13 Unforgettable Birthday Ideas

Your birthday is the most significant day of your life which is definitely to be celebrated — be it alone or with people that we love the most!

Days or even weeks before our birthday, some, if not all of us, feel a little emotional and a bit down. Not sure why.. Maybe because we are hitting another year older, or perhaps, you are looking at your previous years and goals and you feel like you didn’t level up?

While these are valid feelings, know that the fact that you hit another year in your life means that you are doing a good job and there are days ahead of you to do what you really want and be happy!

In this blog, we listed some of the unforgettable birthday ideas to help you in planning and creating a remarkable day.


  1. Hit the beach

    Perfect for every occasion, traveling to a beach will always be a perfect idea! The calmness of the water, gentle splash of the waves, simple by-the-beach dinner, or even a beach party are some of the things that you want to consider.

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  2. Camping trip

    If you love nature, camping, may it be on a beach or in the mountains, is surely one of the best ways to enjoy your birthday.

    Never forget to bring good friends, music, and hotdogs for your bonfire night! At night, you can also try to set a mini-program with games. Simple, yet you will surely enjoy your birthday.
  3. Bonfire at night

    May you just have a simple birthday with all your loved ones with you to celebrate it. Why not end your day with a bonfire, and maybe grab hotdogs and barbeque?
  4. Go to the nearest amusement park

    If you are wanting to go to an amusement park ever since, this is the best treat that you can give to yourself! So go ahead, book a ticket and explore the amusement park near you.
  5. Climbs a mountain

    I actually did this for my 28th birthday and it was super fun! Much better if you tag along with a friend. You can also join group hikes so you can meet new people.

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  6. Reconnect with old friends and lost contact family members

    Each one of us is growing old and we oftentimes forget people along the way unintentionally or intentionally. If you have a relative or a family member, even a then-close friend that you wish to forgive, to thank for, and to reconnect, this will be the perfect give to yourself.

    List down the people close to your heart then that you wanna reconnect with.
  7. Staycation alone or with friends

    Here in the Philippines, staycations are actually one of our go-to birthday party ideas! If you are from Metro Manila, the best staycation places are in Tagaytay City because of its cool climate and overlooking view of the Taal Volcano. You may also just try to look for hotels in Metro Manila cities like here in Quezon City, Paranaque City, and many more!

    You can now go to pretty places without going to far places!

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  8. How about a food crawl

    I am pretty sure there’s a number of restaurants or cuisines that you want to try recently, right? Why not list them all together, tag along your Mother for a date or your hubby and close friends. That will surely be fun!

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  9. Visit a Home for the Aged/Boys Town

    You may also want to celebrate your birthday with grandmoms and grandpas in a Home of the Aged or Boys town. Some of my friends are doing this every single year on their birthday. They usually create the program, bring a lot of food, and present to kids and the elderly.
  10. Why not go on a Picnic?

    If you are a little busy and don’t really wanna go out in faraway places, but still wanna celebrate your birthday outside, you may try to check the nearest, and cleanest parks in your area. Packing sandwiches, barbeques, hotdogs, for a simple celebration with special people in your life is one of the most amazing things to do during your birthday.
  11. Paint and Sip Party

    Do you want to do something new that you have never tried before or wanting to try again? You can go for a Paint and Sip party! While there are some restaurants that are offering paint and sip party, you may also try to DIY this. Buy sets of painting materials, maybe look for sample paintings on Pinterest, buy your favorite wine, and just enjoy painting,
  12. Plan a Street party with neighbors

    Are you close with your neighbors? Why not try to have a street party! Maybe prepare a boodle fight with all your favorite food. Don’t forget to create a program! Surely be fun!
  13. Stay at home and recheck goals in life

If you want to celebrate your birthday alone, you may just stay at home, and be cozy on your bed while thinking about your life in a bigger picture.

This is also the perfect time to recheck your goals, edit some, and add another according to what you want in life in the next years.

I also suggest you make a bucket list of the things that you want to do in the net year. Go to your most favorite place? Try a new hobby? Earn on the side? Write as many as you want.. The things that make you feel most alive.

Pia’s Thoughts

Birthdays are one of the most exciting dates in our lives. Imagine, you hit another year in your life.

Another year to live life to the fullest.

Another year to celebrate life with the people you love the most.

Another year to explore the world, another year to hit those in your bucket list!

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