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Camping Experience at Driftwoods Sports Park in Indang

Are you looking for a cold place to go camping together with your family and friends without the hassle of climbing mountains? Camping at Driftwoods Sports Park in Indang is the perfect spot for us city dwellers! Plus, Driftwoods is 15 minutes away from Tagaytay!

It’s January 2, 2021 and before we start hustling again at work, in business, and in life, Ryan and I decided to go on a quick getaway here in the South.

What I love with this getaway is that we actually don’t have an itinerary.

We just went out but made sure we bring our camping necessities for this trip.


  • Camping Tent/s
  • Pillows and kumot
  • Jackets
  • Food
  • Solar panel, lights (Ryan loves this so much!)
  • Extension wires
  • Food

TIP: I suggest you get a bag for camping necessities or in our case a storage box that we just place in our trunk para kung gusto man gumala na walang destination, at least you have these essentials.


It’s been two months since we went driving around Cavite with only ‘Tara, let’s go kahit saaan!!’ in mind. Haha! We brought camping essentials because we wanna camp anywhere instead of checking in an inn or hotel.

We also brought with us our little Tummy (our rescue dog) and we want him to enjoy nature.

After roaming around the highways of Cavite, we went to Pantihan Falls in Maragondon. And after an hour or two basking in this falls, we looked for a place to stay.

And there we saw Driftwoods. We immediately called the place and good thing they are quick to answer our call!

Tent Pitching: P350 per person

Super best spot because the place is animal friendly! Our super Tummy is happy!

We actually didn’t expect much but when we arrived in the area, we were so happy! This is the perfect camping area for families talaga!

What we love about the Driftwoods Indang:

  1. Clean
  2. With clean bathrooms/restrooms
  3. Big grassy area
  4. Well-maintained camping areas
  5. Kind employees

We arrived at around 4PM in the afternoon and there’s one employee who went to us asking if they need our help. Such a sweet gesture. 🙂

Actually, we had some trouble looking for space because we loved the areas a lot! We don’t know where to pitch! Haha!

Good thing before it went dark, we have already pitched our tent. Our little tummy started running around. So happy to see her running around, parang super free sya and super happy!

Here are some of our pictures.

We got up at around 6:30 in the morning and before we packed up, we roamed around the park, and we had so much fun looking at all the greens!

Driftwoods Sports Park Details:

Facebook Page:
Mobile Number: 0917 516 6797
Email Address:

Pia’s Thoughts

This is for me the best part of our two-day getaway! Ryan and I, together with our little Tummy enjoyed our camping so much. Are we going back? Yes, of course! We’ll bring our family and friends too!

Bataan Travel

Top 18 Tourist Spots in Bataan You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for Bataan tourist spots? Well, we have you all covered here!

Bataan is so much blessed, not just with culture and history, but with nature as well. You can do beaches and falls hopping here, climb different Bataan mountains and ridges, visit parks, eat local delicacies, and many more!

From beaches to mountains, everything you love is all here in Bataan — may you be someone who’s so much interested in Philippine history, a beach bum or an adventure seeker. Yes, there are lots of tourist spots in Bataan!

But where is Bataan located?

Bataan is a province situated in the Central Luzon Region of the Philippines. Bordered by the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga, Bataan faces the South China Sea to the west and Subic Bay to the north-west and encloses Manila to the east.

The Province of Bataan is blessed with different tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss.

Yes, not just the infamous Death March, Bataan offers so much more.


If you are looking for Bataan tourist spots, we placed everything for you in this travel guide! Check this out!

There are a number of tourist spots in Bataan that you can explore — from historical places to parks, nature, and adventurous activities, Bataan has everything in store for you.


  • Location: Balanga, Bataan
  • Rate: FREE

Bataan is just so blessed to have loyal, bubbly, and hospitable people who ensure Bataan Province is always out there, available to the tourists and locals to explore.

Inside Bataan Tourism Center. Love their lobby!

We highly encourage you to drop by the Bataan Tourism Center, the first and only one-stop-shop tourism center in the Philippines, before roaming around Bataan. They can definitely assist you more in maximizing your stay in the peninsula.

From L-R: Jon Espina(, Allan Gokongwei (, Ms. Paula Gayeta, Bataan Tourism Staff, Armela Patalud (, Sir Alan Balbuena and Sir Vandolph Manabat, Bataan Tourism Staff

You can also buy your pasalubong here as they have a souvenir shop inside the center.


  • Location: Mt. Samat, Pilar, Bataan
  • Entrance Fee: PHP 20.00

The Shrine of Valor (Dambana ng Kagitingan) was built in memory of the heroic deeds of the Filipinos and Americans who fought hard and died for our country.

Dambana ng Kagitingan was built by the late President Marcos in April 1966.

Four years after, in 1970, Marcos opened the shrine to the public for them to also pay tribute to our fellow Filipinos and Americans.

From here, we saw the whole Bataan peninsula.


  • Location: Balanga Elementary School, Bataan
  • Rate: PHP 30.00

If you wanna know more about the World War II, Bataan is definitely a good start to know more about the past war.

Did you know that the area that used to be the place of horrendous killings is now actually an elementary school?

This place used to be the place of when the Japanese people would kill Filipinos and Americans for even just a petty crime. Even babies were killed! They would usually throw the baby up in the air and stab them using their sword. I can’t bear to think about it!

Located at the Balanga Elementary School in Balanga City, the museum is a private initiative of HAS Club of Balanga Foundation.

We then registered and watched a video of what happened during World War II in Bataan, the Death March and how the Bataan peninsula was surrendered to the Japanese invaders.

The first floor of the museum is full of dog tags, helmets, plates, their , and many other things that symbolizes of our ancestors. 

I can still picture in my mind the photo of the dead baby after it was killed by a Japanese using a sword. Remember the one I mentioned above about the Japanese throwing the baby up in the air? Yes, this was one of the many babies who died in the war and was not given the chance to see the world in bright colors.


  • Location: Balanga Elementary School, Bataan
  • Rate: FREE

Still inside the Balanga Elementary School, the Surrender Site Monument is just a few steps away from the Bataan World War II Museum.

In this area, this life-sized monument was built as a reminder of where Major General Edward P. King signed the instrument of surrender on April 9, 1942.


  • Location: Mariveles, Bataan
  • Rate: FREE

Wondering where the Death March started? In the shores of Mariveles, Bataan.

The reason why it was in Mariveles is that, during that time, they are waiting for the command of General Douglas McArthur who was in Corregidor. And because Mariveles was just a 15-minute ride going to and fro, the soldiers decided to wait in the shores of Mariveles.

However, because of the fall of Bataan, this marked the start of the infamous Death March of the American and Filipino soliders in 1942.

Other similar markers can also be found along the route to their final destination, Camp in Capas, Tarlac.


  • Location: Bagac, Bataan
  • Rate: FREE

After what happened during the World War II, Rissho Kosei Kai (RKK) of Japan in 1975, initiated the building of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Tower. This was established together with the Bataan Christian Youth Civic Circle (BCYCC) which symbolizes forgiveness, hope and restoration of relationships of both countries and brotherhood.


  • Location: Morong, Bataan
  • Rate: FREE

This 365 hectare area was the was the former site of the United Nations Philippines Refugee Processing Center.

After the fall of Saigon, this park became the home to the refugees from the neighboring countries (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) before they migrate to the United States, Australia, and Europe.

Bataan Technology Park houses the monuments that depicts friendship and culture of the three nations such as Angkor Wat, Khmer, Vietnamese Temple and the likes.


Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga is located in the heart of Balanga, Bataan. You will see the Plaza Hotel here, Balanga’s City Hall, and the Balanga Cathedral across the plaza.

The Plaza Hotel in Balanga City is an old architectural icon in the heart of Balanga, Bataan. The hotel’s facade will surely take you to the Spanish era with it’s unique and stunning features.


Located in Bagac, Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a home to 17 restored old houses in this Spanish-inspired village.

Although the ambiance of the resort is a bit reserved and old, each villa is still equipped with modern amenities for their guests’ comfort. Located near the beach, their guests can enjoy swimming at the beach or watch the sunset by the shore with their family and friends.

Considered one of the best hotel and resorts in Bataan, Las Casa will surely give you an unforgettable experience that you will always want to go back to.

Photo credits: Agoda










Last March 31, 2019, we covered the Padyakan Festival in Pilar, Bataan. It was the 14th year of the festival and is held in line with the Araw ng Kagitingan commemoration.

