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Ivory Beach Resort Calatagan: Relaxing Beach Escapade [UPDATED 2019]

Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan is one of the serene places to go to in Batangas. You may not always catch the high tide but still, this beach resort is good for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

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Can you wake me up when September ends?

Can’t believe it’s already the end of September. As cliche as this may seem, time really passes by so fast and we really have to make the most out of it.

That’s why I pushed with my Calatagan getaway! Fortunately, my best friend is from this peaceful and beach blessed town.

Lately, the sea and the mountains are calling me.

I have been longing for quiet times where I would just write my thoughts and places in the past months and glad I took a leap of faith in this area. I conquered two mountains already, Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Ulap.

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And now, I am conquering beaches!

Not the populated ones though, but the peaceful and laid back beaches like Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. 

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Along Calatagan beach resorts (Manuel Uy Resort, Stilts Calatagan Resort, Burot Beach, and Playa, Calatagan) lies Ivory Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas.

This peaceful and Talisay-blessed resort is perfect for those who want to spend the rest of the night in a tent or just to stay hours to enjoy the serenity of the vast beach space.

If you really want to have that peaceful stay with a few other beachgoers, we suggest that you try Ivory Beach Coast Calatagan.


How to Get to Ivory Beach Resort from Calatagan Bayan

From Calatagan Bayan, it will approximately take you less than 30 minutes to this hidden beach resort via tricycle.

Tricycle Fare to Ivory Resort: PHP 100/pax

Bus Fare to Calatagan: PHP 160/pax

Van Fare to Calatagan: PHP 180/pax

It’s a bit far from Calatagan Bayan so please, wag na nating baratin sila Kuya driver. 🙂


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The Ivory Beach Calatagan Resort

Angelic (my best friend) and I arrived at the beach at 1:00 in the afternoon already as we prepared some food and also went to the grocery to grab some snacks and drinks.

Being a beach lover, what I appreciate more about the place is its exclusivity. 

I can actually compare this beach to the virgin beaches in my hometown, Masbate.

Also, although there are a number of pitched tents in the area, still, the feeling of peace and stillness of the place is there.

Or maybe because I was just too focused on how lovely the ocean is. Even if low tide siya. Hehe.

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Ang peaceful. Ang ganda. Gusto ko din ‘tong time na ‘to na parang uulan sya.


The water was not high when we arrived. Sad because we weren’t able to fully enjoy the beach.

But, we enjoyed cooking/roasting or should I say ‘toasting’ hotdogs. Haha! We had a very lovely chef by the way. Love how she made our hotdogs so yummy!

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Going back to the beach, I also love that this resort is blessed with trees that bring shade to the beachgoers. It also has tables and some areas have hammocks as well. Not sure though if it was brought by the guests as well.

Ivory Beach Resort Entrance Fee: PHP 100

Tent Pitch: 500


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Who doesn’t love pictures?

Angelic and I are fond of taking each other’s photos (even if sometimes we get pissed at each other. Haha.)

Because the heavy rain is about to start (sad part because we had to leave), we quickly went to the beach and took photos although the water is really low.

After a couple of shots, the rain already started to pour. 

Looking for Calatagan beach resorts? Check this list.


Although we stayed for just two hours because it started to rain, my heart was still filled with so much happiness.

It has actually been my greatest joy ever since to be in the beach while raining.

All the more when I am already swimming! Huhu! That’s why it was hard for me to leave earlier. I wish I could still see the rain over this vast beach as it gives me the feeling of peace and joy each time I see the calm waters and the pouring rain combined.

I wish I can stay but I can’t.

But still, I left the beach with a happy heart, thanking God for another prayer fulfilled – to be with nature again and to experience the rain at the beach.

Special thanks to Concepcion Family!

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Casa De Segunda: Exploring The Home of Rizal’s First Love

Casa De Segunda, situated in the busy streets of Lipa, Batangas, is now a 136-year old ancestral house. This is not the typical ancestral house as this is where Jose Rizal’s first love, Segunda Solis Katigbak, lived.

Note: This is our second stop for our two-day CALABARZON culinary tour after a hearty breakfast at Asiong’s of Cavite in Silang, Cavite.

After an hour drive from my newly claimed happy place, Asiongs in Silang, Cavite, this quaint ancestral house greeted us.

  • Address: 198 Rizal Street, Lipa City, Batangas
  • Casa De Segunda Entrance Fee: P60 ($1.2)

I was all the more fascinated when I learned that before going inside, guests should ring the old bell to enter the casa! Being a city girl who is not used to seeing something like this in the metro, I felt I was transported to the 1880s era.

