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    December 2020 Goals


    Happy first day of December! Can’t believe it is actually the last month of the year already.

    In general, I think I can say that we had an unbelievably rough 2020. COVID-19, quarantines, economy went down, loss of loved ones, and many more.

    But still, I am grateful that there were a couple of silver linings this year that I personally encountered – new found skills brought about the pandemic, accidentally found our ‘Tummy’ along the road, work-from-home, two months stay in the province, and many other things to mention.

    Above all, this is the month that I’ll be marrying the love of my life who came unexpectedly last year. Hihi.

    Trying to stick with my goals starting July 2020 and I am happy to say that I am on track despite the late postings. Hehe.

    2020 Faith Goals

    So enough with the introduction, here are my December 2020 Goals.

    Personal Goals

    1. Complete Ecommerce and FB Ads Training

    2. Social Media Marketing Training

    3. Dye hair..again

    4. Loss 2 kilos

    Side Hustle Goals

    1. 5 Blogs for Piathought and Visit Manila

    2. Marketing plan for TBC

    3. Complete Alltreats website

    Relationship Goals

    1.. Get married this month!

    2. Celebration with family in Manila

    3. Gala with Bai and Ericka

    Bucket List

    1.. Camping by the beach

    2. Bonfire in a cold place with s’mores and hotdogs

    Pia’s Thoughts

    This is the last month of the year and I promise to bid 2020 with smile and laughter with people close to my heart. Still, I wanna thank God for giving me chances to see this world in a new light.

    A chance to grow

    A chance to mend whatever that is broken

    A chance to learn to be happier

    A chance to be more mindful and to practice self-awareness

    A chance to know what God has still in store for me in this world.

    Happy December 2020, everyone! Let’s congratulate ourselves for making it this far. Hopefully, there will be vaccine already in the next months and that we can live like it used to be in this world.

    October 2020 Highlights – Best month so far!


    Hi everyone! It was just the other day when the wifi connection here in the province was fixed because of Bagyong Ulysses. I tried to write in Agro Sports Complex in Daet, Camarines Norte where it has been our ‘second office’ (LOL), but nah, I haven’t written anything this month other than my November 2020 goals.

    So, here are just some updates for my October 2020!


    • Travel safely to Camarines Norte – This is the very first time and Ryan and I went home to Camarines Norte with our Merlin (our secondhand Innova), which means this is our first time to try long drive! I am so happy to say that I drove from SLEX to Quezon! Then Atimonan to Lucena. But then, we couldn’t pass Lucena because it rained so hard the night before, and the flood is just so high even big trucks can’t pass. Good thing we found another route but took us around 21 hours in total to get home! Plus, it was really an adventure because there’s a part where we passed by the shore! As in we drove in the sand! Grabe. And then, we passed by the forests of Quezon. We always thought it’s the ‘Wrong way’. Haha! But still, thank God for keeping us safe allthrough out our journey!
    • Celebrate Ryan’s birthday – We had a simple celebration, we bought samgyupsal and ate our heart out. hehe! We also went to Rizal to celebrate Kuya Boboy and Ryan’s birthday together with Bibi (Ryan’s sister) and Richard (Bibi’s partner).
    • Fix our Financial Spreadsheet – Good thing we are now on track again!
    • Ryan to get his driver’s license – Ryan got his driver’s license! Finally!
    • Pia to finish Practical Driving Course – Yes! So happy to say that I finished my driving course with flying colors. LOL.
    • Pia to get her Student Driving Permit – Finally! I can drive peacefully. Hahaha!
    • Save an additional P30,000 for our Emergency Funds – Saved 15,000 pesos instead this month. Not bad!
    • Lose another 2 kilos – The opposite happened. We were in quarantine for two weeks here in the province and we don’t have a choice (we had pala lol) but to eat a lot, plus rice! So, the 2 kilos I lost in Cavite for 1 month, went back for only two weeks. Sad!


    • Validation Strategy for Sunlife – Sadly, I wasn’t able to follow this.
    • 5 blogs on Visit Manila – and this.
    • P30,000 profit for Alltreats – and this.. because we went home to the province.


    • Breakfast/s with Mama – had a few breakfasts with Mama!
    • Gala with Diones sibs – went to a farm in Bars, Rizal with t
    • Cook more for Ryan – Yes! Cooked vegetable dishes more this month before going home to the province.

    BUCKET LIST – Results

    • Camping at the beach – We didn’t camp at the beach but we camped in the mountain!
    • Try driving in EDSA (LOL) – Can’t believe I did this! Yes!

    Pia’s Thoughts

    I can say that I had a very fruitful October 2020!

