Know Her Monthly Recap

The Memorable August 2020

I am trying to blog all my monthly goals and life updates every month HERE since my memory fails me every time. Hehe.

And this month is indeed a month to remember. Last July and August, I prayed and thank God because still, family, friends, and I are safe from COVID 19.

However, this August, I got sick and yes, I am COVID 19 positive. Will talk about it more in a separate blog post.

Here are some of the updates for my August goals.


You may check my full blog post for August in this LINK.

  1. Double sales from last month for Alltreats – We only got around 25% comparing to our July sales. Sad but we only operated for the first 10 days of the month last August. We got really sick last month.
  2. Complete papers for our CamNorte tasks – We haven’t processed anything this month.
  3. Apply for online lecture so that I can get my student driver license – DONE! Got to attend the seminar last August 15 – 16. Will process my exam this month.

August 2020 Bucket List Update

  1. Visit a beach – been craving for some vitamin sea lately – Of course, this didn’t happen.
  2. Dye my hair – YES!!! Finally dyed my hair with Ryan’s help. Hehe
  3. Focus on my daily day and night skincare routine – Nope.
  4. Try out the daily 5-minute journal – First 10 days only.
  5. More self-care this month – I can say yes to this.
  6. 1 blog per week – Nope.
  7. Send gifts to closest family and friends – Nope because we got sick. Hope to do this this month.
  8. Start minimalism – Nope.
  9. Plant more veggies – Nope but we’re happy with our vegetable garden now!

Other Significant Things that Happened in August 2020

  1. I am Covid 19 positive.
  2. Ryan is now a very good driver! Love it!
  3. I am happy to say that Ryan is a very caring partner. We got closer emotionally because of what happened to us.
  4. Our veggies have grown bigger! We are now ready to harvest our pechay!

Faith Goals Know Her

September 2020 Goals

Happy September first, everyone!

And just like that, it is now the start of the most awaited season – the BER months which means Christmas is getting nearer and nearer!

You know, for us, Filipinos, Christmas is really something that we are waiting for joyfully. But course, Christmas will never be the same as it was before if COVID is still here.

Compared to my previous months, July, August goals, I added more items in the bucket list, but for now, I think I wanna go with three items only for both goals and bucket list. My mind has been wandering off lately and I couldn’t handle more responsibilities as of the moment. Plus, I wanna really do the things that will make me feel good and light.

September 2020 Goals

  1. Celebrate our first anniversary
  2. More self-love – Exercise, diet, and skincare
  3. Pass the driving school exam and save P10,000 for Practical Driving Course

September 2020 Bucket List

  1. Date with Ryan in a secluded place
  2. Be more creative – draw, paint, write
  3. Lose 2kgs

Pia’s Thoughts

It’s been how many months since we have been quarantined and most of us are getting stressed already with the way things are. Praying for the best COVID vaccine and medicines to stop this pandemic already.

I pray that September will be a month full of new experiences, healing, laughter, and creativity for us all. Always remember to create and love always!

Hold tight, everything’s gonna be okay!

Faith Goals Know Her Pia & Ryan

August 2020 Goals + What Happened in July ’20

July 2020 has been a very, very long month for me.

So much happened. So much didn’t happen as well.

Okay, just an update and reminder for myself, I am trying to blog here monthly about my goals, what happened with my previous months, and what didn’t. And here’s what happened for my July 2020 goals.

Will be adding my August 2020 goals as well.

JULY 2020 GOALS — What happened?

In general, even though this month was full of ups and downs, I am still thankful that my family and friends are COVID-19 free (or Covid negative already). Praying for the vaccine to be available soon here in the Philippines and the rest of the world. I think if it will come to the Philippines already, we need to celebrate — at home! Hehe.