Hello, Casa De Segunda!

We entered an old gate and a number of Balete trees welcomed us. It was not that creepy for me as old houses always fascinate me – minus the infamous things that happened there, of course. This has been home to some Japanese as well when they forced Filipino to surrender their homes to them. Thinking about it, ilan na kaya ang namatay sa bahay na ‘to?

Stairway going to the second floor of the building

The old fountain at the center of the front yard caught my attention first. Its design made me think of how creative the people were before. And mind you, it’s still intact and working.

After a while, I saw an old woman now present and mingling with the team. Found out that she is the granddaughter of Segunda Katigbak.

The History of Casa De Segunda

Casa De Segunda is named after Jose Rizal’s first love, Segunda Solis Katigbak. The house is built in 1860s by Don Norberto Calao Katigbak, a gobernadorcillo, from 1862 to 1863, and was given to his daughter, Doña Segunda Solis Katigbak, Dr. Jose Rizal’s first love.

The house has been repaired in the year 1956 by Paz-Luz Dimayuga and eventually declared as one of the national heritage houses in the Philippines by the National Historic Institute.

Now, Casa De Segunda has been opened to the public as a museum for 20 years already.

A Tour Inside Casa De Segunda

Lola Lilet Malabanan, the granddaughter of Segunda Katigbak (she calls her Lola Unday), has been the tour guide of the casa for over 20 years already.

She started to tour us around the first floor of the house. As she was looking back, she noted about how the Katigbak Family were so prominent before, how the Japanese invaded the big houses of Lipa, and how Lipa has been one of the richest towns before because it was once the sole coffee maker/exporter worldwide.

The first floor now looks like a receiving area with a big painting of Segunda Katigbak, old sala set, and some old pots and ornaments.

_Upon entrance, you will see this big portrait of Segunda Katigbak like her way of welcoming you to her house.

After checking out the living room, we went straight to their dining area. Plates and glasses used by the Katigbak’s were still there and intact together with the cooking wares.

While Lola Milet was talking about their dining area, I was actually thinking I hope our family also tried to keep some of the old things and bauls of our great-great grandparents. What we only have now is the aparador of our Lola. Hope our Lolo’s baul is still in our ancestral house in Masbate.

Anyway, going back, after touring around the first floor, we were guided to the second floor of Casa De Segunda. I was amazed by how grand the casa is. Naisip ko, anu-ano kaya ang mga nangyari dito noon?

And then a strong wind blew us while Lola’s still touring us around. Medyo creepy. I can feel something heavy. Hehe.

Living Room at the second floor

They went to the rooms while I was still enjoying the fresh air of Lipa.

I love how well-ventilated the place is. Every where I look, I see windows. Nakakatuwa.

We went to the bedrooms of the house as well and it’s a bit creepy for me. Hehe.

Casa De Segunda Balcony
Casa De Segunda Balcony
Casa De Segunda Balcony

Pia’s Thoughts

I don’t know but the makabayan in me is proud that there’s a house that was spared in wars because this tells so much about the past.

Ever since I went to Corregidor and Bataan, I’m glad that my trips are all connected with history. I am not really interested before with history even in my highschool and college years, but everything has changed after my trip to Corregidor. Its like really going back to your roots and knowing what really happened then.

First floor living room

If you are around Lipa and would like to have a sidetrip at Casa De Segunda, please see below details.

This is the second stop of our two-day CALABARZON Culinary Tour. Warmest thanks to the Department of Tourism Region IV-A and to QuePATTA (Quezon Province Association of Travel and Tour Agencies).

Check out our CALABARZON Culinary Tour Travel Series:

  1. CALABARZON Culinary Tour: 2-Day Food Crawl in the South
  2. Asiong’s of Cavite | A Taste of Authentic Caviteño Dishes
  3. Casa De Segunda: Exploring The Home of Rizal’s First Love

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CALABARZON Culinary Tour: A 2-Day Food Crawl Adventure in the South

Culinary Tours or Food crawls are truly one of the best ways to explore a place. Not only you get to experience local dishes but, you’ll get to know more about their rich culture and heritage as well.

Last April 2019, I was fortunate to experience the beauty of CALABARZON and its delicious local dishes and delicacies. I’ve been to all areas of CALABARZON for mountain climbing, beach bumming, glampings, and staycations but I’ve never tried exploring their food.

But glad that I can now fully say that CALABARZON is indeed blessed with history, culture, people, and FOOD.

