ALC Micro-Group | First Christmas Get-Together

I have already accepted the fact that people just come and go in our lives. And there’s nothing to be really sad about it because that’s just how it goes. If they stay, they will stay, but if they will not, that just OK.

But, ALC, the 2nd workshop of OCCI’s trilogy, reminded me that we need to care deeply. To care even if it hurts and to build relationships in this world.

If you wanna know more about what is ALC and how it helped me, please see blog here.

ALC Micro-group

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ALC Micro-Group

It was November 2018 when I got the chance to enter the worlds of these people who now I can consider my soulmates. These guys are the people whom I have shared my crazy stories, my deepest darkest secrets and still supported me in every way.

Also, I am just so glad because I feel like we really have some things in common.

  • We’re not that comfortable with small talks
    • These guys are my tribe. We can talk non-stop for hours and mind you, these are not the usual topics that occur in an ordinary day. I love how we talk about anything under the sun and still are genuinely interested in every topic that one is discussing. Love learning with and from them!
  • We love to tell stories!
    • Yes, it doesn’t mean that because we are introverts we are the types that don’t really talk that much. We actually love to talk about many things! But of course, sometimes, we need need to take a break or two. Hehe.
  • We genuinely care for each other
    • Even after the workshop, these guys have been super supportive and caring. From time to time we check on each other and we promise to meet every once in a while as well. Love this bunch!

Who would have thought that we have been talking for like 5 hours already non-stop? Haha! Really looking forward to another date night with this bunch!

Just wanna thank OCCI because if they didn’t have these workshops, we’ll never find each other.

If you wanna know more about the workshops I am talking about, you may check my blog post here.

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