Personal Goals

  1. Buy Innova (2nd hand) – Last July 4, 2020, Ryan and I bought our very first family SUV! Meet our newest secondhand Innova — we call him Merlin! Hehe! Ryan and I have been praying for this and we are so glad it happened! We thought we’ll acquire this next year but we are happy that this pushed through earlier than expected. Bought this in cash with a lot of sacrifices.
  2. Buy more stocks after Innova – Bought stocks for our provincial resellers and added some stocks for our winning items. Wish us luck!
  3. Write 4x on Piathought – I have written 1 blog only.
  4. Double the sales for Alltreats (Check us out HERE) – We haven’t even gotten to 50% sales if compared to our goal! 😞 Just got 75% of our sales last June 2020.
  5. Learn how to cook (Currently, I know how to cook Sinigang, Adobo, Tinola, Prito Prito haha) – I have tried how to make monggo, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang togue. First time!
  6. Marketing and Expansion plan for Alltreats – This is what saddened me most. Haven’t done this that’s why sales went down as well. But we finally have a Masbate Distributor!
  7. Plant more in the vegetable garden with Ryan – This is one of our biggest YEY! Ryan and I have been so into planting veggies! We are now trying hydroponics and we added some new veggies: ampalaya, sitaw, onions, luya, garlic, and we are planning to add talong in the next days! Ryan made our veggie plot bigger and he also made a latayan ng mga gumagapang na veggies!

Family Goals

  1. Play more with Evond (my pamangkin) – Not sure if I can say that I fully made this happen because we are always in the other house. But I bought him an aquarium and he’s so happy!
  2. More kwentuhan with Mama – Can’t say as well if I made more kwentuhan with Mama but we visit our house from time to time. And made sure to have some coffee time. Parying for more kwentuhan and slow time with her.

As mentioned above I really felt that July has been so long for us. So much happened! Aside from the goals mentioned earlier, these are the significant things that happened in July 2020.

Other Significant Things that Happened in July 2020

  1. Ryan and I learned how to drive. And park!? — Thanks Kuya Obet! Proud to say that he only taught us for two days, 1st day 2 hours, 2nd day
  2. We bought an aquarium for our house. But two fishes died the next day.
  3. Bought Mama and Kuya Evond an aquarium too! The nephew is so happy!
  4. Ryan is always trying to renew his license — but fails each time. Frustrating but okay lang!
  5. First time to be invited to a webinar for ALLTREATS – We are so happy, thank you, Millennial Start-Ups and Vien!
  6. The Savings Pinay messaged us for a FREE Feature for our ALLTREATS – Yey! Thank you, Izza!
  7. Mr. Google messaged me for their Western Remittance — yey!


I feel like I always get overwhelmed whenever I have a big project to finish or start. So this month, I promised to list the three main things I need to get done which will impact my life. Saying hello to minimalism as well. LOL!

So yes, I will be limiting my goals to top 3 and will put everything on my bucket list this month. Keeping it simple for my mental health. Hehe!


  1. Double sales from last month for Alltreats
  2. Complete papers for our CamNorte tasks
  3. Apply for online lecture so that I can get my student driver license

August 2020 Bucket List

  1. Visit a beach – been craving for some vitamin sea lately
  2. Dye my hair
  3. Focus on my daily day and night skincare routine
  4. Try out the daily 5-minute journal
  5. More self-care this month
  6. 1 blog per week
  7. Send gifts to closest family and friends
  8. Start minimalism
  9. Plant more veggies

Pia’s Thoughts

July 2020 has been a relief and somewhat a struggle for me. Literally ups and downs! Changes have been everywhere this month and I sometimes feel overwhelmed but happy. Glad Ryan has been so patient and true to his word each and every time I get sad or what. Thanking him really for helping me to be the best version of myself.

Thank You Lord too for our keeping our family and friends COVID-19 Free!

Praying that August will be good to us all and that COVID-19 will not harm our families and friends. I hope that the vaccine will be all over the world soon.

Know Her Self-Development

4 Steps To Take When Overwhelmed with Life

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what tasks you should do first? Like everything is in moving so fast that you can’t keep up? Like you, I am usually overwhelmed with the uncertainties in life ~ especially right now that pandemic is still not over.

Work deadlines..

Passion Projects hunting you already..

House needs total clean up..

COVID-19 is waiving everywhere..

So on and so forth.

And new things to do are still piling up your life.

I have been like these oftentimes but I would just keep ignoring it till it fades away, or I would just think that Aunt Flo is coming to town already. But one thing is for sure, we need to acknowledge these emotions, know the triggers, and know how to address those.

Okay! So this is another personal post of mine that I know no one reads about. Haha! But if you are reading this thank you so much for taking the time. And if you got here because of Mr. Google, meaning to say, friend, we are feeling somewhat the same right now. Let’s try to acknowledge that first.