Together with the Department of Tourism Region IV (CALABARZON) and QuePATTA (Quezon Province Association of Travel and Tour Agencies), for two days, we ranged over the province, met lovely people (their passion for food is WOW!) and ate mouthwatering cuisines in CALABARZON.

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Asiong Caviteno Restaurant – Sapin-Sapin

Where exactly is CALABARZON?

Calabarzon, also spelled as CALABARZON, formally known as Southern Tagalog Mainland and designated as Region IV-A, is an administrative region in the Philippines. The region comprises five provinces: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon, and one highly urbanized city, Lucena. – Wikipedia

The region is situated south of the National Capital Region, and is bordered by the Manila Bay in the west, Lamon Bay and the Bicol Region in the east, the Tayabas Bay and Sibuyan Sea in the south, and the provinces of Aurora, Bulacan, and Metro Manila in the north. It is home to places like Mount Makiling near Los Baños, Laguna and the Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas.

TheCALABARZON Culinary Tour

This CALABARZON Culinary Tour is being offered by the QuePATTA
(Quezon Province Association of Travel and Tour Agencies).

The organization, together with the DOT Region IV-A believes that CALABARZON is so much blessed with heirloom cuisines that should never be forgotten. Thus, the CALABARZON Culinary Tour was born.

Casa De Segunda | Ms. Tina at the background

The Two-Day Culinary Tour

This is actually my first time to experience a food crawl and I loved everything about it. Everything was well organized and the chosen restaurants speak so much about its own native land. Listed below is our itinerary for our CALABARZON Food Trip.


  1. Asiong’s of Cavite – Silang, Cavite
  2. Casa De Segunda – Lipa, Batangas – Sidetrip
  3. Don Juan Boodle House – Lipa, Batangas
  4. Quezon’s Best House Of Pasalubong And Restaurant – Tiaong, Quezon
  5. Earthkeepers’ Garden And Restaurant – Tiaong, Quezon
  6. Ouan’s The Farm Resort – Lucena, Quezon


  1. Luisa and Daughter Restaurant – Lucena, Quezon
  2. Quezon Capitol Building Lucena, Quezon | Sidetrip
  3. Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan – Tayabas, Quezon
  4. Air Summit Gourmet – Tayabas, Quezon | Sidetrip
  5. Fisher’s Lake – Tayabas, Quezon | Sidetrip
  6. Food Carving in Paete – Paete, Laguna | Sidetrip
  7. Kape Kesada – Paete, Laguna
  8. Balaw Balaw Restaurant – Angono, Rizal

Yes, friends. We went to all these restaurants!  If you are interested to know more about our food tour, read on.

DAY 1 – Cavite – Batangas – Quezon

Day 1 was well spent. I guess it was clever to start in Silang, Cavite for the food tour since our last destination is in Angono, Rizal. Since we will start in Cavite, and I am from Cavite, I opted to go straight to our first destination. The entire day was full of fun and energy (hi, super hyper blogger friends!) PLUS food! Never been so full in my life. Haha!

1. Asiong Caviteno Restaurant

Location: Silang, Cavite

As mentioned in my blog review of Asiongs, if you are looking for a chill place with huni ng mga ibon and Imelda Papin songs in the background, this is your abode.

Being a chill-probinsyana-turned-nagpapaka-busy-city girl, Asiong is something that I wanted to spend my weekend with.

This restaurant is secludedly located inside Silang’s lush greens. Upon entrance, you’ll already feel relaxed as this is not the typical modern designed restaurant.

What to Order at Asiong’s of Cavite?

We went here for breakfast and here’s some of the dishes we ate. Don’t forget about the Pancit Pusit, please! Also, if you happen to visit Asiongs, you may want to look for the very hands on owner, Mr. Sonny Lua. I don’t know, he’s like a magnet. He made me laugh so hard with his witty jokes. Hehe. You’ll love the history of Asiong’s as well. Check it out in my Asiong’s Caviteno Restaurant Review.

Carioca Breakfast Meal – P260
Asiong’s Original Pancit Pusit – P380

Personally, Asiong’s is something that I’ll visit again for my next Silang, Cavite adventure. Maybe I’ll plan to try their lunch or dinner together with my Mama during the cold season.

2. Casa De Segunda

Location: Lipa, Batangas

Casa De Segunda is the home of Jose Rizal’s first love – Segunda Solis Katigbak.

I thought we will be dining here for lunch pero nag side trip lang pala kami. Hehe.

Casa De Segunda in Lipa, Batangas is very rich in history as this casa was built in the year 1880. This 136-year-old house surpassed World War I and II already and is the only remaining old house in Lipa.

