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2018: A Year of Growth and Transitions

2018: A Year of Growth and Transitions

It’s still a day before 2018 ends and as I was rechecking this blog, I was wondering what I have been doing this year because I haven’t written here that much. Or maybe because I poured my effort on my other blog, visitmanila.ph.

But anyway, glad I have ticked some off my bucket list this 2018!

Batanes 2018
Batanes 2018

Growth and transitions

At the beginning of the year, I wrote my 2018 mantra which is ‘Growth and Transitions’. True enough, I have had a roller coaster kind of year and most of the memorable things that happened to me are ‘changes’ that pushed me to go outside my comfort zone.


  • The month of letting go – LOL! If you are one of my closest friends, you would know how I struggled with my previous relationship which led me to build my heart a barrier to anyone who shows interest in me. But this month, 3rd week of the month, to be very specific, I just realized that I have been healed already. Like I can just laugh with all those years. Crazy me! Haha! Read my story here, LOL! Go Now You are Free


  • Baguio – First time to go to Baguio on a bus and mind you, not a blogger getaway this time. Haha!
  • 27th birthday – And oh! One of my best birthdays as well. Mama and I walked at MOA’s seaside at 1AM, I guess?
  • Imus House – Started the construction of our 2nd floor. All my savings and salary went here. Haha! Worth it.
  • Rizal Technological University Talk – One of my tasks at work is to go to different school and talk about Travelbook and the referral program I handled before. I think this was my last campus tour before I resigned.


  • Got an insurance policy from Sunlife – Hello, adulting! Want to have one? Ask me how!
  • Asked my Mama to stop working – One of my goals in life!
  • Discipleship 2018 – Privileged to be part of Victory Church’s Discipleship 2018!
  • TravelBook Destination PH event – Above all my talks and events, this one was the best. I still remember how Steffi (in-charge for the event) asked me to make my talk long. So, I did impromptu contest with the audience, talk longer than my usual, haha! Really a memorable one. Parang nagho-host ako. Enjoyed it so much!
  • Takumi-san’s Birthday and Girlette’s last day at TravelBook- This one was so memorable because after the party for Takumi-san, our General Manager, we had a surprise for my intern’s last day at work. Medyo naging emotional but we ended the night with a very funny dance with the other interns! Haha!


  • My interns last day (Katrina and Danica) – Love them both! Friend Code Program will never be the same without them.
  • PCOS – Back in 2015, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I only have one ovary affected that time. However, since symptoms were I think in its peak, I decided to have it checked again. Thankful to my new Doctor at The Medical City Ortigas, I was given medication and was told of the things to do and not to do. See my 2017 PCOS journey here.
  • Mood Swings – Honestly, this was the month full of mood swings. One of the worst months this year. I just can’t control my emotions and I was always feeling down. I was also informed that the worsened mood swings because of the pills that I was taking for my PCOS.


  • Mama resigned from her job – I think more than the new house and new beginnings, this was my favorite. One of my goals in life. I just want my Mama to enjoy his life and do whatever she wants to do
  • Left Greenpark, Pasig for good – Pasig had been our home for around 6 years already and my Mama’s bosses are just so kind that they let us stay in one of their apartments for free.
  • Hello new home – I actually didn’t have that ‘naninibago’ feeling because I know that this will happen. Or maybe I am really good with changes. Haha!
  • First gala in Imus – After a couple of weeks, we started roaming around the area and because it was a Friday and there was a Food hub near Imus Cathedral, we decided to have a quick midnight snack.


  • Decided to resign from work
  • Adulting at its peak – A month after we transferred to Cavite, I was feeling a lot of adulting pressure. Mama doesn’t have work anymore so meaning to say all our expenses will be coming from me. This was the first month that I started to take budgeting really seriously and pushed myself to see the bigger picture of the things that I was doing.
  • Finalizing Iloilo vacation with Mama in July – Waited for this so long! Planned to go around Iloilo, Guimaras and Bacolod but..


  • The day before our flight to Iloilo, Mama doesn’t wanna go anymore. Yes, sad. Really. Goodbye tickets, hotel rooms. Haha!
  • Baguio with The Filipino Rambler – Allan tagged me along on his Baguio trip. We went to some tourist destinations, ate at one of the most picturesque cafe in town, went to Tree Top Adventure and reviewed the City Center Hotel Baguio. We had so much fun!
  • Sunlife Financial Advisor – Because I saw the importance of having a protection on every family, I decided to be a Sunlife Financial Advisor. We had an intensive 3 day seminar in Sunlife Makati. It was really education and fun at the same time. If you wanna know more, message me on my Facebook account.
  • Resigned from TravelBook.ph – One of the most difficult decisions I made. Though I love TravelBook until now, I can say I made the right choice.


  • Hello, Shopee Philippines – I’m back to my favorite job, acquisition! As of this date, I know I made the right decision. Many things happened mainly because of this transition.
  • Finalizing my Batanes trip – First of all, I was just so glad that my vacation leave was approved by my Manager thinking that I had just been with Shopee for like weeks! I also had so many last minute reservations and whatnot but I was so happy I pulled it through! I even made a blog about how to save for this dream vacation!
  • Sales – The month I realized again that I was really for Sales and Acquisition. Love my job! Starting to love Shopee as well. Hehe!


  • Solo travel in BATANES – Can’t believe that this childhood dream came true – plus my first solo travel! My 9 days and 8 nights are all worth it.
  • Tagaytay with the Titas – My Aunts from Masbate went here in Manila for a vacation. I was excited because this is the first time that they decided to travel together. They went to Tagaytay and roamed around Manila and Alabang.
  • First big event with Shopee (9.9)
  • Surprised Mama with our new Smart TV


  • First Halloween wtih Shopee – Brought my niece!
  • First lunch out with Acquisition newbies
  • Weekend at Oasis Tanza Resort with family



Wow! Never thought I have done these all this year! Will still update this in a while though. Haha!

Cheers to a happier 2019! Praying for more wisdom, good health, and more travels!

How about you? How’s your 2018? Share in the comment section below!



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