It has been a week or so that I am feeling a little edgy and emotional.

I thought it was just because of the hormones, you know, girls with PCOS have imbalanced hormones. I think this is one, but other reasons were — I am indeed overwhelmed with tasks, responsibilities, and changes that happened to me recently.

Here’s What to Do When Overwhelmed with Life

I pause. Literally pause in doing things when I feel overwhelmed because I just can’t. Haha! So I made myself some steps to take when I feel overwhelmed. Love that I recently knew how to mind map the things I wanna say/do.

First Step – The ‘Feel It’ Stage

Alright, I just made the stages, okay.. As mentioned, this is just me, I just wanna process my thoughts so if you’re here and you also wanna do this, great! let’s do this together.

  1. I blame the hormones – Of course! Hello, hormones, why imbalance? Hello, Aunt Flo, can you just like go out there already if you’re gonna go out? LOL.
  2. I get sad — really sad. – Just so thankful that I have a very, very patient and loving fiance. Sad for various petty reasons, that made me really messy — inside and out. Kaya we really need to choose someone who’ll accept us during our worst and best. Although sometimes I feel that he is really just being patient ~~ Haha! But of course, it shouldn’t be like this all the time. I make sure that I shower him with love and assurance as well.
  3. I feel the emotion, that overwhelming feeling – And cry. Yes, I have to release it. It’s like actually moving on which has various steps that you need to go through.

So be overwhelmed if you must, cry if you want, blame everything — yourself, shout.. but do these with the thought that you will need to stand up again and pick yourself up. Okay?!

Second Step – The ‘Wake Up’ Stage

Of course, after some time you will also get tired of all the dramas and whatnots. So once you feeling like i-must-get-up-and-fix-myself! Congratulations, you’re done with the first stage. But! Of course, it will still be a lurker. Guard your thoughts.

  1. I confess to a close friend – This can be my best friend Angelic or my fiance, but anyone whom I know will listen to me and would not snap on my face. Here, I just tell her/him the things that are making me upset. I just opened my heart and mouth not thinking what he/she will say or feel. And it’s heaven. If you have these persons in your life, please, take care of them.
  2. I gather my thoughts – After I breathe out all the things that I need to release, I would sit in front of may laptop, or sometimes get a pen and my bullet journal and list down the things that are stressing me out up until the cute ones like putting out the trash bin. I also write anything on this site, or on my secret blog if it’s too personal, and most of the time, reading your bucket list (not your goals) will help you back on track.

    What to do:
    • Make a stress list – list the things that stress you out
    • Make a blog – anything that will clear your mind
    • Read your bucket list – this puts me back on track

Third Step – The ‘Sweat it out’ Stage

Okay, you’re already done with the second stage. You feel so excited to get back on track again like you used to! But! Wait, it’s okay if you go back to the first stage from time to time.

But since you are more aware of your situation, you can already snap the thought out and push for the third stage which is what I can the ‘Sweat it out’ stage. but if you still go back to stage one time and time again, it’s okay. Don’t rush. Just know where you are going.

So the ‘Sweat it Out’ Stage is your ‘Action’ stage. Basically you will now go to the battlefield — between what you have to do and your emotions. You can do this!

  1. Pray – Usually in this stage, I pray and listen to worship songs. It soothes me and gives me a clear mind.
  2. Focus on your ‘Stress List’ – Remember the Stress List that you made on stage two when you were gathering your thoughts? Here, sorry to say but you need to face them again. Huhu! But you can do it!

    Tips to get your ‘Stress List’ Done
    • Write your Stress List on near your study table/work table – This will help you see your stress list and will stress you even more! Haha! Kidding aside, this will help you to be reminded of the list that you need to overcome for you not to be stressed. Okay?
    • Once you have written all your stress list, categorize them base on your stress level. Personally, I put level 1-10, Level 10 being the highest. something like that.
    • Begin with the Level 10 – I know it’s so hard! I mean, ‘The one thing that I have been dreading to do for the past weeks or months, gagawin ko na? Ayaw!!’ Same, same. usually, ganyan ako! Haha! It will take a lot of courage but, we can do this.
  3. Clean up, Glow up‘Aayusin ko pa nga ang Stress List ko tapos paglilinisin mo ako?!‘ -I know I’ll hear you say this but yes! I encourage your to clean your room, maybe fix your study table just so while doing your stress list, you’ll be stress-free with your surrounding and will feel great and a little better.