Casa De Segunda – Since 1880

3. Don Juan Boodle House

Location: Lipa, Batangas

Our lunch for the first day was at the Don Juan Boodle House in Lipa City, Batangas. It’s just minutes from Case De Segunda. The other branch of Don Juan is located in Taal, Batangas.

  • Address: P. Torres Street corner G.A. Solis, 4217 Lipa, Batangas
  • Phone Number:  (043) 740-1828 / (0917) 1130-393 / ‎(0917) 5280-551
  • Operating Hours:
    • Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    • Sat-Sun & Holidays: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Facebook page: Don Juan Boodle House Lipa

What to Order at Don Juan Boodle House?

1. Southern Tagalog Boodle

Boodle fight! Of course, we tried their Southern Tagalog Boodle. It comprises the following:

  1. Pork Binagoongan
  2. Bistek Tagalog
  3. Inihaw na Tambakol
  4. Tortang Talong
  5. Pork Ribs Kaldereta
  6. Pork Sisig
  7. Fresh fruit in season
  8. Served with sliced tomatoes, onions, salted eggs, atsara
  9. Steamed Rice

2. Taal Specialties

  1. Tapang Taal
  2. Adobo sa Dilaw
  3. Ginataang Sitaw Kalabasa
  4. Longganisang Taal
  5. Sinaing na Tulingan
  6. Fried Tawilis
  7. Inihaw na baboy
  8. Fresh fruit in season
  9. Served with sliced tomatoes, onions, salted eggs, atsara
  10. Steamed Rice

I am not a fan of tapa but Tapang Taal of Don Juan is surprisingly delicious! Plus, love their Tawilis!

Their ambiance is so Batangueno as well. Love that their servers wear baro’t saya.

4. Quezon’s Best House Of Pasalubong And Restaurant

Location: Tiaong, Quezon

After a hearty lunch at Don Juan’s Boodle House, we immediately headed to Quezon’s Best – the popular pasalubong and restaurant in Tiaong.

  • Address: Tiaong By Pass Rd, Tiaong, Quezon
  • Operating Hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

What I love about Quezon’s best is they make sure that what they’re offering is of high value just like the below photo of their Organic Coconut Ainos which they are exporting!

We also stopped by for a quick merienda. Love their Halo halo and especially the puto! If you’ve already tried Lemon’s Square, mas masarap pa ito. Promise!

The mas-masarap-pa-sa-lemon-square puto!

Here’s their pasalubong station!

5. Earthkeepers’ Garden And Restaurant

Location: Tiaong, Quezon

After a quick merienda at Quezon’s Best, we went straight to Earthkeeper’s also situated in Tiaong, Quezon. I think we only spent around 5 minutes to go to the place.

  • Address: Km. 101, Tiaong, 4325 Quezon
  • Phone Number: (042) 545 7112
  • Operating Hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Facebook Page: Earthkeepers

I love how nature welcomed us here. Everywhere I see, plants and trees are present. Earthkeepers indeed!

What to order at Earthkeeper’s Garden Restaurant?

What’s good about Earthkeepers is they are serving food in glass bottles/jars and banana leaves. Earthkeeper’s served us another surprising merienda.

We ate Sinulbot, a pre-kalamay merienda which is a rice cake, by the way. It’s sauce is made of coconut milk with brown sugar. With Sinulbot, we were served cold Buko Juice straight from the backyard of Earthkeepers!

Sinulbot – pre-kalamay merienda
Coconut trees in their backyard

5. Ouan’s The Farm Resort

Location: Lucena, Quezon

After a day full of activities and food, we were welcomed by one of the most popular resorts in Quezon, the Ouan’s The Farm Resort.

What I love about this resort is it is surrounded by trees. This family resort was also the venue for our candlelight dinner and Tagayan night, a special ceremony for VVIP as per QuePATTA’s Officer, Ms. Tina Tagala.

We are also humbled to know their family history through Retired General Recaredo Sarmiento II’s museum. Glad and inspired to hear their very story from the retired general himself. I guess his love for his family and wife is the reason for all his successes in life.

Retired General Recaredo A. Sarmiento – I love their family story!

Day 2 | Quezon – Laguna – Rizal

Day 2 is actually more full blast than our first day. We started with Quezon ending in Angono, Rizal. We also had side trips to different places to go while in Quezon and Laguna.

1. Grandma’s Kitchen – Ouan’s The Farm Resort

Location: Lucena

Our Day 2 started with a heavy breakfast from the quaint and lovely restaurant of Ouan’s Resort called Grandma’s Kitchen.