Padyakan Festival, in particular, was a fun and exciting event to behold. From kids to , everyone is welcomed here. 


Surprisingly, Mt. Samat has indeed a zipline! But when we visited the last time, it is under maintenance. Sayang! But will definitely go back Mt. Samat and try their zipline since I learned that this is actually the longest in Central Luzon that offers a length of breathtaking experience.

Ugh. I miss ziplines!


Located at Dunsulan Park, Brgy. Diwa, Pilar, this Tree Hopping Adventure will thrill your bones to the max! Imagine going from one tree to another with just ropes to hold on to and pieces of small slabs to step in! But if you are a thrill-seeker like me, this should definitely be on your bucket list!


So are you now convinced to visit Bataan? Check some of the hotels in the widget below or head on to our list of hotels and resorts in Bataan.

Bataan Hotels & Resorts Travel

Camaya Coast Hotel, Bataan – Summer Outing

Camaya Sands, Bataan – Summer Outing 3.16.13


  • Operations Department was really, really excited last March 16, 2013. Some arrived very early even though our call time is 4:30 AM. Out of the three buses that RLC used, we wer e the first one to go since we were already complete.
  • One thing I love about our very long bus ride was the beautiful scenes; the green fields, the heart-capturing sunrise, the clear sky and the noisy, crazy people around me.
  • After about 4 hours of bus ride we then went boat riding! We’re the last to go out the bus that’s why we don’t have any choice but to sit under the sun for the whole trip since the boat was already full. Yet, we still enjoyed the scene and the calm sea. And after about 20 minutes, Camaya Sands welcomed us with a warm smile. 🙂 The crews greeted us too with a wet, cold towel. Maybe they’re expecting that we were exhausted from our very long trip.
  •  Then lunch time came! All I can is yuuum! Foods were really delicious. They prepared vegetable salad, lechon, beef steak and many more! There were separate tables for make-your-own vegetable salad and you can also choose if you want halo-halo or shake! And, these were all unlimited. Happy tummy indeed!
  • After a short break from our lunch, we quickly headed to the shower room and changed clothes for swimming. I wore a see through orange top with my pink bikini top and black swimming shorts. And, off we went to the beach!
  •  Charlie and I had been partners on that one day escapade. We went kayaking! That was really fun; however, we went outside the boarder line and I was very, very scared even though I know how to swim and we have our life jacket. But still, we enjoyed our Kayaking!
  • We also went swimming on the infinity pool. Good thing our engineers were there because we don’t want to call ourselves losers for spending the day with just us two. HAHA. Two ‘first time’ happened to me today. First, it was my first time to see an infinity pool. HAHA. Second, it was my first time to swim with just my bikini top and shorts. Felt so good! I felt very light and comfortable. 🙂
  • 3:45 PM came and we were requested to go back to the pavilion for some picture taking. Charlie and I borrowed Ate Joan’s camera and yes! We had another set of jump shots! However, Ate Joan and Wii doesn’t want to do the jump shot; the others too were nowhere to be found, so in the end Charlie, Jayson and I did our first set of jump shots. It’s still fun!! 😀 
  • HR came and requested everyone to take a pose for the picture taking. We had many sets of pictures. And of course, Charlie and I were on the front! HAHA! On my right is Sir Bobot and on my left is Charlie. Hihi. We did the ‘rawr’ pose, the jump shot, the serious shot and many more! I had so much fun!

Okay, so before we go to my ‘Ugh!” moments, here’s a glimpse of Camaya Sands Hotel’s rooms. We haven’t tried this but they said Camaya hotel rooms are the best in Bataan.


  • Days before the outing, we have already announced that we have to be at the meeting place by 4:30 AM so that our bus could go as early as 5AM. However, one of our colleagues was late. So, the departure time which has to be 5:15 AM came down to 6:00 AM. We arrived at Camaya by 10:30 AM.
  • I was the coordinator of our our group that’s why I was not able to sleep on the entire trip. But, it’s okay still. I had so much fun and glee looking at the sunrise, the clear sky, the green fields and the calm sea. I will never get tired saying this all over again. Hehe. 🙂
  • My head was aching that time, I had mood swings and all I want to do is to sleep. It was really a no-no for me. 
  • We didn’t play any game. 
  • We didn’t do the cheer. We made props pa naman.
  • When we’re on our way home, our bus broke down. What happened was the two buses ahead of us came back and we crammed ourselves in. Good thing the buses were not so full.
  • Above all, I did not enjoy the very long trip. I don’t know why. I used to enjoy very long trips like that. Hmm. Maybe I am getting old already. Haha.

Despite these Ugh’s, I really had fun! I want to thank Robinsons Land Corporation for these once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed the fine sand, the sweet infinity pool, the green grass, the calm sea, the foods and the people that I have been with. 


Project 81: Travel Checklist to Philippines’ 81 Provinces

Documenting my Project 81 Philippines!

It’s around 2014 when I started to love traveling to different places here in the Philippines. And since then, I intend to go to every province in our country and know their history, culture, local dishes, locals, and lovely spots!

I also wrote below some of the reasons why I have been to these places.


Can’t believe I am already at 25 provinces! When I was a kid, I swear I didn’t think that somehow, my mind will be opened to traveling and I am so happy I finally took the leap! People always thought traveling is expensive. Well of course you need to shell out money but there are so many ways for you to travel without breaking the bank. Will talk about this soon.


*Hover and click the places you wanna see

[display-map id=’3264′]

National Capital Region (Manila and Surrounding cities) | 13/19

  • Caloocan City (North)
  • Caloocan City (South) – Visited Caloocan because of a friend
  • Las Piñas
  • Makati – Makati has a special place in my heart since I got my ‘dream job’ here before.
  • Malabon – Visited the place during college! We’re making reports in college in my classmate’s house
  • Mandaluyong – Always visiting this place because of SM Megamall. There are also a LOT of memorable experiences here. Good and bad.
  • Manila – Manila is the very first city that I ever visited as a ‘tourist’ during college.
  • Marikina – Went here for the first time during college years. It was my first time to ride the LRT till the last station.
  • Muntinlupa – Visited here for the first time when Mama and I had a staycation in one of the resorts there.
  • Navotas
  • Parañaque – I’m here most of the time because I frequently go to Baclaran before to buy RTWs.
  • Pasay City – First time to visit Pasay during my college years because of Star City!
  • Pasig – First home when Mother and I decided to live together again.
  • Pateros
  • Quezon City (NCR) (districts/streets) – We lived here before. 🙂
  • San Juan – Went here because of Robinsons Magnolia and this place is somewhat remarkable because I was always ‘wet’ whenever San Juan day comes and I have to go to school.
  • Taguig – The first time I visited BGC was on my first year at work. Haha! I loved every bit of BGC then. Seems like I was in another country. Haha!
  • Valenzuela – Visited Valenzuela because of a friend.

Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
| 3/5

  1. Abra
  2. Benguet – First visited the place on my first getaway as a blogger last 2014, I guess. I keep coming back to Benguet ever since
  3. Ifugao – Visited Ifugao because of work. Fell in love with this place ever since.
  4. Kalinga Apayao (CAR)
  5. Mountain Province – Visited this place because of work as well. I always wanna go back!

BARMM: Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao | 0/5

  1. Basilan
  2. Lanao del Sur
  3. Maguindanao
  4. Sulu
  5. Tawi-Tawi

Region 1: Ilocos Region | 1/4

  1. Ilocos Norte
  2. Ilocos Sur
  3. La Union
  4. Pangasinan – First visited the place with my workmates last 2013.

Region 2: Cagayan Valley Region 1/4

  1. Batanes – Batanes was my first solo travel last 2018. Ryan and I went back a year after.
  2. Cagayan
  3. Isabela
  4. Nueva Vizcaya
  5. Quirino Province

Region 3: CENTRAL LUZON | 4/7

  1. Aurora
  2. Bataan
  3. Nueva Ecija
  4. Pampanga – Been to Pampanga a couple of times.
  5. Tarlac
  6. Zambales – Visited Zambales countless times because of work. I think I went to all municipalities here during 2016-2017
  7. Bulacan Province -Visited this place a couple of times.

Region 4A: CALABARZON | 5/5

  1. Batangas – Always here in Batangas since I started working. Been to different cities and municipalities as well. Had a blogger tour as well all over CALABARZON.
  2. Cavite Province – Before my Mama and I moved here to Cavite, I was visiting this place, particularly Tagaytay a lot of times already.
  3. Laguna – Toured around the municipalities in Laguna because of work and blogger getaways.
  4. Quezon Province – Toured around the municipalities in Quezon Province because of work and blogger getaways.
  5. Rizal Province – Toured around the municipalities in Rizal Province because of work and blogger getaways.