Fourth Step – The ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Stage

Personally, I celebrate for each ticked stress list item that I was able to do. Yes! Of course it took me a lot of courage, sometimes cries, to really do what needs to be done so I need to celebrate!

  1. List the little things that makes you happy and award yourself with those after each success, big or small 
  2. Really celebrate! Be intentional of the celebrations that you will do, like really feel that you are happy that finally — you’re done with that one item on your stress list!
  3. Thank God of the everyday blessings that you are encountering each day.

Next Steps

  1. Do the ‘Five Minute Journal’

    Will be starting this ‘Five Minute Journal’ starting this August 1, 2020. There’s a notebook for this but I prefer to use Evernote. Basically the five minute journal is your morning and evening journal of your blessings each day. Here’s the template.
    • Morning Routine
      • I am grateful for…
      • What would make today great?
      • Daily affirmations
    • Evening Routine
      • 3 amazing things that happened today
      • How could I have made today even better?
  2. Get physical

    If there’s one thing I wish I can do consistently that is to exercise even for 10 minutes! But of course, let’s keep reminding ourselves on this.
  3. Pray everyday

    It’s so nice to share our daily lives to the One who makes everything possible. Let’s pray every day.

Pia’s Thoughts

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the things that life brings but let’s try to look for the beauty from the good and bad.

Happy that I get to share just some of the things that I usually do when I am getting overwhelmed with everything. Note that this is a personal post. It may or may not work for you.

I also suggest you go through my friend’s blog, Super love her blogs about systems and personal development.

How about you? What do you usually do when feeling overwhelmed?

We’d love to hear from you!

Bucket List Know Her

Home Vegetable Garden – A Tick To My Bucket List

One item in my bucket list is to have my own vegetable garden. Imagine having a house with vegetable plants on the side, watering and taking care of them everyday, til we harvest them!

Yes, I really would like to try farm to table experience at home! Hehe.

Ryan and I have been planning to get a small lot for our garden for a while now but then a plot twist happened this year — our small business, ALLTREATS PH.

We had a lot of stocks last June that we need to move out of our house #1 and look for a place for a shop/warehouse. Glad we found a corner house and lot with space for gardening. Really grateful even if the house is still bare and needs some fixing.

Anyway, let me share with you our start up vegetable garden!

So on this side lies our vegetable garden. Even if we are just starting still, I’m happy to say that we have the following little vegetables here already.

  1. Sitaw – Because Ryan and I love Adobong Sitaw, sympre hindi mawawala sa listahan! Hehe.
  2. Sili – Ang pinakapaborito namin, sili! All our dishes have Siling Labuyo so better plant some.
  3. Garlic – Of course, araw araw na gamit sa lutuin kaya may bawang! Susunod na din ang onions.
  4. Luya – COVID-19 time.. We need to protect our voice, este our throat.
  5. Kamote – Ryan just bought this in the market and planted it. And, nabuhay! Marami na sila ngayon. Nakakatuwa.
  6. Kalabasa – Mama planted these. It’s now growing.
  7. Malunggay – Mama planted this too! May inaayos na bahay sa likod namin at tinanggal ang malunggay. Hehe.
  8. Kamatis – Yummy kamatis! Hindi pwedeng mawala kasi mahilig kami sa tuyo!
  9. Ampalaya – Super baby pa to. Hehe.


Aside from these traditional way of planting, we are also now trying HYDROPONICS.

According to Wikipedia:

Hydroponics is a type of Horticulture and a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the nutritious liquid, or the roots may be physically supported by an inert medium such as perlite, gravel, or other substrates.

Super glad that Ryan is also fond of gardening. He was already searching for hydroponics even before and mentioned that he wanna try it someday, in our own garden. Glad that it’s happening now even if we still don’t have our own farm lot!

These are our first hydroponics babies! We have lettuce and pechay. These are the Day 1-4 photos. We are very much excited!

Faith Goals Know Her

July 2020 Goals

And just like that, it’s already July 2020!

My fiance and I have been in work-from-home state since March 15 — nearly 4 months of being together every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner. LOL.