It is situated beside the resort’s swimming pools so you can already feel refreshed while watching friends and families enjoying the pool.

What to Order at Ouan’s The Farm Resort?

For breakfast, we had Malunggay Omellete, Tinapa, Quezon Longganisa, fried rice and lots of tomatoes. I also wanna note their coffee as I can compare it that of Banaue!

2. Luisa and Daughter Restaurant

Location: Lucena, Quezon

After bidding goodbye to Ouan’s Resort, which had been an instant favorite, we went straight to Luisa and Daughter Restaurant.

Luisa and Daughter Restaurant is a humble family-run restaurant in Quezon.

  • Address: Km. 101, Tiaong, 4325 Quezon
  • Phone Number: (042) 545 7112
  • Operating Hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Here we were taught how to make Pancit Chami which can be regular or hot and spicy. Of course, I love how tasteful the spicy one is. It’s also a bit more salty and more saucy.

What to order at Luisa and Daughter Restaurant?

Pancit Chami is best paired with turon! And don’t forget to put on some calamansi for a more appetizing Pancit Chami!

3. Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan

Location: Tayabas, Quezon

  • Address: Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas City, Quezon
  • Phone Number: (042) 793-3654 or 55
    • Globe:  0918-951-0460
    • Smart: 0917-556-2642
  • Facebook Page: Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan

After a quick side trip to Quezon’s Capitol, we went straight to the popular Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon for our lunch.

It was actually surreal to me because I have been reading this only before and finally, I get to explore and experience this restaurant with a man-made pond. The pond has over 60 floating kubo.

What to order at Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan?

After being served with grilled liempo (my favorite, of course!), grilled tilapia, and ginataang suso with pako, we were serenaded by this group of handsome Titos! I love them singing the hits today like ‘Buwan’ of Juan Carlos among others.

And of course, Buko Juice in Quezon!
Grilled Liempo – my fave!

6. Kape Kesada 

Location: Paete, Laguna

  • Address: Quesada St, Paete, Laguna
  • Phone Number: (049) 557 1436
  • Operating Hours: 8AM to 6PM
  • Facebook Page: Kape Kesada

Never thought I’ll get back to Kape Kesada after three years, I guess? This quaint coffee shop / art gallery situated at the heart of Paete, Laguna is just minutes away from the Paete church, Municipal Hall, and as far as I remembered, it is also near the wood carvers of Paete.

What to Order at Kape Kesada

Here we ate Kalamay (we call this Biko in Masbate), Minani (cubed cassava fried in garlic and salt ) and Laksa. Laksa, vegetables in coconut milk, is best paired with biko. It was a surprise at first but when I got to try it, it really blended well with the biko!

I think I ate around 10 pieces of biko that I forgot to take a picture! Haha!

Laksa | vegetables with coconut milk
Minani – cassava cubes/cutlets cooked like peanuts
Photo by: Aaron Nomo

7. Balaw-Balaw Restaurant

Location: Angono, Rizal

  • Address: Doña Justa Street, Angono, 1930 Lalawigan ng Rizal
  • Phone Number: (02) 651 0110
  • Operating Hours: 8AM to 12AM
  • Facebook Page: Balaw Balaw Restaurant

It was around 8PM when we arrived at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono, Rizal. Here I was surprised that Balaw-Balaw is actually an art gallery as well.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty quaint and I feel that the place together with its paintings and stuff tells a number of different stories. I would love to explore more and ask about the gallery next time I visit the place.

What to order at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant?

Balaw-Balaw is not your ordinary restaurant. Aside from the exotic food choices, Balaw-Balaw is also housing paintings, sculptures, among others.

For the food, I suggest you try their best seller, Minaluto. Minaluto is actually like paella with seafood, fried chicken at pork. You can also choose from their yellow (turmeric) or black (with tinta ng pusit) rice.

I was actually surprised by their food servings here:

  • Nilasing na hipon – this dish is made of shrimps marinated in alcohol, coated and then deep fried until golden.
  • Vegetable salads
  • Lauya – beef soup
  • Binalot na itik sa pita – native duck wrapped in pita bread
  • Minaluto – this is actually like the usual Paella. You may order the yellow rice (turmeric) or the black one (squid rice).

If given another time to visit Angono, I will definitely try again Balaw-Balaw Restaurant because I feel like I haven’t fully checked out the place when we were there.

CALABARZON Foodtrip Side trips

While going around on your food tour, here are some side trips that you may want to check out.

