Why Piathought?

So I assume you are wondering why this blog is called Piathought…

pia bernaldo
Glamping at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, Batangas

Who is Piathought?

Hi! I’m Pia Bernaldo, the blogger behind this website.

I am a 20-something who hates small talks and awkward introductions, wants to more about my potentials in life, loves lists, and aim to know God more.

I am also a  lover of blogging, bullet journal, business, faith, personal development, and lately, I discover my love for traveling.

Because I love blogging so much, I made a couple of niche blogs:

I am also a contributor for Astig.ph, a web magazine that brings the hottest news and the coolest reviews to the modern Pinoy. It focuses on three main topics – Technology, Entertainment, and Lifestyle with a conscious effort to promote, preserve, and uplift the Filipino culture.

Some of my works are published as well as SisterSecrets.ph, the “Biggest Online Girl Community”, as cited by Solar TV and healthjunkie.ph, a health blogazine, and TravelBook.ph, an online hotel reservation website.


Why Piathought?

Back when I was in my high school days, I was so thin that people used to call me Piatot or Payatot. But because I don’t want my blog to sound bad (and mabantot) I thought of a more decent one.

After hours of pondering, I came to the decision of naming this blog, Piathought.

This blog serves as my platform for my thoughts same as my memory bank since I am not really great in remembering things.

Piathought covers my thoughts on random things, passions, faith, inspiration, and goals in life with the hope and positivity of inspiring my readers as well.

piathought new logo
New logo for piathought.com. Yey!

Why write?

I have been fond of writing since my highschool years but was just ‘too afraid’ to open my mind to the world. The feeling and thought of someone I knew reading my works creep me out. (Yeah, I know. Really pathetic. Ha ha.)

It was just this year 2015, when I got to realize that God has given us talents that we should express instead of hide. It was also the year when I told myself to just write even if no one reads, write even if no one notices, and finally, write because God has given me the talent and passion that I should nurture.



Let’s be friends!

Connect with me on the social media links below or shoot me an email at thoughtpia@gmail.com and let’s be friends.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/iampiathought

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Instagram: @iampiathought


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