It has also been months since I last wrote here. Many things happened. Things that I have never thought to happen during the quarantine time. I think I need to write this in another blog post. Hehe.

July 2020 Goals

These past months have been super effective and productive for us. Hope I can write about it in the next coming day. So for July, here are some of our/my goals.

  1. Buy Innova (2nd hand)
  2. Buy more stocks after Innova
  3. Write 4x on Piathought
  4. Double the sales for Alltreats (Check us out HERE)
  5. Learn how to cook (Currently, I know how to cook Sinigang, Adobo, Tinola, Prito Prito haha)
  6. Marketing and Expansion plan for Alltreats
  7. Plant more in the vegetable garden with Ryan

Also I hope to:

  1. Play more with Evond (my pamangkin)
  2. More kwentuhan with Mama

Hope to know more your July Goals as well!

Know Her Life Lately

Day 7: Laundry and the Cold War | COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

March 21, 2020, Day 7 | Saturday

Today marks the 7th day of the enhanced community quarantine — a day of laundry and some kind of cold war.

Mr. R and I are working from home so Saturday’s a great day for us to do laundry and stuff like cleaning the house.

Early in the morning, I woke up a bit restless — I don’t know if it’s about my dream about COVID-19 or I just didn’t have a good sleeping position. Was awake for like three hours starting from 2:30AM, and Mr. R, being a deep sleeper as he is, has complete deep sleep. Bless him! Haha.

I haven’t transferred from my iPad our Day 1 to 6 but it was day 5 when I felt the urge of doing something that I know I have to think twice. It was a ‘go’ for me and I thought Mr. R is also okay with it but after a few small talks after breakfast, I knew that he was not comfortable with what I wanna do.

I think I would have said yes if the reason behind it was because of our safety but no. So, we had a mini cold war earlier.

After I took a bath, I saw Mr. R cleaning our room and readying our laundry.

No talking still.

I wish he could just hug me and say sorry. After our laundry, I quickly went up and reheat our lunch because it’s past 1PM already.

He took a bath and when he got to our room, he hugged me tight and I asked him if he fully understands my decision. So, we’re back to normal again — laughing, eating, eating, and eating.

I think we’re close to doubling our size in the next weeks. Haha!

In the afternoon, we just slept, watched news, prayed that COVID-19 will stop from spreading, and of course, eat.

At night, we just ate leftovers and oatmeal and watched “A Quiet Place”, somehow related to what we are experiencing right now.


The Philippines ended the day with 77 new cases totaling to 307 COVID-19 cases and 1 death was reported. If you wanna know more about the statistics and the patients, please go to

While there are 77 new cases, it was reported that there are 5 new recovered patients from the virus. My heart is always rejoicing whenever I hear in the news that patients are recovering. Praise God!

I have yet to mention in my previous days to be posted here that we were locked down here in Mr. R’s boarding house.

At first it was okay because we will not go out of course but panic starts attacking me when our boardmate downstairs has been coughing so hard (dry cough). His cough started last week and even informed us that he was quarantined for like two hours in Baguio because of his hoarse voice.

Now, I am actually panicking and asked Mr. R to bring our to-go Lysol whenever we go downstairs to use the toilet or cook. I can still hear him cough right now while writing this. And also, he is still going to his work everyday. Because no work no pay. My heart is aching!

Today’s a sad day as well because of the death of a young doctor who got COVID-19 because a patient didn’t disclose his travel history. Everyone, I know we are all scared of the unknown but please, our doctors here in this country are limited! I saw a documentary that the doctor’s ration to each Filipino is 1:10!

People, let’s not lie about our condition. Our frontliners are helping us flatten the curve.

Pia’s Thoughts and Prayers

There are always random times when I just think that maybe I am dreaming. Or maybe this is not really happening.

But I realized as well that we have to do our part and really hope and pray for the better.

I pray for the country’s leaders: I pray that God will give them the strategies that they should be doing to protect the Filipino people. I pray Father that you will give them the strength to push forward, and good health to everyone, that they will not have the COVID-19 while leading the country. I pray for the President and the Mayors to really have the heart for its people and unite as one during these trying times.

I pray for the frontliners: Our Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, janitors, maintenance, PNP, everyone who is outside for us inside our homes. I pray Father for good health, hope, strength to fight with this invisible enemy. Lord, protect them, Father. Protect them and their family.