1. Food Carving in Paete

Location: Paete, Laguna

One good stop we had was the food carving in Paete, Laguna by Ernesto Sena (ship and flowers in vase) and Nomiric Baisas (flowers and eagle). Love that I actually got to experience actual food carving here in Paete!

2. Quezon Provincial Capitol

Location: Tayabas, Quezon

This century-old building in Tayabas is considered a national treasure. Its breathtaking Neoclassical Art-Deco style was designed by Architect Juan Arellano and is serving as an alarm clock for its people. Here, a familiar siren is being heard three times a day – at 7 in the morning, 12 noon and 5 in the afternoon.

3. Air Summit Gourmet

Location: Tayabas, Quezon

  • Address: Brgy. Dapdap, 4327 Tayabas, Quezon
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Facebook Page: Air Summit Gourmet

Air Summit Gourmet is a sister-restaurant of Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. It is an airplane-turned-restaurant still in Tayabas, Quezon, minutes away from Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

I love how they have their own ‘immigration office’ where guests can ‘check-in’ before going up the plane. We were glad to be assisted by the owners of Kamayan to explore Air Summit. Wish we can go back and really experience dining here!

4. Fishers Lake

Location: Tayabas, Quezon

  • Address: Lucban – Tayabas Rd, Tayabas, Quezon
  • Phone Number: (042)793-3654/55 0918.951.0460 or 0917.556.2642

Another sister restaurant of Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Fisher’s Lake boasts an upscale-ish Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. One unique experience you will get is, since the tables soaked in the water, you’ll get to experience to eat with fishes on your feet. Free foot massage, everyone!

Pia’s Thoughts

Looking back to our two-day super foodie tour, which I thought was not possible by the way, I was glad that it was properly and strategically organized as I have never felt the hassle of touring around for days. Imagine going around CALABARZON in just two days?

With this, I highly suggest you contact Ms. Tina Tagala if you are interested to join a Culinary Tour around CALABARZON.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Stella Salvacion (My Journey Travel and Tours President), Nino Magararo (Rainsummer Travel and Tours Vice-President), Maria Luisa Villabroza (Myles Travel and Tours), and Marilyn Mendiola (Sunburst Travel and Tours Treasurer).

My warmest thanks to the Department of Tourism CALABARZON and QUEPATTA for showing us how beautiful and wonderful CALABARZON is!

Check out our CALABARZON Culinary Tour Travel Series:

  1. CALABARZON Culinary Tour: 2-Day Food Crawl in the South
  2. Asiong’s of Cavite | A Taste of Authentic Caviteño Dishes
  3. Casa De Segunda: Exploring The Home of Rizal’s First Love
At the Quezon Capitol Building together with my co-bloggers

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Nayomi Sanctuary Resort: Best Glamping Experience [Updated 2019]

True to its tagline, Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat, you will never leave Nayomi Sanctuary Resort without having that glorious feeling of being pampered to the fullest!

Wanna know a trivia? Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is actually a property of the Prats Family. Yes! The resort has long been a family vacation resort ever since but eventually opened the establishment to the public around 2015.

Located in Balete, Batangas, this 14,418 square meters resort is an hour and a half drive from Metro Manila but around two hours if you chose to commute.

If you are looking for a place to unwind, relax, and just forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, Nayomi resort is one of the perfect places to go to.

Aside from the magical glamping tents that they are offering, they also have hotel rooms, villas, and dorms that has delicate interior designs which is perfect for your family, barkada, and special someone.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort Glamping Experience

Last February 6-7, 2017, my best friend and I went to Nayomi for an overnight staycation in one of their glamping tents.

Even though we stayed for just a little over 24 hours, I fell in love with everything about Nayomi: overlooking Taal Lake and Batangas mountains, weather is cold just like that of Tagaytay, instagrammable spots are just about everywhere, everything is clean and well-maintained, and lastly, the employees are all so courteous, kind, and welcoming!

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Every time I enter a hotel/resort may it be for the purpose of review or just staycation with family or business trip, what I always look forward to is how the employees treats me and the people around me.

What I love about Nayomi is that they know how to treat their guests with utmost care and they never forget to ask how’s your stay, how’s the meal.. And I think it’s not because they know that I am reviewing the resort but because I saw how they treat other guests as well.

So, kudos to the management for having such employees!




The Warm Welcome

After about 1 and 30 minute travel time from Manila, not to mention the long and cold tricycle ride to the resort, we finally arrived at around 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon. We were welcomed by their guard full of smile as he graciously assist us to the reception area.

As we entered the resort, we already saw how wide and beautiful the area is.