Region 4B: MIMAROPA| 0/5

  1. Mindoro Occidental
  2. Mindoro Oriental
  3. Marinduque
  4. Palawan
  5. Romblon Province

Region 5: BICOL Region | 5/6

  1. Albay – Toured around Albay because of work.
  2. Camarines Norte – Toured around the municipalities of Camarines Norte because of blogger getaways and my boyfriend, now fiance, is from Camarines Norte
  3. Camarines Sur – Went to Naga because of work, blogger getaway, and because of Ryan’s work
  4. Catanduanes
  5. Sorsogon Province – Visited the place because of work
  6. Masbate – Masbate is my hometown and glad to have visited all three main islands of Masbate because of work

Region 6: Western Visayas | 4/6

  1. Aklan – My family and I went to Boracay last 2016
  2. Antique – Went to Antique because of work
  3. Capiz
  4. Guimaras – Went to Guimaras several times because of work
  5. Iloilo – Went to Iloilo several times because of work
  6. Negros Occidental

Region 7: Central Visayas | 1/4

  1. Bohol
  2. Cebu – Visited Cebu last 2019 for the second time because of work
  3. Negros Oriental
  4. Siquijor

Region 8: Eastern Visayas | 0/6

  1. Biliran
  2. Eastern Samar
  3. Leyte
  4. Northern Samar
  5. Samar
  6. Southern Leyte

Region 9: Zamboanga Peninsula | 0/3

  1. Zamboanga del Norte
  2. Zamboanga del Sur
  3. Zamboanga Sibugay

Region 10: Northern Mindanao | 0/5

  1. Bukidnon
  2. Camiguin
  3. Lanao del Norte
  4. Misamis Occidental
  5. Misamis Oriental

Region 11: Davao Region | 0/5

  1. Compostela Valley
  2. Davao del Norte
  3. Davao del Sur
  4. Davao Occidental
  5. Davao Oriental

Region 12: SOCCSKARGEN | 0/4

  1. Cotabato
  2. Sarangani
  3. South Cotabato
  4. Sultan Kudarat

Region 13: Caraga Region | 0/4

  1. Agusan del Norte
  2. Agusan del Sur
  3. Dinagat Islands
  4. Surigao del Norte
  5. Surigao del Sur


Glad you are reading up to here! I know I haven’t gotten to even half of the provinces here in the Philippines but I just wanna document the reasons why I afford traveling to these places again and again.

If you scanned the notes I wrote above, I usually go to different places because of work and blogger getaways. Here are the reasons if you are quite interested.


I work for around three years as an Acquisition Manager for Hotels, and Business Development Officer for the company called Sad because the first company that I loved so much decided to stop its operations this year because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

As an Acquisition Manager, the company requires me to go out to the places, regions, assigned to me and get those hotels to partner with us. This is the most rewarding job that I had ever since I started working.

When I was transferred to the Business Development Team as the Officer, which I somewhat regret, I got less travels but still, I had so much fun.

And then, now as Brand Acquisition Manager for Shopee, we are sometimes tasked to go out to different areas and get those brands out there to partner with Shopee.


I really can’t say that I am a travel blogger because I just write what I wanna write and for me to remember those things that I wanna remember.

But luckily, I have been part of some bloggers group and eventually, I was invited for a blogger getaway or Fam tours.

Here, we don’t usually pay for anything. But sometimes, we pay the fare to/from the place. This is not really an issue for me since the experience, lessons are nothing compared to the small amount that we sometimes need to shell out.


While these business trips and blogger getaways give me the privilege to travel for free, of course not all my travels are for free.

I am also traveling using my own money, my own travel fund. In fact, I wrote a blog on how to save for your dream vacation.


Updated: September 28, 2020 | 25/81

I am really blessed to have visited a lot of places here in the Philippines. 25/81 may be a small number for any traveler but I am so happy to have visited these places and to really get to know locals in these areas.

Now, because I have my forever travel buddy, my soon-to-be husband, we will be completing all 81 provinces in the Philippines and eventually go out of the country to enjoy the rest of the world!

Basco Batanes Chasing Wonders Travel Travel Guides

South Batan Tour Travel Guide: 14 TOP Spots in Batanes

Batanes is so much blessed with seemingly endless rolling hills and greens, view of the Pacific Ocean, and kind-hearted and warm people.

There are three usual tours in Batanes:

  1. South Batan Tour
  2. North Batan Tour
  3. Sabtang Tour

However, you can also set a tour on the island of Itbayat, the farthest island in the province of Batanes.

In this blog, we will explore the beauty of South Batan.

  1. San Carlos Borromeo Church
  2. Honesty Coffee Shop
  3. Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
  4. Diura Fishing Village
  5. Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)
  6. Imnajbu Beach
  7. Alapad Pass and Rock Formation
  8. Sitio Songsong Ruins
  9. House of Dakay
  10. Old Spanish Bridge
  11. Homoron Blue Lagoon
  12. White Beach
  13. Chawa View Deck
  14. Tayid Lighthouse

14 Best Spots You will See on your Batanes South Batan Tour

We have already toured Sabtang and North Batan when we discovered the wonders of South Batan.

It is said that South Batan has the m

1. San Carlos Borromeo Church

San Carlos Borromeo Church is situated in Mahatao. Also known as Mahatao Church, this church was declared as one of the Philippine National Cultural Treasures in 2001 because of its beauty and excellent state of preservation.

Historians said that the church was known to be running and active since 1789.

2. Honesty Coffee Shop

Honesty Coffee Shop is situated near the Port of Ivana.

The coffee shop is called such because the owners have a very high trust to the people in Batanes and to the tourists as well leaving it unmanned, with the foundation of trust.
Batanes is known to have a zero crime rate and is well known as well to have a very honest community.

Tourists who visit the place are usually amazed with the place. Honesty Coffee Shop offers coffee, snacks, breads, souvenirs, and pasalubong as well.

3. Mahatao Boat Shelter Port

Because Batanes is prone to big waves and typhoons, the Ivatans made the picturesque Mahatao Boat Shelter Port.

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port is one of the most picturesque spots in the South Batan tour. Once in the area, you will be amazed to see different boasts resting in place and the water is so clear that makes you wanna take a dip.

If photos are taken in the right angle, you will see a resemblance in one of the Mediterranean spots.

4 . Diura Fishing Village

This serene spot in Batanes is like your peaceful photo of a village with palm trees, boats and children running near the shore.

Diura Fishing Village is a small community in the South of Batan in Batanes. Coming from the term Yura, one of the four pre-Hispanic tribes that settled east of Mahatao, Diura Fishing Village traces its roots back to 1720 A.D.

The village, which was then inhabited by only 300 people, is currently home to boat-makers and fishermen, now called the Mataw. This is still evident today as you walk through the small coastal village.

Every home is in the style of Chivuvuhung or Jinjin, which uses cogon for its roof and walls. The walls are hung with fish, mostly dorado (yellowfin tuna) and flying fish, cured with salt and put under the sun to dry, preserving them for the rainy season. – Primer

If you have ample time, you may play take a swim/dip near the shore with the Ivatan kids.

5. Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Racuh a Payaman is a large pasture land in Mahatao, Basco, Batanes. Other name for the place is Marlboro Country which was tagged by an American Tourist because it resembles the Marlboro Country in the commercial of Phillip Morris Cigarette.

From then on, the land was more known as the Marlboro Country of Batanes.

Marlboro Hills is a feast to every tourist visiting in the area. You wouldn’t even think that this place exists in the Philippines while looking at the peaceful rolling hills and vast, wide, ocean.

6. Imnajbu Beach and Hills

Imnajbu is just of the four barangays in the barangay of Uyugan in Batan, Batanes. It is near the Alapad Pass and rock formation.

7. Alapad Pass and Rock Formation

This iconic spot in Batanes is one of the most picturesque view of the south. The undeniable and articulate rock formation is a sight to behold and should never be missed by tourists visiting the area offering them a view of the Pacific Ocean.

This is the only spot where you can take a picture with the ‘Blow your horn’ sign.
Alapad Hills or Alapad Pass is also where the 1991 hit movie “Hihitayin kita sa langit” of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta took place. 

Tourists usually copy the scene where Dawn was being lifted by Richard.