I pray for the Filipino people: I pray for obedience, strength, and good health for everyone. I know that it is so hard for us, coping with this new challenge. But I pray Father that your provisions and light will shine upon us especially to the poor families, Father. I claim that they will not suffer hunger and that they will be protected by the government. Please, help us Father.

Remove fear, anxiety, and panic in our hearts and mind and replace it with hope that soon, this too, shall pass.

Know Her Life Lately

Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary: A day-to-day Life During the COVID-19 Chaos in the PH

Hello, reader!

I am Pia, the blogger behind this website and currently residing in the tropical country of the Philippines. 

As we all know, the world is now suffering from a pandemic crisis — a virus that started in Wuhan in China that is now called COVID-19.

Just this March 15, Metro Manila was placed in total lockdown. No public transportation, malls are closed and the only open are the essentials — wet markets, supermarkets, groceries, and the likes.

Since I will just be staying inside the room, I decided to make a diary of what is happening during the lockdown — what I did, what I learned, basically what happened during the day.

I haven’t written for the past days because I was so busy with work. you know, still pushing to achieve the work target even after all these chaos.. 

But, after all what’s happening, I am still thankful, so much thankful because:

  1. We were lockdown in a safe place — with a roof and the location is near wet markets, drug stores, sari-sari stores..
  2. I am with Ryan – I am really from Cavite but was locked down at my fiance’s place. So blessed to have him during these times.
  3. We have food to eat
  4. We still have work – so much blessed to have a work that I can deliver from home. Although there are so much challenges, I am still thankful because work means we have money for our family’s needs and ours as well. 

    PS: My heart’s breaking for those daily wage earners who doesn’t know where to get money for their daily needs. I just hope the government would really take action on this today.
  5. Ryan and I are learning so much – learning to do things on our own – cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes, and, we are also learning from each other! So, Ryan has been teaching me how to have a super long patience, and how to be positive after all the news. He is my rock during these times. And him, I think he is learning how to cook and how to be more loving (Ay, tingin ko mas loving si Koya mo ahahaha)
  6. We realized family is everything – Even if I am far from my Mama, my heart and thoughts are always with her. Did she eat already? Did she go out? What if Covid-19 caught her? I wanna hug her now because I am afraid but I am afraid to bring the virus to her.

    Gaya nga ng sinabi ng bestfriend ko, “Konting tiis”. Yes, because this too, shall pass.

Bullet Journal Know Her

March Bullet Journal 2020: Let’s Plan Together!

I think it was year 2017 when I first knew this productivity system called Bullet Journal. While I had so much fun drawing and tracking everything, I got overwhelmed as well. But! Guess you will always go back to your first love — and on this case, I got back to bullet journal as my productivity system and tracker.

Why does Bullet Journal work for me?

  1. I love handwriting and drawing
  2. I love that I can do whatever I want in my Bullet Journal
  3. I love that I can add to the next day or other days the things that I wasn’t able to do for the day — certified procrastinator here! LOL

Now, I will be sharing my March bullet journal with you!

If you haven’t tried this, and you also want the first two above, I suggest that you buy a notebook, dotted notebook if possible, but other notebooks are okay as well and start your own bullet journal journey!


Welcome Page

I actually saw this in one of the posts in Pinterest, and immediately fell in love with it so, ta-daah! Hope you like it because I like it so much even if it’s not perfect! Plus, I am also a coffee lover!

Added some important events and travels below the cup as well. If you have been following me on this blog, the reason why I made this is I wanna document my life because I am such a forgetful person.

Same with bullet journal, I also wanna be remembered of the things that I have to do and the important dates of the important people in my life.

March birthdays and events are not complete yet!

March Goals

Before, when I list down goals for the month, I would usually go back to my 2020 goals and list down all the things that I have to do to reach those.

But for March, I decided not to look at my 2020 goals but to just be in the moment and focus on what I really wanna do for the month.

I also added a short reason per goal/category on why or how can I achieve those.

Next steps for March goals

So now, I don’t just wanna write my goals but would really want to reach those. Here are just some of the steps I need to do.

I also encourage you to do this as this will clear your mind and you will have a path on how you can reach your goals

How to Stop Burnout/Stress

Added this one because.. This is what I am feeling as of the moment. All the responsibilities, the ‘things to do’, the goals I wanna reach, adulting sometimes feel overwhelming. And it’s okay.