I don’t really know why but I feel like I was entering a familiar place, a picturesque, comforting haven that I’ve been longing for months – Yes! I feel home

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After months of thinking about an escape from the city, I was perfectly sure that time that Nayomi is the place I was looking for. The big NAYOMI letters to my left were as if smiling at me, saying that they have been waiting for us.

We then headed to the reception area and were welcomed and greeted by Ms. Len Zara, Nayomi’s Reservation Manager with a smile and welcome drinks.

Ms. Len Zara handing us the pad lock, key, and service cellphone.

Here’s our welcome drink, a combination of pineapple and orange juice! Surprisingly delicious!

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After a little chit-chat, off we went to our glamping tent which is Tent no. 4. We were assisted by two of their staff and we rode a golf cart! The road is in downward slope and Kuya drives a bit fast (or I’m just a bit scared. Haha!) but hey, we still managed to video the experience!

We were assisted by two of Nayomi Resort’s staff using their golf cart! So cool!

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Nayomi Resort’s Glamping Tent

Since it is my first time to try glamping and to actually see one, I am amazed how everything was done and organized.

Aside from the picturesque view from our picnic table, I was also interested on how the glamping tent was set up. After we settled inside the tent, I had a quick stroll around our tent and saw the delicate materials to ensure that the tent has a strong foundation.

Our glamping tent is beautifully situated facing Batangas mountains. <3

I so love the our overall glamping space! Here’s why:

  1. We have our very own toilet! Not shared!
  2. Nayomi Sanctuary Resort didn’t forget to make a separate picnic table inside the glamping area maybe for a more private chit-chat or sessions with the group
  3. As mentioned earlier, Nayomi Sanctuary Resort has been in its full operation since 2015 but everything on our area is well-maintained and very clean!
  4. Our glamping tent (no. 4) was situated facing the Batangas mountains leaving a perfect nature view while having coffee or relaxing inside the tent.
  5. Colorful banderitas added to the charm of our glamping tent!
  6. Big light bulbs are just so lovely at night <3

Here’s our glamping area at night and day time. So magical. 🙂


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Di naman masyadong halatang masaya ako. Haha!

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Ang sarap mag kwentuhan dito <3

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Want to know what’s inside our glamping tent? Let me tour you inside!

Our glamping tent is so big and wide that it can actually house 6 to 8 persons!

  • 3 Double Beds
  • 6 Big and Fluffy Pillows
  • 5 Throw Pillows
  • 3 Blankets
  • 1 Electric Mosquito Zapper
  • 2 Do-it-yourself Lamps
  • 1 Wooden Chest
  • 3 Power Outlets
  • 1 Industrial Electric Fan
  • Towels for each of the guest
  • 1 Dream Catcher (so cute!)

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Dream catcher 🙂

Super industrial electric fan na di namin nagamit nung gabi kasi super cold! 🙂

Cutie DIY lamp!!! And there’s the cellphone that was given to us for communication if there’s a mumu (charot!) and pad lock and keys.

They have this electric mosquito killer even though walang lamok. 🙂
Super lambot unan at kama!

How’s our sleep?

Angelic slept a bit earlier than the usual maybe because of the cold weather and maybe because our stomach is full! Haha. However, me on the other hand was starting to write about Nayomi. I think I slept at around 1:30AM to the sounds of crickets outside.

It was 6:15AM when we woke up. We were about to see the sunrise but was not able to catch it because it’s still so cold outside!

Anyway, I think had one of the best sleeps of my life.

I honestly thought that I would be a bit scared because you know, you’re just inside a pretty tent, what if someone peeks, opens the tent, or anything! Haha! But yeah, I had a really sound sleep.

Good morning! So cold!
This greeted us early in the morning! We weren’t able to witness the sunrise because it was so cold we just wanna sleep! Haha!

Glamping Rates and Packages

If you decide to go glamping with your friends, you can just spend around P1,350 each for the glamping tent.

Glamping Package Inclusions

  • 1 Big Tent
  • 1 Industrial Electric Fan
  • 3 Queen beds
  • 1 electric mosquito zapper
  • Towels
  • Bathroom
  • Picnic area/table
  • Free breakfast

A Quick Tour Inside Nayomi Santuary Resort

After settling inside our tent, we changed to our swimming attires but before we headed to the pool, we had a quick stroll inside the resort.

What to expect?

  • Overlooking Taal Lake and Batangas Mountains
  • Very cold weather from late afternoon till morning
  • Hot weather from around 8AM to 3PM (We visited last February 2017)
  • Peaceful and homey vibe
  • Delicious Filipino food
  • 2 swimming pools

Other glamping tents!