8. Sitio Songsong Ruins

Songsong Ruins used to be a village before a tidal wave hit the village in 1950’s. This seaside town of Batanes is now considered ghost town not because there are ghosts in the area but all that remains in Songsong are roofless and abandoned stone houses.

9. House of Dakay

Dakay is the nickname of Jose Villamayor Estrella, the owner of the house, which was there for the last 142 years.

Luckily, one of the relatives of Dakay was there when we arrived. She also mentioned that the grandson of Dakay, Lolo Francisco Estrella, is still living at the House of Dakay.
The roof is changed every 30 years. We were also introduced to the breadfruit situated just beside their house which is used as a plate before.

We also learned that the kitchen and comfort room is separate from the house itself. So the House of Dakay is just the living room and sleeping area of the entire house. We saw the kitchen and comfort room but these two are damaged already.

Surprisingly, there’s also a basement for their food and stocks since Batanes is known to always have a number of storms.

Another basement is the shelter for their goats and other animals whenever there’s a storm.

10. Ivana Tuhel Bridge (Old Spanish Bridge)

As history says, this old Spanish bridge was built by the engineer-architect is Fr. Nicolas Castano, from October 1802 to March 1810, he was the one who ordered the construction of this bridge and all in Batanes, such as the bridges of San Vicente, Basco and San Felix. – ViganTourism

11. Homoron Blue Lagoon

Homoron Blue Lagoon is located between rock boulders of Brgy. Ivana and Mahatao. Tourists and Ivatans usually go here for a dip.

12. Homoron White Beach

Near the Homoron Blue Lagoon is what they call White Beach of Batanes.
This white sand beach is a bit rocky although you can swim in its shallow waters. The white beach can be reached through motorcycle but there are no beach resorts in the area.

13. Chawa View Deck

Chawa View Deck is situated at the mountainside of Batan and Mahatao. This view deck is a surprise to everyone giving them a 270-degree view of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
What’s more interesting here is that Chawa View Deck has stairs going down the deck. Locals say that you can go fishing here as well.

14. Tayid Lighthouse

Tayid Lighthouse is one of the most serene places in the South of Batan. This spot overlooks endless rolling hills, Mt. Iraya, and if lucky, you will see herds of cows with their cowherd and his dog.

If you still have ample time, we suggest you stay a little longer here and take a rest at the back of the lighthouse. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book Sabtang Batanes Tour?

We highly suggest you book your Sabtang tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Basco Batanes Chasing Wonders Pia & Ryan Travel Travel Guides

Batanes North Batan Tour + 11 Spots You Need to See

Wondering what are the places that you’ll get to see for your North Batan Tour in Batanes? While we equally love North and South Batan, there are some several spots here in North Batan that we will never forget.

In our last visit to the breathtaking province of Batanes, our first tour was the North Batan as this can be completed half a day only, unlike the Sabtang, which we opted to stay a little longer than usual, and South Batan tour, which requires a day to visit all places.

Although you can finish the tour for just half a day only, we promise that you will not go home wanting for more. And yes, this will be your very first jaw-dropping sunset.

Imagine being on top of a hill with lighthouse waiting for the sunset — while holding your love’s hands whispering sweet-nothings? Charot!

While this second visit of mine is with Ryan already, I experienced waiting for the sunset alone. And it’s magical still. But of course, I prefer my last experience, the one with my baby, of course. Hahahaharot!

Okay, so enough with the kaartehan. Here are the places you can visit on your North Batan Tour in Batanes! Sobrang saya!

Top 11 Places to Visit on your Batanes North Batan tour!

  1. Welcome to Basco Arch
  2. Tukon Church (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
  3. PAGASA Weather Station – Basco
  4. Valugan Boulder Beach
  5. Nakamaya Burial Grounds
  6. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
  7. Fundacion Pacita
  8. Vayang Rolling Hills
  9. Chadpidan Boulder Beach
  10. Basco Town Proper
  11. Naidi Hills (Basco Lighthouse)

1. Welcome to Basco Arch

This is the usual first stop on every North Batan Tour. This is situated near Basco along the mountainside. Imagine looking at the vast ocean with your loved ones here?

This one should not be missed when in Batanes! Although… I know you will never miss this because if you do, you will miss half of your Batanes tour! Coz you know, the Batanes Arch. Charot! Seriously though, this is just beside near Basco Town and can be reached when you start to explore Basco with a bicycle.

Hellleeeer! Welcome to Basco, guys!

2. Tukon Church | Mt. Carmel Church

Tukon Church or Mt. Carmel Church is usually the second destination in the North Batan Tour. Medyo pataas ‘to so alalayan mo si Kuya Tricycle Driver lalo na kung medyo heavy tayo.

This church was devastated by a storm before and it has still ongoing repairs. Perched on top of a hill, this church is perfect for weddings — I actually thought for a second, “Magppropose na kaya siya?” Harots! Haha!


One of the attractions on top of a hill that can be found near Tukon Church is the PAGASA RADAR Station.

On my first travel here, we were caught by a typhoon like rain here! And guess what, same happened during my second visit. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Valugan Boulder Beach

This unique beach is not filled with sand, but with boulders instead.

We’re so cute here right? We looked photoshopped in pebbles. Haha! It was a good time when we visited here as it was not too hot. Perfect for photoshoots!

While planning for our Batanes tour Ryan is insisting to hire a photographer for our prenup shoot… Even though he hasn’t proposed yet. LOL!

Para kaming dinikit sa picture! Hahaha!

5. Nakamaya Burial Grounds

We didn’t get the chance to take a picture of the burial grounds but according to the locals, there was a belief that early Ivatans believed that when they die, their final rest would be the sea.

This belief is evident in the boat-shaped markers on their grave, which point towards their destination: the sea.  – Explorra

6. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

This 5-door Japanese tunnel is the shelter and hideout of the Japanese soldiers when they arrived in Batanes in 1914.

From 1941 to 1945, the soldiers ordered the Ivatans to dig the tunnel, creating five exit points, chambers, bunkers, and water reservoir. The bunker served as their lookout spot while in battle with the Americans.

The tunnel, meanwhile, is 250-meter long and has a lower deck chamber. – Primer

I told Ryan that I will just wait for them outside as my first visit here was not that pleasant… Goosebumps till now as I remember it. But, baka art ko lang, I still went inside — of course, brisk walking tayo girl. Haha!

7. Fundacion Pacita Batanes

Fundacion Pacita Batanes is one of the grandest hotels in Batanes. If you want a view of the ocean and rolling hills in your room, Fundacion Pacita is for you.

Room rates start with P12,800 but with a room perched on top of a hill, with a scenic oceanview and Mountainview, why not spend if you have the capacity, right?

Don’t forget to visit their arty restaurant and museum too! Yup! Just so we can visit the place, we tried their restaurant with golden rates, but! But never thought that its super duper delicious. I miss this place so much.

8. Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills is a sea of rolling hills in the north of Batanes. Definitely our favorite! I don’t know but I can still remember I was so happy because it was so windy and drizzling that time. Imagine being in Tagaytay or Baguio, so cold with all the greens surrounding you. Perfect!

Here you can also get a scenic view of Mt. Iraya, a dormant volcano residing in the island of Batan.

My first sunset! Sana pala nag picture kami ni Ryan ng ganto. Haha!

9. Chadpidan Boulder Beach

If you think there’s only one boulder beach in Batanes, unsurprisingly, it’s not.

The second boulder beach on the island of Batan is the Chadpidan Boulder Beach. Located at the west side of Batan, Chappidan Boulder Beach was formed because of the materials spewed by Mt. Iraya centuries ago.

10. Basco Town Proper

The usual last stop for the North Batan tour is the Basco Town Proper. Tour includes visiting Basco Church and a short trip to town’s park near the municipal hall, and airport road, among others.

This is our favorite past time when we were in Batanes. This spot near Basco park and Basco Municipality Hall is our go-to place as well whenever we feel like going out.

11. Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills

Naidi Hills is the most popular spot in Batanes because it is where the iconic Basco Lighthouse resides.

This spot is perfect for people who loves watching the sunset. Better view though is at the top of the lighthouse but be there early as the crowd at the top gets thick in the afternoon.

You will also get to have a nice panoramic view of the Basco town while watching the glorious sunset.

You may also visit the place in the morning if you want a lesser crowd. Many people jog to get here and some hail a tricycle or rent a bike.

