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People nowadays are eager to know more. Our curiosity lights up because of the fast transfer of information on social media, blogs, and whatnot. We are amazed at how this ever emerging technology affects us in our daily lives and as a typical curious human being, we want to learn more. 

But to some, this is a little impossible because of the many responsibilities in life. One of which is basically having a full time work that needs you to be physically present in the office.

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Fortunately, we now have many online sites that offer online studies/online course like AMA Online Education!

Personally, after I learned that AMA is now offering online courses, I got so excited that I hurriedly checked on their websites. I have tried some online courses before, but I felt more excited with this AMA online course!


AMA Education is the pioneer in computer education in the Philippines, and now, AMA Online Education is the very first university in the Philippines to offer full online courses/online course and programs which will definitely help you balance responsibilities.


AMA Online Courses
Screenshot from: AMA Online Website

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AMA Online Course/s Academic and Short Courses Offered


Academic Programs


Short Online Course/s

  •  XML – Based Web Application
  •  Mail and Web Services
  •  Network Security
  •  Linux Administration
  •  Digital Imaging
  •  Multimedia Communications System
  •  Multimedia Sound and Video
  •  Web Application Development using JSP and OBDC
  •  Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL
  •  Visual Graphics Design 101
  •  Illustrations 101
  •  2D/3D Animation
  •  Advance Game Development using Unity
  •  Basic Game Development using Unity
  •  3D Game Art Development
  •  2D Game Art Development
  •  Digital Photography
  •  Computer Programming 7 (SQL Server 2012)


You may check AMA Online Courses website for more information.


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