While on our way to the tent. 🙂
Swimming pool near the villas

Swimming pool near the villas

Swimming pool near the restaurant and our tent. 🙂

Sunset viewing is perfect here!

Anahaw Restaurant

From breakfast to merienda and dinner, we have enjoyed all dishes served to us! Especially the Sinigang na Baboy!

Tips and Reminders

  • Bring toiletries as this is not included in the package
  • Bring jacket!
  • If you are looking for a night life, this one is not for you. But you can also order drinks from Anahaw Restaurant and chill in your own picnic table
  • Absolutely no wi-fi
  • Children 0-7 years old are considered free of charge
  • Bringing of food that are not from Nayomi are not allowed. Please take note of this as you will be charged accordingly
  • Additional per head is PHP 1,000++ with free breakfast
  • Bringing of any drink that are not from Nayomi are not allowed. Corkage is PHP 1.00/ML
  • Pets are not allowed

Resort and Glamping Recommendations 

While we love our stay at the resort, listed below are just some of the recommendations to the management that I hope they would somehow consider to talk about 🙂

  • I think our glamping experience would be the best if we have a campfire nearby. Or maybe at least a common campfire area if it’s not possible to have one per tent. I can imagine myself while roasting marshmallows! That would be so much fun!
  • I hope the T&B has hot water because it’s really cold in the evening and morning haha!
  • Maybe you can also consider to have a shuttle from Manila to the resort. While it’s perfectly fine for me to travel by bus and tricycle, I’m actually thinking about families who doesn’t have their own service going to the resort. Plus, the tricycle ride is really long and bumpy. I also can’t imagine myself riding the tricycle to and from the resort at night.

How to get to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

From Manila via PUV:

  1. From Shaw, Boulevard, take a bus going to Lipa, Batangas. In our case, we waited for around 15-30 minutes for buses bound to Lipa. Luckily, Alps stopped for us. We also learned that they are not allowed to stop along Shaw. So better go to LRT Buendia or Cubao terminals bound to Lipa, Batangas to save time waiting.
  • Travel Time: 2 hours
  • Fare: P124
  1. Inform conductor to drop you off Tambo Bus Stop just right after the Lipa tollway. Anyway, if feel like the traffic is slowly building up, then you’re already near the frop off place. One sign as well is the Jolibee on your right which is also after the tollway.
  2. Once you got off, cross the street and take the jeepney going to SM Lipa/Robinsons Lipa. Tell Kuya Driver to drop you off Starbucks/Shakeys. It is just right after the footbridge.
  • Travel Time: 10 minutes
  • Fare: P7
  1. Cross the street again to the side of Shakeys and Starbucks. From there you will see a line of tricycles. Tell Kuya Driver that you’ll be going to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. Typically, all the drivers know Nayomi already.
  • Travel Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Fare: P200- P300

Tip: Make sure to ask Kuya driver how much the fare is. Based on our experience, Kuya Driver first said that fare is P150. Then later on changed to P200. After we get off Nayomi (after 30minutes, I guess), we handed P250 to him instead of P200 since we feel like P250 is really worth the long and bumpy ride.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort Details

Location: JM Katigbak Street Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas, Philippines 4219

How to Book:

  • Book HERE via Agoda
  • Contact them at:
    Contact number: (02)645-3092 / (02)986-5487 / (02)534-9644

Resort Amenities:

  • 2 Infinity pools (Upper pool – Lake View with jacuzzi & lower pool – near Anahaw Restaurant; bigger pool with jacuzzi)
  • Kiddie Park
  • Lounge Area
  • Bar
  • Anahaw Restaurant

Activities (with additional fees)

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Taal Volcano Tour
  • Marian Orchard Batangas Tour
  • Water Sports Activities

For reservations you may contact them below:

Contact Nos: (02) 645-3092 | (02) 986-5487 | 470-2708 | 240-3478 | 240-5021 | 470-9334

Email Address:

Facebook page:

Overall Experience

Since I have been looking for a quiet place to unwind, Nayomi Sanctuary Resort was actually the answer to it. I highly recommend this resort if you also want peace and full relaxation to end a stressful week. What adds to the thrill is that I spent it in a beautiful glamping tent. 🙂

From my first glamping experience, to the staff, food, services, and cleanliness of the resort, I can say that I am now in love with Nayomi! Can’t wait to be back soon with my Mama!

The Prats family really knows how to train their staff and maintain the resort. Two thumbs up for this amazing experience!

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