North Batan and South Batan for me are equally beautiful. Both tours are rich in scenics views, picturesque mountainsides, rolling hills, and beaches.

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book North Batan Tour?

We highly suggest you book your North Batan tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Basco Batanes Beach Getaways Chasing Wonders Travel Travel Guides

10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes — No. 8 is our Favorite!

If you are on the lookout on what to do in Batanes for your upcoming vacation, we suggest you add the activities listed below to maximize your vacation.

If you are planning for your Batanes trip, we highly suggest you get a registered tour provider from a company that can really take care of you and please, do not DIY Batanes. I tried it last 2018 and I can fully say that I had so much fun on my second Batanes escapade because everything was organized!

You can find one on the island but better if you contact a tour provider before you go to Batanes. Better be prepared than sorry, dear. Might be fully-booked already when you get there.

We actually searched for the best tour provider. Saw a number but Amazing Batanes Tours stood out.

Let me know if you want me to connect you to them. Hassle-free and the tour guides really knew Batanes well.

Amazing Batanes Tours Details:

  • Contact Details: GLOBE: 0927 387 8172 | SMART: 0920 217 9031
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook Page: Amazing Batanes
  • Instagram: Amazing Batanes

10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes

Go ahead and explore the island to the fullest! I hope you have a day or two all to yourselves as some of these are not in the usual itinerary. Oh, writing this makes me wanna go back to Batanes again!

1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen

More than the seemingly endless green rolling hills of Batanes, the province has a lot more to offer especially with their dishes.

And trying dishes is actually a great way to learn more about Batanes traditions and culture! 

Our team tried a number of restaurants in Batanes but one stood out — the Hiro Joy Canteen.

Hiro Joy Canteen or Hiro’s Cafe is located in Abad St. Corner Argonza St. They are offering a number of Ivatan dishes, American, and some traditional Filipino dishes as well. What we love most is that every dish is made with extra love — extra herb, extra sauce, and is carefully cooked with passion and love.

We were talking with our team the other day and if we wanna go back to Batanes, we’ll definitely go back to Hiro Joy Canteen. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Food to try:

  • Lobster
  • Graham Cake
  • Uved
  • Lunyis – Ivatan’s Pork Adobo
  • Marida or Taveh (Ivatan Escargot)

Check out our separate review of Hiro Joy Canteen here.

2.  Fishing at Basco Port

Free time in Batanes? Go fishing!

Being surrounded by water, one of the Ivatan’s primary works is fishing. If you don’t have a fishing rod with you, you may ask your tour guide where to find/rent one.

For us, fortunately, there’s a family friend living in Basco and luckily, they have fishing rods! 

On our way to Basco port.

We also asked our tour guide, Kuya James, if he has one. Although he was very eager to lend us his fishing rod and accompany us to Basco Port and Chanarian Point, he wasn’t able to because he needed to go diving/fishing as well that afternoon. 

We wanna go but his boat is small.

Anyway, I suggest you go fishing in Batanes. What a memorable way to maximize your Batanes vacation!

3.  Take a dip in the beaches of Batanes

When I imagined tBatanes beaches before, all I can think of was they’re so rocky that you can’t even swim near the shore.

While this is true for some beaches in Batanes, there are also beaches with fine white sand and less rocky.

There are also rocky beaches like the blue lagoon and some lagoons in Sabtang shore near the port.

So yes, add this in your itinerary — swim in Batanes!

Suggested beaches:

  • Beach near Basco port
  • White Beach in Basco
  • Sabtang beach near Sabtang port
  • Blue Lagoon in Basco
  • Sumnanga Fishing Village
Morong Beach in Sabtang, Batanes

Sabtang lagoon near Sabtang Lighthouse

4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle) 

One activity to never miss while in Batanes is biking!

There are a number of bike rentals in Basco and just a couple in Sabtang. Basco also has motorcycles for rent at a gasoline station near Nanay Cita’s Homestay.

No need to worry if you think you are lost already. Just talk to the Ivatans and they will guide you the way. Don’t forget to use google maps as well! 

Suggested biking areas:

  • Around Basco preferably the one near the school and open grounds
  • Outside Basco Airport
  • Way to Boulder Beach
  • Way to lighthouse

Went to Naidi Lighthouse early in the morning. We had so much fun!

5. Sunrise at Chamantad-Tinyan Point in Sabtang

This is not in the usual itinerary when in Batanes but we highly suggest you visit Chamantan-Tinyan point and cove before sunrise.

It is a magical experience waiting for the sun to rise while looking at the vast ocean and endless rolling hills. 

Additional payment is P1,100.

6.   Sunset watching at Natawu Point

Another activity to add to your Batanes bucket list is sunset watching at Natawu Point in Sabtang Island.

Our tour guide said this point is the best spot for sunset viewing in Batanes. 

True enough, it is indeed the best one. Here you can see a 360 view of Sabtang, the rolling hills, and the ocean.

Additional payment: P400

7.   Roam around Basco and make friends with the locals

Any place can be more experienced in being with the locals. Each time you go out, make sure you engage with the Ivatans.

Talk to your tour guides, make friends with them, ask the history of Batanes, where they live, what they do.. 

Sometimes it’s not just about the place but the people that you will meet that will make you really love the place.

And I can say that you will leave Batanes with a heavy heart because of the memories and the Ivatans as well.

8.  Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse

Who would have thought that exclusive dinner dates are possible at Naidi Lighthouse?
Naidi Lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses in Batanes. But, did you know that you can arrange a dinner date here?

Whether you wanna surprise your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, or any milestone in life, and you are in Batanes already, I suggest you go and reserve that exclusive date!

We are not sure if there are other operators for activities like this but we reserved our slot with Amazing Batanes Tours.

They will help you arrange everything. From food to balloons, to the set up of the place.. Really glad we booked everything with Amazing Batanes Tours.

Videos soon on our youtube channel!

9. Camping in Sabtang

If you will stay more than one night in Sabtang, try camping by the shore! To make this hassle-free for you, book your stay with Pananayan Homestay. They can help you with the tent pitching and can even prepare a bonfire for you!

10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

If you happen to have spare money, we want to suggest having your merienda or lunch at Fundacion Pacita.

Fundacion Pacita, perched at one of the rolling hills in Basco, is one of the most picturesque places I have been to in my entire life. Suggesting that you add this to your itinerary, separate from your tour, and try different dishes.

The food was great for the price that you would want to order another one. We tried their pizza and it was surprisingly good. While waiting, you may also check their arts area below the restaurant.

Fundacion Pacita also has several rooms for guests which starts at P12,870.

In summary, these are some of the best things to do while in Batanes! Make the most out of your Batanes trip!

  1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen
  2. Fishing at Basco Port
  3. Swimming 
  4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle)
  5. Sunrise at Chamantad in Sabtang
  6. Sunset at Natawu Point in Sabtang
  7. Roam around Basco, make friends with the locals
  8. Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse
  9. Camping at Sabtang
  10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book your Batanes Tours?

We highly suggest you book your Batanes tours with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Batanes Travel Travel Guides

Sabtang Island Travel Guide – 3D2N Itinerary with Camping Experience

Sabtang Island is one of the three major islands in the province of Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines.

This island is the southernmost part of the Batanes group of islands which has two more inhabited islands— the Ivuhos and Dequey, which are said to be pasture lands of cows and goats.

Sabtang Island is a 30 to 40-minute boat ride from Basco and is not for the faint-hearted for the current might be so big while in the middle of the ride.

Still, give your trust to the Ivatans with their boats called Faluwa — boat that’s made specifically for bigger waves!

If lucky it’s your lucky day as well, you will see dolphins dancing simultaneously with the high waves. Yup, we saw around six dolphins in the middle of our ride! Although our trip was a bit bumpy, we still got lucky!

Sabtang Island’s beauty.

Where to Book your Sabtang Island Tour?

If you are planning for your Sabtang trip, we highly suggest you get a registered tour provider from a company that can really take care of you, your family, and friends. And I hope you do not DIY Batanes.

I tried it last 2018 and although it was a much different experience, I can fully say that I had so much fun on my second Batanes escapade because everything was so organized!

You can also find an operator on the island but better if you contact a tour provider first before you go to Batanes.

Better be prepared than sorry, dear. Might be fully-booked already when you get there.

Anyway, we actually searched for the best tour provider and talked to a number of operators but Amazing Batanes Tours stood out.

Let me know if you want me to connect you to them. Hassle-free and the tour guides really knew Batanes well.

