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Top 5 Ways on How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

Is it really true that you can earn money online without investment?

Yes, this is 100% true — if we are talking about ‘money’ investment.

But in order for you to actually ‘EARN’, you need to invest in a lot of patience, determination, coupled with a do-it-now and can-do attitude.

While some of the many eager people out there already knew the potential of earning online, many of us are still wondering how to have their first dollar in the world of internet.

Also, you might be asking yourselves, ‘I heard we need to write very well to land in a job online.’; or, ‘I just don’t know what my skills are for this online thing.’

But, may of us are still into knowing how online work is really ‘working’.

So, we compiled some of the many online jobs that will help you in answering your — how to earn money online, how to earn money online without investments, how to earn money online without paying anything, questions’

1. Be a Freelancer and Start Making Money Online

Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. – source

If you know how to write in English, how to organize your thoughts and research on some materials and studies, maybe know and love excel, there are a lot of side gigs and even fulltime work that you can try! Just beware of scams because yes, there are many bad guys in the internet freelance world y’all.

Virtual Assistants, Digital Marketing.. these are just two of the many online jobs that are in demand right now. Note that you will not shell out money investment here, just pure perseverance, focus, and your I’m-not-giving-up attitude!

Freelancing Sites

These are just some of the freelancing sites where you can start, but there are a lot of sites out there that provides freelancing gigs.

2. Get Paid By Answering Surveys Online

There are just many online survey sites that are proven and tested already. You may want to try the below links and sign up:

3. Sell Your Old Stuff Online

All of us can sell anything online. Why? Because I am 101% sure that you have something in your house, apartment, or dorm that needs to be put to trash. But why put to trash if you can sell it online?

Personally I made a shop for preloved items which I started back in 2011. I stopped the operations but hopefully, this we will open again this year. Follow us here: Ukay Okay Shop

You can also open an account on and sell your stuff there. Yes, you can sell pre-loved items and even go ‘Live Selling’ as well.

So I suggest you start cleaning your house, or better yet, read blogs about minimalism. You’ll love it for sure!

Focus on the rooms, kitchens, and storage areas. I am very sure you will see many things that can be sold online.

4. Start a Blogger/Blogspot Account and Get Money From It through Adsense, and many other advertising gigs

Did I hear a ‘Yehey!’? 

Of course, this may sound so easy and perfect.. You imagine yourself just sitting lousily while waiting for thousands of internet users to share your blog and visit your website with 1 post only. 

But, hello? No.

This requires a lot of patience, determination, hard work, with a lot of CONSISTENCY.

Go and sign up at, know what you really want to write that people would want to read, write, write and write, and sign up on for advertisements if you have a steady number of visits already.

Again, this is not a one-night-only kind of online work. 

You may want to read this for further explanation: Make Money with Blogspot

5. Create a Youtube Channel and upload videos

One of the very interesting thing to do to make online money these days is through Youtube.

Youtube channel is actually just blogs; not written but videos instead. Once you reached a certain threshold for views and subscribers, you’ll definitely earn from a minimum of $100 or more than per month!

Pia’s Thoughts

So, there you go! We hope that we answered some of your questions on how to earn money online without investment. 

These are just some of the many opportunities you will encounter when working online. For questions, suggestions, please leave a comment below.