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4 Steps To Take When Overwhelmed with Life

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what tasks you should do first? Like everything is in moving so fast that you can’t keep up? Like you, I am usually overwhelmed with the uncertainties in life ~ especially right now that pandemic is still not over.

Work deadlines..

Passion Projects hunting you already..

House needs total clean up..

COVID-19 is waiving everywhere..

So on and so forth.

And new things to do are still piling up your life.

I have been like these oftentimes but I would just keep ignoring it till it fades away, or I would just think that Aunt Flo is coming to town already. But one thing is for sure, we need to acknowledge these emotions, know the triggers, and know how to address those.

Okay! So this is another personal post of mine that I know no one reads about. Haha! But if you are reading this thank you so much for taking the time. And if you got here because of Mr. Google, meaning to say, friend, we are feeling somewhat the same right now. Let’s try to acknowledge that first.

It has been a week or so that I am feeling a little edgy and emotional.

I thought it was just because of the hormones, you know, girls with PCOS have imbalanced hormones. I think this is one, but other reasons were — I am indeed overwhelmed with tasks, responsibilities, and changes that happened to me recently.

Here’s What to Do When Overwhelmed with Life

I pause. Literally pause in doing things when I feel overwhelmed because I just can’t. Haha! So I made myself some steps to take when I feel overwhelmed. Love that I recently knew how to mind map the things I wanna say/do.

First Step – The ‘Feel It’ Stage

Alright, I just made the stages, okay.. As mentioned, this is just me, I just wanna process my thoughts so if you’re here and you also wanna do this, great! let’s do this together.

  1. I blame the hormones – Of course! Hello, hormones, why imbalance? Hello, Aunt Flo, can you just like go out there already if you’re gonna go out? LOL.
  2. I get sad — really sad. – Just so thankful that I have a very, very patient and loving fiance. Sad for various petty reasons, that made me really messy — inside and out. Kaya we really need to choose someone who’ll accept us during our worst and best. Although sometimes I feel that he is really just being patient ~~ Haha! But of course, it shouldn’t be like this all the time. I make sure that I shower him with love and assurance as well.
  3. I feel the emotion, that overwhelming feeling – And cry. Yes, I have to release it. It’s like actually moving on which has various steps that you need to go through.

So be overwhelmed if you must, cry if you want, blame everything — yourself, shout.. but do these with the thought that you will need to stand up again and pick yourself up. Okay?!

Second Step – The ‘Wake Up’ Stage

Of course, after some time you will also get tired of all the dramas and whatnots. So once you feeling like i-must-get-up-and-fix-myself! Congratulations, you’re done with the first stage. But! Of course, it will still be a lurker. Guard your thoughts.

  1. I confess to a close friend – This can be my best friend Angelic or my fiance, but anyone whom I know will listen to me and would not snap on my face. Here, I just tell her/him the things that are making me upset. I just opened my heart and mouth not thinking what he/she will say or feel. And it’s heaven. If you have these persons in your life, please, take care of them.
  2. I gather my thoughts – After I breathe out all the things that I need to release, I would sit in front of may laptop, or sometimes get a pen and my bullet journal and list down the things that are stressing me out up until the cute ones like putting out the trash bin. I also write anything on this site, or on my secret blog if it’s too personal, and most of the time, reading your bucket list (not your goals) will help you back on track.

    What to do:
    • Make a stress list – list the things that stress you out
    • Make a blog – anything that will clear your mind
    • Read your bucket list – this puts me back on track

Third Step – The ‘Sweat it out’ Stage

Okay, you’re already done with the second stage. You feel so excited to get back on track again like you used to! But! Wait, it’s okay if you go back to the first stage from time to time.

But since you are more aware of your situation, you can already snap the thought out and push for the third stage which is what I can the ‘Sweat it out’ stage. but if you still go back to stage one time and time again, it’s okay. Don’t rush. Just know where you are going.

So the ‘Sweat it Out’ Stage is your ‘Action’ stage. Basically you will now go to the battlefield — between what you have to do and your emotions. You can do this!

  1. Pray – Usually in this stage, I pray and listen to worship songs. It soothes me and gives me a clear mind.
  2. Focus on your ‘Stress List’ – Remember the Stress List that you made on stage two when you were gathering your thoughts? Here, sorry to say but you need to face them again. Huhu! But you can do it!

    Tips to get your ‘Stress List’ Done
    • Write your Stress List on near your study table/work table – This will help you see your stress list and will stress you even more! Haha! Kidding aside, this will help you to be reminded of the list that you need to overcome for you not to be stressed. Okay?
    • Once you have written all your stress list, categorize them base on your stress level. Personally, I put level 1-10, Level 10 being the highest. something like that.
    • Begin with the Level 10 – I know it’s so hard! I mean, ‘The one thing that I have been dreading to do for the past weeks or months, gagawin ko na? Ayaw!!’ Same, same. usually, ganyan ako! Haha! It will take a lot of courage but, we can do this.
  3. Clean up, Glow up‘Aayusin ko pa nga ang Stress List ko tapos paglilinisin mo ako?!‘ -I know I’ll hear you say this but yes! I encourage your to clean your room, maybe fix your study table just so while doing your stress list, you’ll be stress-free with your surrounding and will feel great and a little better.

Fourth Step – The ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Stage

Personally, I celebrate for each ticked stress list item that I was able to do. Yes! Of course it took me a lot of courage, sometimes cries, to really do what needs to be done so I need to celebrate!

  1. List the little things that makes you happy and award yourself with those after each success, big or small 
  2. Really celebrate! Be intentional of the celebrations that you will do, like really feel that you are happy that finally — you’re done with that one item on your stress list!
  3. Thank God of the everyday blessings that you are encountering each day.

Next Steps

  1. Do the ‘Five Minute Journal’

    Will be starting this ‘Five Minute Journal’ starting this August 1, 2020. There’s a notebook for this but I prefer to use Evernote. Basically the five minute journal is your morning and evening journal of your blessings each day. Here’s the template.
    • Morning Routine
      • I am grateful for…
      • What would make today great?
      • Daily affirmations
    • Evening Routine
      • 3 amazing things that happened today
      • How could I have made today even better?
  2. Get physical

    If there’s one thing I wish I can do consistently that is to exercise even for 10 minutes! But of course, let’s keep reminding ourselves on this.
  3. Pray everyday

    It’s so nice to share our daily lives to the One who makes everything possible. Let’s pray every day.

Pia’s Thoughts

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the things that life brings but let’s try to look for the beauty from the good and bad.

Happy that I get to share just some of the things that I usually do when I am getting overwhelmed with everything. Note that this is a personal post. It may or may not work for you.

I also suggest you go through my friend’s blog, Super love her blogs about systems and personal development.

How about you? What do you usually do when feeling overwhelmed?

We’d love to hear from you!

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