Amazing Batanes Tours Details:

How to get to Sabtang Island, Batanes

From Basco Island: From Basco, take a boat ride (Faluwa) going to Ivana Port. Fare is P100 per way. From Ivana Port, you’ll be given a lifejacket after you registered and paid the fare. Usual travel time is 20-30 minutes but if the sea is rough, travel time would be 40 to 45 minutes.

Here are some of the photos of our lovely view going to Ivana Port.

Sabtang Island, Batanes | 3D2N Itinerary with Camping Experience

If you are into peaceful view and relaxation, Sabtang Island will definitely be your next favorite destination. It is a mixture of magnificent green mountain ranges, panoramic ocean views, and warm, friendly native Ivatans.

Sharing our 3 days 2 nights itinerary! I suggest you stay more than one night in Sabtang if you have ample time in Batanes for you to really experience the place.

Our Sabtang is our day 4 to 6 in our Batanes escapade.

Ryan playing with the waves while I was shouting at him to get off the big rock already. Big waves, guys. Big waves. Haha!

Day 1 – Sabtang Arrival and Sabtang Tour

Highlight: Our highlights on our day 1 in Sabtang were the: 1) Sabtang Tour and 2) the lookout for something to eat for dinner! There was a barrio fiesta when we arrived in the place and all stores where closed.

So we don’t know how and where to eat. We went around the barrio and looked for open stores.

Good thing we saw one and bought bread and pancit canton, thinking that maybe we can just ask if we can cook at the owner’s house since there’s no common kitchen yet at Pananayan Homestay. They cooked for us instead! Yey!

  • 6:00 AM – Leave Basco for Sabtang
  • 8:00 AM – Arrival at Sabtang port
  • 8:30 AM – Check-in at Pananayam Homestay
  • 9:00 AM – Breakfast at Pindings
  • 12:00 NN – Lunch at Morong Beach
  • 1:00 PM – Start Sabtang tour
  • 4:00 PM – End Sabtang Tour
  • 5:00 PM- Visit Sabtang Lighthouse
  • 6:00 PM – Started to look for food and Fiesta
  • 7:00 PM – Cooked Pancit Canton

Places to Visit & Activities To Do

  • Little Hongkong / Fishing Village
  • Savidug Village
  • Morong Beach
  • Chavayan Village
  • Chamantad Tinyan Point
  • Roam around the village

Day 2 – Sunrise in Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint and Sunset in Natawu Point

Highlight: Our glorious sunrise watching in Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint! Chamantad-Tinyan has been my favorite ever since I visited the place and waited for the sunrise.

It was an unforgettable experience watching the sun go up with scenic views of the mountains and ocean. Imagine looking at the mountains being kissed by the sun rays? It was undeniably one of the best feelings ever.

  • 5:00 AM – Wake up for Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint
  • 5:30 AM – Arrival at Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint
  • 7:15 AM – Go to Pananayan Canteen for breakfast
  • 7:45 AM – Explore Sabtang Shore
  • 8:00 AM – Go back to Pananayan Homestay
  • 2:00 PM – Lunch
  • 4:00 PM – Visit Natawu Point for the best sunset watching

Places to Visit & Activities To Do

  • Sunrise watching at Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint
  • Sunset watching at Natawu Point
  • Explore Sabtang Shore

Day 3 – Camping at Sabtang Shore

  • 5:00 AM – Wake up for morning camping
  • 5:30 AM – Pitch tent
  • 5:45 AM – Swimming and picture taking
  • 8:00 AM – Back to Pananayam Homestay
  • 9:30 AM – Eat breakfast at Pananayan Canteen
  • 11:00 AM – Pananayam Check Out
  • 11:15 AM – Lunch at Pananayan Canteen
  • 12:00 NN – Departure

Places to Visit & Activities To Do

  • Camping by the Sabtang shore
  • Swimming at the lagoon
  • Picture taking at the Sabtang Port

Sabtang Island | 3D2N Itinerary with Camping Experience

Day 1 – Sabtang Arrival and Sabtang Tour

  • 6:00 AM – Leave Basco for Sabtang
  • 8:00 AM – Arrival at Sabtang port
  • 8:30 AM – Check-in at Pananayam Homestay
  • 9:00 AM – Breakfast at Pindings
  • 12:00 NN – Lunch at Morong Beach
  • 1:00 PM – Start Sabtang tour
  • 4:00 PM – End Sabtang Tour
  • 5:00 PM – Visit Sabtang Lighthouse
  • 6:00 PM – Started to look for food and Fiesta
  • 7:00 PM – Cooked Pancit Canton

It was about 5:00 o’clock in the morning when Kuya James from the Amazing Batanes Tours woke us up with a text message. ‘We are late na po.’

We hurriedly got up and prayed we wouldn’t be late for the 7:00 AM boat ride to Sabtang Island!

We are actually a day late for our trip to Sabtang because a typhoon hit Batanes two days before our scheduled trip but it’s somewhat okay because we had almost a day to just relax and experience typhoon in Batanes.

True enough, typhoons are experienced best in the province. (Not that I’m saying typhoons are okay, but talking about the experience and feeling here. Hehe.)

So after the 20-minute morning tricycle ride to Ivana port, we waited for a couple of minutes for us to be registered by Kuya James. Shoutout to Amazing Batanes Tours for the hassle-free assistance!

Did I mention that we had a glorious morning ride to Ivana port? All you can see are green mountains, scenic mountainside, and blue wide oceans! It’s something you would pray to experience everyday.

With Kuya James, our Basco Tour Guide from Amazing Batanes Tours
The registration area in Ivana Port
With the traditional tricycle of Batanes
Us at the Ivana port

Kuya James also paid for us, P100 pesos each for the ride, and after a couple of minutes, Kuya handed us our life jackets.

Port of Ivana | We’re going to Sabtang!
The Faluwa boat
Kuyas are helping each passengers to get into the boat
Port of Ivana — love that their

The Sabtang Boat Ride Experience

I can still remember the boat ride I had during my first trip — wait, there’s a typhoon on my first trip to Sabtang last year as well! Haha! But I guess the waves are much more higher than my previous Sabtang boat experience.

I can literally see waves higher than our boat. It gives me chills and butterflies but I am sure the boat is safe and is made of strong wood.

After about 30 minutes, yes, just this quick, we docked peacefully at the port of Sabtang.

Welcome to Sabtang Island, Batanes

I was actually on high mode when we reached Sabtang for this was the very place that captured my heart so much during my last solo trip.

I was excited to visit the places that I have been to, but this time, together with Ryan. I know it would be a whole new experience.

After a couple of minutes, our Amazing Batanes Tour Guide arrived with a big smile on his face as if saying Welcome to Sabtang!

With all enthusiasm, we shook hands and introduced ourselves.

Since we arrived at around 8 o’clock in the morning and we were not in a hurry because we’re staying for 3 days,  opted to go straight to our homestay first to check-in and took a nap.

Check-in at Pananayam Homestay

Pananayam Homestay is one of the best homestays in Sabtang as it is just near the Sabtang lighthouse and most especially, Pananayam Homestay is near Sabtang shore. 

The homestay is owned by Family Elesterio. What I love about this homestay is that you can really feel that it is a home away from home and the place is all to ourselves!

See more rooms and detailed story of our Pananayam Homestay experience here.

After checking in, we went out to look for food since we haven’t eaten anything. Glad Pindings Canteen is open! I remember eating here during my solo trip as well.

We also roamed around the town while looking for food.

The Sabtang Island Tour

After checking in at Pananayan Homestay, we took a rest for a while, refreshed ourselves and off we went to start our Sabtang Island tour!

Places Visited

  • Little Hongkong / Fishing Village
  • Savidug Village
  • Morong Beach
  • Chavayan Village
  • Chanarian Beach
  • Chamantad Tinyan Point
  • Sabtang Lighthouse
  • Roam around the village

1. Little Hongkong | Sumnanga Fishing Village

Little Hongkong, most known to be called Fishing Village, is situated in the secluded area of Brgy. Sumnanga. It was so hot when we arrived at the place but the view is still relaxing. We would like to go fishing but this one is a bit far from the town proper so we opted to just take photos of the place.

2. Savidug Village

One of the spots you should never miss is Savidug Village. Savidug Village is one of the oldest villages on the island of Sabtang. You will see traditional stone houses built years and years ago which will really amaze you because they are not using steel.

it was siesta time when we got there so there’s just a number of people outside the house.

We also visited St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel which resides inside the Savidug Village. It is near a basketball court and a stonehouse beside the church.

