Certified Positive Planner 2016 Daily Interact: A Review


Certified Positive Planner 2016 is one of the things on my list to start my year right. Before, I’ve been jumping from planner to another, but this time, I decided to stay with Certified Positive’s 2016 Daily Interact throughout the year.


certified positive planner

What I love about Certified Positive Planner 2016 is that their goal is to get the Word of God closer to its user each and everyday with features unlike any other planners.

So, let me take you on a virtual tour of what’s inside Certified Positive Planner 2016 Daily Interact.


Thanks Certified Positive for the warm welcome! 🙂

certified positive planner

I love how this planner welcomes me every time I open it. One of my favorite verses!


It also has the Daily Verse Tracker which helps you read the whole Bible throughout the year. Really helpful!

certified positive planner

Most of all, I love how they incorporate daily Quiet Time with God.

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They also have a page for prayer requests!

certified positive planner

I’m so excited as well when I first saw that this planner has pages for Spiritual and Personal Goals!

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This Certified Positive Planner also has personal testimonies each month on how God transformed their lives.

They also included the Daily Expense Tracker and Monthly Budget! Everything’s here!

certified positive planner

On the last pages, they also have cards for special occasions for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and many others.

And of course, this planner also has those positive thoughts!

certified positive planner

I personally love this planner not only because it helps me with my walk with God, but also everything I need in a planner is here, expense tracker, monthly budget, goal tracker.. Everything! I know this is a bit late, but I urge you to buy one. I think there are still Certified Positive Planners 2016 out in the market. I bought mine at National Bookstore (SM Megamall) for P565.00 only.

Certified Positive Planner 2016 Daily Interact

Price: PHP 565.00

Website: 2016 Daily Interact

Facebook: www.facebook.com/certifiedpositive

Instagram: www.instagram.com/certified_positive 


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