So, added some of the burnout/stress relievers here. And it’s magical! Love that I can write whatever I want in my bullet journal!

March Grateful Everyday List

Ahhhh. I love this list so much! Imagine being reminded everyday that big or small, there is something to be grateful for.

The tree in front of your window giving shade and fresh air..

The cold wind of the night..

Sinigang na Baboy of your Mama..

There is really something to be grateful for.

March 2020 Calendar

Although I already have a calendar on my welcome page, I opted to make a bigger one!

Ideas Page

If there’s one thing I am proud of, I guess it is my idea generation skill. Haha! I can generate numerous ideas that sometimes I just wanna shut my mind off because I am not doing them anyway even though I know it will and can work.

But! Made this ideas page just so I can have something to look back and who knows, maybe we can out this to life one day!

Make sure you have yours as well!

Weekly Spread Page

In a bullet journal, you need to have a weekly spread like this. There are many different weekly spread page ideas on Pinterest that you can check but so far, this layout works for me the most.

But will try a new layout next week.

Pia’s Thoughts

Having a bullet journal is a breath of fresh air for me. All the colors, icons, or sometimes being minimalist, whatever you want at the moment, can do good for your mind and soul.

Every month, I will be sharing my bullet journal monthly spread with you all. Hope you’ll start yours as well!

You may add other pages that you want. If you want a habit tracker, a daily notes page, a devotion spread, you may do so.

Maybe you are thinking where is my finance page? I actually don’t have a finance page because I have a google docs sheet for my budget ang money management. Will share this very soon!

Let me know if you are onto making your own bullet journal!

Faith Goals Know Her

2020 Faith Goals

It’s 2020 already! Grabe, I can still remember when I was still in high school, each time I imagine myself in 2020, parang sobrang tanda ko na.

Sabi ko nun, ‘Maybe I already figured out life by that time.’

‘Maybe I have a lot of money by then.’

‘Maybe I have kids already.’

‘Living happily together with my husband.’

Looking at what I have now in my life is surreal already. I may not have kids and husband yet, nor have a big chunk of money in the bank, but I can say that I am learning to be grateful for all the blessings God has given me for all those years.

I also wanna thank the Lord for all the ups and downs, because these made me a better and responsible person.

So, here’s me welcoming this new decade full of hopes and visions.

Update: October 14, 2020

I am actually blogging my monthly goals and highlights since July and I am loving it! It has also been months since I last checked my 2020 goals and I can see some improvements in some, some goals have been deleted as well since it really doesn’t spark joy hehe, and added some as well.

Here are the blog list of my goals and highlights!

2020 Goals

Characteristics to Improve

  • Show up more
  • Give more
  • Be consistent
  • Finish what I started
  • Follow-through
  • Appreciate downtime
  • Meditate
  • Be fully present
  • Forgive more
  • Open more
  • Love more
  • No more overthinking
  • Handle stress properly

Personal Growth

  • Read 20 books – Deleted this. Not my priority for the year.
  • Travel to 20 different places (local and international) – International is impossible. But locally, I’m still positive that I’m gonna tick this off the list.
  • Cook 20 never tried recipes – Yes yes yes!
  • Write personal thoughts again on Piathought – treat piathought as your ‘home’ again – I think I am becoming good on this again.

Spiritual Growth

  • Devotion – Not consistent still
  • Attend church – Not consistent still

Financial & Career Growth

  • Reach $2000 income in blogs – Will work hard for this!
  • Establish Visit Manila PH (business blog)
  • Establish Invest Pinoy (business blog)
  • Save additional P50,000 for our emergency fund
  • Open COL
  • Increase full-time salary
  • Help 50 families to know more about financial education
  • Open an online shop – Alltreats


  • Be more open to Mama
  • Be intentional in having friends
  • Send handwritten letters monthly to people I love
  • Give more time for family and friends
  • Build a stronger relationship with Ryan

Generally, I want my 2020 to be the year of waking up to my full potential.

I think I have a number of goals that I can’t write here because I think those are the super private ones. Haha! I actually have a bullet journal where I write my 2020 goals and I plan on writing there my monthly goals first then here.

Ikaw? What are your 2020 goals?