3. Morong Beach

Morong Beach is one of the most favorite beaches on the island of Sabtang because of many reasons. Aside from Nakabuang Arch resides here, the waves are a bit calm than the other beaches in Sabtang; sand is fairer than the others, and the long stretch of Morong Beach is a beauty to behold.

Never forget to take a picture of the Nakabuang Arch too!

Nakabuang Arch

4. Chavayan Village

Just like Savidug, Chavayan Village is one of the oldest villages in Sabtang. Most of the houses here are made of stones as well.

Chavayan came from the word cha, which means bountiful, and vay, which is the arrowroot plant that was known as the most distinct plant on the island. Vayan, on the other hand, means community.  – Primer

5. Chamantad-Tinyan Point/Cove

Chamantad-Tinyan Cove is by far my most favorite spot in Sabtang Island.

It was love at first sight. Imagine looking at the seemingly endless rolling hills coupled with cows and goats in the area with a view of the Pacific Ocean.. Plus the lovely view of the Chamantad Cove with super fine sand inviting you to take a walk in the shore.

I will never get tired of this place.

It was also my second time to go here and witness the sunrise. One of the sweetest spot in Batanes. I can’t express how happy my heart is while waiting for the rising of the sun.

7. Sabtang Lighthouse

Sabtang Lighthouse should be on our itinerary and Kuya and I talked that he will fetch u around 4:30 PM. However, 4:30PM came but Kuya didn’t show up. We called him but I think he’s with family and friends because it was one of the barangay’s fiesta then. So, I said it’s okay and we’ll go to the lighthouse by ourselves

So, Ryan and I went up to where the lighthouse is.

It was just a 10-minute walk from Pananayam Homestay but when we got there, we weren’t able to go up the lighthouse because there’s no one in the area. 

There’s also a homestay at the lighthouse but people are saying that it was not taken care of that’s why it was closed. 

So we just took photos and went out of the vicinity since it is still private property.

Sabtang’s Lighthouse is perched on top of this small rock hill and it overlooks Sabtang’s ocean and mountains. We would love to go up the lighthouse but brushed the idea instead. Overall, we enjoyed our picture taking and our walkathon to and from the lighthouse.

Ryan, being an Electrical Engineer, saw Sabtang’s Coal Power Generator and wanna have a chitchat with the Engineers there but we can’t find someone in the area. Haha! 

Fiesta and the Search for Food

As mentioned above, one of Sabtang’s barangays was celebrating barangay fiesta when we arrived at the place. We initially thought we can join the owner of Pananayam Homestay in the fiesta but we were shy!

We ended up looking for food but since there’s a fiesta in the town and everyone cooked there own food, we had a hard time looking for food.

Fortunately, there was an open store with some goods. We bought bread and pancit canton and off we went home directly.

When we got to Pananayan Homestay, one of the Ate’s volunteered to cook for us. Yey!

Joyce, the daughter of Auntie Fafa who owns the place was so accommodating she actually want to bring us to the town fiesta! But we were just too tired and wanted to sleep already.

It was still a happy day. Glad we ended with Pancit Canton, bread, and coffee!

We slept excited because we scheduled our sunrise watching at the Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint! Yey!

Day 2 – Sunrise in Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint and Sunset in Natawu Point

  • 5:00 AM – Wake up for Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint
  • 5:30 AM – Arrival at Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint
  • 7:15 AM – Go to Pananayan Canteen for breakfast
  • 7:45 AM – Explore Sabtang Shore
  • 8:00 AM – Go back to Pananayan Homestay
  • 2:00 PM – Lunch
  • 4:00 PM – Visit Natawu Point for the best sunset watching

Ryan and I woke up at 5AM and waited for our Tour Guide from Amazing Batanes Tours.
We were so excited. I have seen the sunrise in Chamantad last 2018 but this one’s different. Never thought this will happen together with Ryan.

At around 5:30AM, we arrived in the place.

It was a bit dark but you can already see the beauty of Chamantad. Rolling hills with a shore, I can’t really fully explain its wonders. Words are not enough to describe this beauty.
Ever since I stepped into Chamantad, I know this will always have a special place in my heart. 

We explored the place, took photos everywhere, got chummy, haha! But we weren’t able to go down the secluded shore. I’d love to but our tour guide said it’s prohibited. But I went down there last time.

Chamanatd-Tinyan Viewpoint, Sabtang, Batanes

Anyway, we still had so much fun! We went back to the town smiling! Definitely one for the books.

At around 7:15AM, we arrived at the town and we went straight to the Pananayan Canteen. We got some fish and hotdogs! 

It was also nice that the canteen is near Sabtang shore. After we ate, we went directly to the Sabtang Shore and explored the area. It was a nice morning walk.

We were actually so tired that we ended up sleeping until around 1:30PM! Haha. We got up so hungry and went directly to Pananayan Canteen. 

We also arranged an afternoon visit to Natawu Point, which is said to be the best area for sunset viewing.

It was an incredible short hike.

Natawu Point

The view is like a 270 view of the east side of Sabtang. Rolling green hills, blue ocean, and the cold breeze — it was definitely a moment to remember.

We slept with our heart full with awe!

Day 3 – Camping at Sabtang Shore | Went Back to Basco

  • 5:00 AM – Wake up for morning camping
  • 5:30 AM – Pitch tent
  • 5:45 AM – Swimming and picture taking
  • 8:00 AM – Back to Pananayam Homestay
  • 9:30 AM – Eat breakfast at Pananayan Canteen
  • 11:00 AM – Pananayam Check Out
  • 11:15 AM – Lunch at Pananayan Canteen
  • 12:00 NN – Departure

Being a deep sleeper, I really still wanna sleep on our last day. But I love to have our morning camping more!

So we got up at 5:00AM, took our camping gear, and pitched our tent at around 5:30 AM.
We also thought there’s another group who’s having a morning camo as well because the ates were pitching a yellow tent!

Turned out it was for us. Hehe. They thought we didn’t bring a tent.

Really nice gesture, Pananayan Homestay! We’d love to go back and have a night camp on the shore!

Then we decided to take a dip, we were so careful that we don’t slip because it was really rocky. The water was so cold, really! 

We also explored the shore again and went up to the Sabtang port.

At around 8AM, we went back to Pananayan Homestay, prepared our things, took a batah and off we bid goodbye to the place.

Overall, we had a very chill Sabtang Island experience. One that you will never forget that once in your life, you forgot all problems that you left in the metro.

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book Sabtang Batanes Tour?

We highly suggest you book your Sabtang tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Batanes Beach Getaways Chasing Wonders Staycations

Where to Stay in Sabtang: Pananayan Pension House and the Camping By the Beach Experience

Looking for the best place to stay on the beautiful island of Sabtang in Batanes? We would definitely like to recommend Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House is the best homestay in Sabtang island if you want a perfect view of the ocean, the lighthouse, and if you want to try camping by the shore.

The term ‘Pananayan‘ is an Ivatan term for waiting area. I talked to Ms. Joyce Elesterio, the very welcoming daughter and manager of the homestay and Pananayan canteen, and she mentioned that their business used to be near the port which served to be a waiting area for people going in and out of Sabtang Island.

We actually planned in staying on the island for about three nights but our supposedly first day in Sabtang was canceled because of the typhoon that time. I actually thought we’ll never get to the island because of the storm.

Good thing we just got stranded in Basco for one night! Still a good thing though because we get to experience the Batanes storm together! Haha!

Anyway, I was actually excited to check-in because of happyandbusytravel’s blog about the Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House, Sabtang, Batanes

Okay, I want you to be present with me. Imagine staying near Sabtang’s shoreline with the lighthouse near you. At night, you can hear the soothing sound of waves, with the moon above the ocean, and with the stars sparkling so bright at night — together with the love of your life. Isn’t it sweet? Hehe.

It was actually a dream come true.

The Smooth Check-In

It was around 8 o’clock in the morning when we checked in at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang Island.

Since there’s no data connection or mobile signal in the area, I was not able to message Pananayan Pension House that we’ll be moving our stay to the next day, if the weather permits.

When we got to the place, they welcomed us with a big smile and helped us through our room on the first floor.

I was actually a bit sad because I talked to them weeks before that we would want the room near the balcony.

But because of the typhoon, they were still cleaning the rooms on the second floor when we arrived.

We stayed on the first floor first and asked again if we can transfer to the second floor after they cleaned the room. So happy they agreed! Our room was near the balcony, overlooking Basco, the ocean lighthouse, and the port of Sabtang.

