If you are looking for hassle-free and worry-free tours in Batanes, one of the best options is to look for the best Batanes tour provider with the best tour package.

You can choose the cheapest option which is the DIY or Do-it-Yourself but getting a highly-skilled tour provider well lessen your worries away and will provide you with a relaxing, happy, and educational tours in Batanes.

There are a number of Batanes tour packages and service providers in town but one of the best Batanes tour providers is the top-rated Amazing Batanes Tours, offering special and affordable tour packages.

Amazing Batanes Tours Important Details

Why book your Batanes tour packages with Amazing Batanes Tours?

Wanna know if Amazing Batanes Tours is really amazing? Let’s find out in the list below.

1. They will really show you how Amazing Batanes is.

Of course, Batanes is already amazing as it is but Amazing Batanes Tours will show you the best of the bests of Batanes.

Sunset viewing? They got you! Sunrise? Of course! Best restaurants serving authentic Batanes cuisines? Yes, they got everything for you!

2. They’ve got the best tour guides and kind Managers

We have met one of the owners of Amazing Batanes Tours (Tita Lidia) and we saw how meticulous she is in one of their businesses, the Hiro Joy Canteen in Batanes.

We had some chitchats in some of our dinner nights at Hiro’s Cafe and I was in awe when she talked about how meticulous she is in choosing the right meat, the right ingredients, and the right recipes.

No wonder Amazing Batanes Tours got the best of the best tour guides in town!

And when I got to know Kuya James, our tour guide in South and North Batan in Batanes, I knew that we will definitely have a great time in Batanes.

Kuya James was introduced by Tita Lidia on our first day and we learned so many things about Batanes already and how we are going to maximize our time in Batanes.

3. Perfect Batanes tour provider for solo, couple, and family

If you are traveling with your family together with oldies and kids, I highly recommend Amazing Batanes Tours as they are true to their word of making the best of your Batanes trip.

They have an Ivatan tricycle and vans — whichever that will best suit your needs.

If you are going solo or as a couple, I suggest you choose the Ivatan tricycle as you will really feel and enjoy the fresh air on your face and the wind blowing your hair.

But, if you are traveling with the oldies and kids, might as well choose the van tour. This will definitely give you a more relaxing tour especially for the Lolo’s and Lola’s.

5. They have a Lighthouse candlelight dinner package

If you are celebrating life milestones, why not celebrate it in a very special way — like a candlelight dinner by the Batanes lighthouse overlooking the pacific ocean while waiting for the sun to set? Isn’t it romantic?

Not just that! You will also be serenaded by Ivatan choir as you enjoy your sumptuous Ivatan dinner.

TIP: Book early as this package sells out fast!

6. The price is right!

If you will ask me, the services that the Amazing Batanes Tours provided were more than what we paid for.

Of course, you can save if you’ll do DIY but I have tried it already and I can say that our experience is much more memorable than my first!

We also heard the news that starting this October 2019, Batanes will not allow DIY anymore and will require getting a package from a legitimate tour provider since the government wants to lessen the number of accidents in Batanes. This is not yet verified, we’ll give you updates as soon as we have one already.

Amazing Batanes Tours has different Batanes tour packages depending on your needs. You may check their packages here.

Is Amazing Batanes Tours worth it?

Amazing Batanes Tours promises to provide every single guest an amazing, hassle-free, and an unforgettable Batanes experience with budget-friendly pricing and delicious Ivatan food.

And yes, getting a Batanes tour packages with Amazing Batanes Tours is worth your time and money.

How to book with Amazing Batanes Tours?

There are a number of booking options for Amazing Batanes. Please see below list:

  1. Book online at amazingbatanes.com
  2. Message them on Facebook at facebook.com/amazingbatanes.
  3. Send an email at book@amazingbatanestours.com
  4. Call them at SMART 0920 217 9031 & GLOBE 0927 387 8172

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