PHP 8,000
Check Las Casa Room Rates HERE

Located in Bagac, Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is to 17 restored old houses in this Spanish-inspired village.

Although the ambiance of the resort is a bit reserved and old, each villa is still equipped with modern amenities for their guests’ comfort. Located near the beach, their guests can enjoy swimming at the beach or watch the sunset by the shore with their family and friends.

Considered one of the best hotel and resorts in Bataan, Las Casa will surely give you an unforgettable experience that you will always want to go back to.

5. Sage Leaf Hotel

  • Location: UN Avenue, Camp Kanawan Morong Bataan
  • Room Rate Starts at: PHP 3,200
Check Sage Leaf Hotel HERE

Step into one of the 10 relaxing rooms of Sage Leaf Hotel after a long day exploring Bataan! Located inside Camp Kanawan in Morong, Bataan, prepare to have a relaxing stay with its numerous amenities that will surely make your stay a pleasurable one.

So, whether your with family or barkada, Sage Leaf Hotel is one of the best place to stay in Bataan.

Check Sage Leaf Hotel HERE

Check out more Bataan resorts and hotels here!

Cheap Beach Resorts in Bataan

While there are a number of posh hotels and resorts in the area, we can see a number of budget-friendly or cheap resorts in any part of Bataan.

Here are some of the cheap beach resorts that you can check out still with the best service and amenities.

6. Juness Beach Resort

  • Location: Cabildo, Nagbalayong, Bataan, Bataan
  • Room Rate Range: PHP 1,700 to PHP 2,000
Check out Juness Room Rates HERE

Beach Resort is located at Cabildo, Nagbalayong, Bataan, Bataan.

If you are looking for a cheap resort in Bataan but still with excellent service and amenities, go with Beach Resort. Plus, with its convenient location, you can go to many different tourist spots as well in Bataan.

Check out Room Rates HERE

7. Playa La Caleta

  • Room Rates Start at: PHP 1,500
Check Playa La Caleta Rooms HERE

Playa La Caleta is a home to 38 guest rooms. Conveniently located in near the beach, guests can enjoy beach bumming and swimming for a very affordable price.

This budget-friendly/cheap resort in Bataan is equipped with different amenities as well that will complete your Bataan escapade!

Check Playa La Caleta Rooms HERE

8. Romalaine Resort and Restaurant

  • Location: Mariveles, Bataan
  • Room Rate Range: PHP 2,800 to PHP 3,000
  • Inclusions: Breakfast for two

If you are looking for a place to stay for the night, or to just put your bags for a very long day in Bataan, I recommend Inn in Mariveles, Bataan.

What I noticed during our stay in was they are more focused on events. They have a number of places catering to events. Even their pool has two stages for pool parties.

For more cheap Bataan hotels and resorts. Check the link HERE or search for your preferred hotel below.

Photo credits: Agoda

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Beach Getaways Burias Chasing Wonders Masbate Weekend Guides

Animasola Island Rock Formation | Island Hopping in Burias, Masbate

There are a lot of islands and islets in Burias, Masbate. And the most unforgettable for me is the Animasola Island Rock Formation.


Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate province in the Philippines. The other two major islands are Ticao Island and Masbate Island. The Island has two municipalities, Claveria and San Pascual. -Wikipedia

Photo by: Benjie Garcia


Animasola Island Rock Formation – Burias, Masbate

Animasola Island features breathtaking rock formations together with its crystal clear and sparkling waters. This picturesque gem will make you fall in love with nature and Masbate all over again.

It was last 2016 when I had the chance to visit the three main islands of Masbate. Even though I was born and raised in Mainland Masbate, I wasn’t given a chance to travel to the other two islands, until I was given the task of my former company to accompany the winner of our Juanderlust contest, Dave Agbayani.

Yes, I know. Very fortunate and grateful indeed!

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Photo by: Lovey Marquez

One of the many islands we went to during the trip is the Animasola Island Rock Formation.

We marvel at the beautifully created rock formations for around 30 minutes. It was 12 noon that time and the sun was shining so bright! Kuya boatman said the intense heat, aside from it’s noontime is because the rocks are absorbing the heat.

Photo by: Lovey Marquez

After we checked the place, ate lunch, we then took the chance to swim! I can say that it was not really a good swim for me because of the rocks all over the place but I love that the water is crystal clear and with little to no trash at all.

I hope the Masbate government would continue to take care of this beauty.

Photo by: Jonas Roque

Check here for the list of Masbate Accommodation

How to get to Animasola Island Burias

There are actually many ways in getting to Animasola Island in Burias depending on where will your starting point would be.

  • Masbate Island – If you are coming from Masbate proper, you can check the schedule of the boat going to San Pascual, Burias. Travel time is 8 to 9 hours. Once you arrived in San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent going to Animasola. If you’re traveling solo, you can look for groups and ask if you can chip in going to Animasola and other islands.
  • Manila to Naga – There are regular flights to Naga via Cebu Pacific and PAL. Alternatively, you can ride the 8 hour bus. Most of the buses are in Cubao Terminal.
  • Naga to San Pascual – Once you’re already in Naga, go to the town of Pasacao. Pasacao is a 30-minute jeep ride from their own terminal in Naga City. This town is the  jumpoff point to San Pascual. Three boats depart daily in their port and travel time is three hours at most.
    • Schedule:
      •  7AM
      • 10AM
      • 2PM
  • San Pascual to Animasola –  Once you arrived in San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent going to Animasola. If you’re traveling solo, you can look for groups and ask if you can chip in going to Animasola and other islands.

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Grow Through What You Go Through

She sprouted love like flowers,
Grew a garden in her mind,
And even on the darkest days,
From her smile the sun still shined.