We were also the only guests at that time. The house was all to ourselves!

I wanna go back. Really.

What’s Inside Pananayan Pension House?

What I love about Pananayan Pension House is that the whole house is generally clean and well-maintained. Really happy we stayed here!

  • Dining Area – Glad that they have a dining area! They also have a water dispenser, kettle, coffee and sugar, and mugs! Really a plus for a coffeeholic like me! Hehe!
  • Kitchen – There was no common kitchen in Pananayan Pension House but they were already constructing one when we were there. No worries about the food though because they also own a canteen near the port which is a 5-minute walk from the homestay
  • Living Room– What I love about Pananayan is that they have a living room at the first and second floors. Since we were the only guests at that time, we had so much fun staying in the living room.
  • TV They have a television in the living room however, there was no signal that time because of the typhoon. Would be better if they have cards or anything that guests can use for bonding time.
  • Rooms – I love their rooms! Pananayan Pension House is somewhat new and I love that the rooms were all fresh and clean. The whole house is well-maintained and you wouldn’t think twice about the cleanliness of the place. Not to mention that comfort rooms are really clean as well!

Pananayan Pension House Sabtang Living Room (1st Floor)

Pananayan Pension House Living Room
Pananayan Pension House Living Room at the second floor
Pananayan Pension House Balcony overlooking the ocean

The Pananayan Pension House Rooms

Here are some of the rooms at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang, Batanes.

Pananayan Pension House Room Rates

We got our room for around P400 per pax but they now have new rates. Please see below rates from their Facebook Page.

The Camping Experience

One of the items in our bucketlist is to try camping near Pananayan Pension House. We opted to pitch our tent early in the morning because it was so dark to pitch at night, we chickened out. Haha!

We just knew after our morning camping that if we opt to camp in the evening, they will assist us with our very own bonfire. Huhu!

oh, hello there, Mr. Sunshine!
Lovely morning view from our camping tent.
Can’t believe we pitched a tent! haha!
Camping area by the lighthouse! Beautiful.

We were surprised that they even pitched a tent for us!

At first, we thought there were other guests who want to camp as well. But turns out they thought we didn’t bring a tent! So, they pitched one for us. So sweet.

Camping before swimming!

Swimming Time and Roam Around the Shore

Of course, we will never leave without experiencing Sabtang’s sea! Hehe We went picture taking first before we submerged ourselves to the cold lagoon near the homestay. It was half amazing, half scary because we’ll never know when will the big waves come and what’s inside these rocks. Haha!

It was a total adventure.

Ryan, being his pa-superman self, went to the upper side of the rocks which got me so disturbed. Haha! 

Pia’s Thoughts

Pananayan Pension House is actually the best place to stay during your Sabtang trip. I also urge you to stay two nights to really enjoy Sabtang and have intimate moments with loved ones and self (if you are traveling solo).

I think it would be best if Pananayan Pension House has a common kitchen for guests though. Not sure if the kitchen that they constructing the last time was built now. But still, we are highly recommending this place if you want a home away from home, access to Sabtang’s shore, near the lighthouse and if you want camping by the beach!

Pananayan Pension House Details:

Where to Book Sabtang Batanes Tour?

We highly suggest you book your Sabtang tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

Baguio Benguet Travel

2D/2N Year-Ender Spontaneous Baguio Trip

I was sad when we canceled our Masbate trip because of the Bagyong Ursula. We have things in mind to do already: early morning runs, dinner by the shore, meetups with high school friends, witness the wedding of my high school best friend, chase sunsets together with Mama and Ryan — it was supposed to be one of my most memorable moments with family.

It’s also Ryan’s first gala to Masbate sana! Sayang!

But then realizing Mother’s knows best, (Mama was afraid we’ll just be stranded in the port) made me somewhat say ‘okay’ to the canceled vacation.

Ryan’s Nanay was also worried about the storm so we went to Bicol Isarog Alabang to cancel our tickets.

Sad though that there’s no refund (Yes, there’s none!) but they converted our tickets to ‘open tickets’. Open tickets mean we can use the tickets within 30 days. In our case, we can use it until January 26, 2020 or transfer to another person with 100 pesos charge.

Anyway, I thought we’ll just stay in Cavite the whole December but my cousin Ate Jacques messaged us if we wanna go road tripping to Baguio! But of course!
Sad though Mama is not with us because she has work for 10 days (Metroderm Clinic Manager reliever because the current one will spend his vacation in their province).

So, Ryan and I together with Ate Jacques and hubby Kuya Patrick went to Baguio together for the first time. Yes, couple trip. Lol.

Day 1 – December 29, 2019

Ryan and I woke up at around 3AM to prepare for our Baguio adventure.

Night before, we packed our things already and I was laughing that Ryan is always reminding me that we will just be there for 2 days and 2 nights, not 1 week. LOL! But I packed light as always! Charot.

We went out of the house at around 4:00 AM I guess and luckily, there are tricycles in the area going to Gahak where we rode a bus to Baclaran. Then from Baclaran, we rode a bus again going to Shaw.

Funny because whie in transit, I was making fun of Ryan telling him we won’t break up just because we’ll go to Baguio. Haha!

I don’t really know where this came from but according to legends (lol), couples who go up to Baguio will eventually break up. We just laughed about it and then he reassured again and again that it will never happen even if I am not saying anything. Haha!

Thought we’re going to arrive at 6AM because we went out late but we were at Ate’s condo before 5:30AM! Glad that we also have time for light breakfast. Kuya cooked some yummy lucban longganisa. Yummy!

At around 5:30 in the morning, we got our things and went to the parking for the building and off we went to Baguio via TPLEX!           


After 5 hours of driving we finally reached, BAGUIO CITY! There are so many memories in this place, good and bad, but I would always love going back to the City of Pines!

At around 11AM, we checked in to Belshang Inn along Asin Road.

Belshang Inn’s rate per person is P400 and we got a twin bedroom with TV, wooden table and chairs, with own toilet and bath, overlooking the mountain of buildings. LOL. I don’t wanna see Baguio as this, didn’t even take a picture but I still love that our place overlooks Baguio City.

Belshang Inn’s 3rd floor corridor. Love the colors!

Welcome to our room!

1st Stop – Lunch at Pizza Volante

Scared that we might get stuck in traffic, Ate and Kuya parked their car at the inn and we opt to travel by jeepney and taxi! Glad that just a short walk from Belshang Inn there’s a line going to Baguio Town proper that actually stops by Burnham Park! Fare is P8.50 only per person.

Because it’s already lunchtime and our stomachs are growling, we went directly to Pizza Volante in Session Road. I thought the place is just small but upon entering the vicinity, I was surprised that it is actually wide and has a number of tables. They also have the 2nd floor. The place was fully-booked at that time but we still waited, maybe because we don’t have the energy to look for other restaurants already. Haha!

After a couple of minutes, there’s a vacant table already! We ordered pizza for all of us, yum! Ate Jacques ordered tuna while Kuya Pat chose grilled lamb; while Ryan and I ordered sizzling liempo and chicken teriyaki.

While we love the food, what we don’t like is the service.

The crews are not that attentive and won’t even make eye contact. There are times that we know they heard us but act as if they don’t hear anything. Maybe they’re just tired though.
It also took us long to get our bill. Anyway, I’ll still go back for another review though. Let learn to give second chances. Just for this! LOL

2nd Stop – Chocolate de Batirol

After the hearty lunch, we then went to Camp John Hay — because, why go to Baguio if you wouldn’t stop by Camp John Hay?

This is actually my favorite spot in Baguio — pine trees, fresh air, with view of families enjoying each other’s company – what a sight to behold indeed.

After a couple of minutes ride to Tsoko-late de batirol, we were to see flocks of people waiting to get inside. We went straight to the staff at the entrance and lined up our name. We are at number 46 when we arrived and they are just serving number 11. Amazing, you batirol!

We arrived at around 3PM and went in around 4PM. That’s one hour of waiting for batirol, suman, and turon, guys! Haha! But of course, while waiting, we did some photo ops (lol), of course.

We stayed for an hour and enjoyed our merienda! It was actually the first time that I get to enjoy batirol. I don’t know why. Haha!

3rd Stop – Camp John Hay

Then off we went to walk along Camp John Hay. We stopped by near Tsokolate de batirol and took some photos before we head back to Belshang Inn.

Tired from travel and lack of sleep, we went back to our inn first to rest and sleep before going out again to the night market.