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2019 Mid-Year Goals + January to June Life Review

I think you will all agree that time really runs so fast. I was like celebrating the new year in our new home and now, it’s already July? Really, that fast?

Anyway, it’s time for another 2019 6-month review and mid-year goal setting.

I am honestly not a consistent person and I tend to forget what my goals are that’s why I am writing in this blog. I also keep a bullet journal that I am checking from time to time to make sure I keep track of my goals and bucket list in life.

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  • January
    • I was on low carb diet last January (I started last November 2018! Grabe no. I didn’t eat rice last December!) And I never thought I would surpass three months (from November to January) eating nothing but fats and proteins (and little carbs of course).
    • One of my goals last January 2019 was to consistently hit my 100% target at work. And up until June 2019, I didn’t get a below 100% hit. Congratulations, Pia! Keep it up self. LOL. This is nothing really for me but I was just happy that ever since I started working in Shopee, I have consistently hit and even go over the target every month. Yey! Thankful for my Manager and workmates for maintaining a very light and happy environment. I think this is the only thing that I am consistent with this year. Haha!
  • February
    • Because this is my birthday month, I traveled to Baguio for 5 days! I love that Baguio has been my go-to place whenever I feel sad and down. Its cool climate, lovely restaurants, and cafes, and Camp John Hay, of course, make me always wanna go back to Baguio.
  • March
    • March hasn’t been good to me but a lot of lessons in life happened this month.
    • One good thing that happened though was I had a two-day real estate training because I wanna be a Property Specialist!
    • I was also coded as a Financial Advisor in Sunlife last March. If you wanna know more about Financial Planning, let me know in the comment section below or send an email to or so we can schedule a free training.
    • Also, one of my highlights this month was — Evond, my nephew from my cousin, stayed with us for two weeks! Our house brightened because of this little boy’s wit and.. tantrums. Haha.
    • Went to Corregidor with blogger friends. Never thought that it was one of the best of out of town ever since I started blogging.
  • April
    • April was a busy month for me as well. Had so many ups and downs but still thankful I was able to go through the month’s challenges.
    • Was invited to roam around Bataan too! Love that Corregidor and Bataan trips made me know more about our Philippine history!
    • Went to Nayomi, my favorite place, for Mama’s birthday celebration
    • Opened a Sunlife VUL for Mama
  • May
    • Was invited by the Department of Tourism CALABARZON for a food crawl! We toured around Region IV-A with travel bloggers and knew more about the CALABARZON through their cuisines!
    • Went to Camayan Resort in Bataan and it was quite an adventure with waves and pukes everywhere. LOL
  • June
    • Went to a peaceful staycation at Las Ventanas Tagaytay. If you want peace and serenity, you definitely need to check this out.
    • Had a very memorable Shopee Sales Team Building. Haha!

2019 Mid-Year Goals

  • Family/Relationships
    • Treat Mama to a relaxing staycation every month – more time for family.
    • Complete house renovation
  • Career (Shopee)
    • Maintain the 100% hit for Shopee Sales quota until December 2019
    • No lates until December 2019
  • Career (Sidelines)
    • Blog – Increase number of monthly blog posts
    • Financial Advisor (Sunlife) – help at least 20 families to be secured this year
    • Property Specialist – process real estate license for property specialist
  • Finances/Investments
    • Open PAG IBIG MP2 Savings Program
    • Start long term stocks investment
    • Increase Emergency Fund to P100,000 this year
    • Get a St. Peters plan
    • Invest in FarmOn
    • Buy 1 small property (farm/land)
  • Personal Development
    • Read one blog a day about personal growth
    • Read one blog a day about blogging – Neil Patel website‘s my favorite!
    • Learn how to self-care
    • Go back to bullet journaling and devotion every day

Pia’s Thoughts

It’s good to keep track of the things that you want to do for the rest of the year. But everything will be a waste if we don’t take actions for whatever we want to achieve. How about you? Have you thought about your mid-year goals?

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