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September 2020: Goals Update & Highlights

September has been a bit quick for me.

Half of my September was spent in quarantine. Although I’m okay with it, being quarantined for one month is no joke. There are times that I just wanna break out and cry. But of course, the stronger self dominated the scene.

Here are just some of the things I did last September 2020.

September 2020 Goals Update

These are the goals that I listed on my September 2020 Goals.

1 Celebrated our first anniversary

We are not really counting months and are not particular with the date but last September, we celebrated inside the house with a samgyupsal set. Ryan also bought me a mountain bike and I bought him a nice gaming chair as well. Our lunch date was pretty simple yet memorable.

2 More self-love – Exercise, diet, and skincare

Mid last month, Ryan and I started to say goodbye to carbs, specifically rice! While Ryan’s weight significantly decreased, mine is a bit slow worker. Maybe I should add more exercise. I also tried a new skincare set with Derma Natufian brand. So far, so good!

3 Pass the driving school exam and save P10,000 for Practical Driving Course

Before September ended, I finally took the Driving School’s exam for theoretical driving course (I passed, 1 take!) and got my certificate for Student’s permit! I can now drive!

September 2020 Bucket List

These are also some of the bucket list that I wrote for September 2020.

1 Date with Ryan in a secluded place

We had two dates last September! One is in Tagaytay and the other is at the beach! Hope to post it here soon!

2 Be more creative – draw, paint, write

I think I have done this because last September 2020, I have written more! September is actually the month this 2020 wherein I wrote a lot! I also had one blog collaboration with pay. Hehe! Can’t believe I wrote 7 blogs last September. Kaya naman pala!

3 Lose 2 kgs

Because of our no rice challenge, I got 1 kilo less in my system! Haha. Small number but I am so happy already! My heaviest is 58kgs. And when we started, I was about 56.80, as I remembered correctly.

Other September 2020 Highlights

Drive Days

Ryan and I bought our Merlin (Innova) last July and we were so excited to drive — however, we got sick. So I am really happy that we get to drive near our place.

Finally COVID-19 FREE

After 1 one month of battling Covid-19, I am now fully recovered! Aside from the gratefulness of my recovery, I am happy that Mama and Evond (my nephew) weren’t infected by the virus.

Please read if you wanna know the story: I Got Positive with COVID-19. Here’s My Story.

Bike Days

We had so much fun biking! It was also the first time for me to bike in the highway. While I was really nervous plus Ryan keeps on teasing me, I am still so happy! FREEDOM!

Pia’s Thoughts

September has been filled with so much activities that I felt the month quickly just passed by! Happy still that I get to try so many new things this month. Yey!

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