    November 2020 Goals


    I know it’s November 29 already and I only have until tomorrow to post this! Haha. But still, better late than never as I promised myself to keep track of the goals I wanna achieve every month.

    My November ’20 goals, which were also written on my Trello account, are actually just very straightforward and simple as I want to take slow on things and enjoy our life here in Camarines Norte.

    November 2020 Goals

    1. File Marriage Certificate
    2. Visit 3 Municipalities in Camarines Norte
    3. Make a life project tracker

    If you are a constant reader (hello, friend! Let me know if you are reading this. hehe), you would know that I wanna keep track of my life as a whole. I wanna write everything down as much as possible because I am one forgetful lady. Haha! Praying for more consistency in this part though.

    That’s it my loves! Below are my 2020 goals per month and my highlights since July ’20. How about you? How do you keep track of your goals and memories?

    2020 Faith Goals

    October 2020 Goals


    I know I am 14 days late in posting my October Goals but still, better late than never!

    Can’t believe we are now down to the last three months of 2020. There are so many ups and downs this year but still thankful because our family is safe and healthy — which is the main goal this year.

    This July, I try to write here the goals I wanna achieve per month and what happened to those goals. In case you wanna see my blogs, here is it:

    2020 Faith Goals

    Praying to continue this monthly goals and highlights. Wish me luck! Hehe.



    • Travel safely to Camarines Norte
    • Celebrate Ryan’s birthday
    • Fix our Financial Spreadsheet
    • Ryan to get his driver’s license
    • Pia to finish Practical Driving Course
    • Pia to get her Student Driving Permit
    • Save an additional P30,000 for our Emergency Funds
    • Lose another 2 kilos


    • Validation Strategy for Sunlife
    • 5 blogs on Visit Manila
    • P30,000 profit for Alltreats


    • Breakfast/s with Mama
    • Gala with Diones sibs
    • Cook more for Ryan


    • Camping at the beach
    • Try driving in EDSA (LOL)

    Pia’s Thoughts

    After months of writing my goals and bucket lists, I feel like I am somehow managing my year. But of course there are goals that we nee to bid goodbye to and there are goals that we need to focus on.

    Let’s go, October!

    September 2020: Goals Update & Highlights


    September has been a bit quick for me.

    Half of my September was spent in quarantine. Although I’m okay with it, being quarantined for one month is no joke. There are times that I just wanna break out and cry. But of course, the stronger self dominated the scene.

    Here are just some of the things I did last September 2020.

    September 2020 Goals Update

    These are the goals that I listed on my September 2020 Goals.

    1 Celebrated our first anniversary

    We are not really counting months and are not particular with the date but last September, we celebrated inside the house with a samgyupsal set. Ryan also bought me a mountain bike and I bought him a nice gaming chair as well. Our lunch date was pretty simple yet memorable.

    2 More self-love – Exercise, diet, and skincare

    Mid last month, Ryan and I started to say goodbye to carbs, specifically rice! While Ryan’s weight significantly decreased, mine is a bit slow worker. Maybe I should add more exercise. I also tried a new skincare set with Derma Natufian brand. So far, so good!

    3 Pass the driving school exam and save P10,000 for Practical Driving Course

    Before September ended, I finally took the Driving School’s exam for theoretical driving course (I passed, 1 take!) and got my certificate for Student’s permit! I can now drive!

    September 2020 Bucket List

    These are also some of the bucket list that I wrote for September 2020.

    1 Date with Ryan in a secluded place

    We had two dates last September! One is in Tagaytay and the other is at the beach! Hope to post it here soon!

    2 Be more creative – draw, paint, write

    I think I have done this because last September 2020, I have written more! September is actually the month this 2020 wherein I wrote a lot! I also had one blog collaboration with pay. Hehe! Can’t believe I wrote 7 blogs last September. Kaya naman pala!

    3 Lose 2 kgs

    Because of our no rice challenge, I got 1 kilo less in my system! Haha. Small number but I am so happy already! My heaviest is 58kgs. And when we started, I was about 56.80, as I remembered correctly.

    Other September 2020 Highlights

    Drive Days

    Ryan and I bought our Merlin (Innova) last July and we were so excited to drive — however, we got sick. So I am really happy that we get to drive near our place.

    Finally COVID-19 FREE

    After 1 one month of battling Covid-19, I am now fully recovered! Aside from the gratefulness of my recovery, I am happy that Mama and Evond (my nephew) weren’t infected by the virus.

    Please read if you wanna know the story: I Got Positive with COVID-19. Here’s My Story.

    Bike Days

    We had so much fun biking! It was also the first time for me to bike in the highway. While I was really nervous plus Ryan keeps on teasing me, I am still so happy! FREEDOM!

    Pia’s Thoughts

    September has been filled with so much activities that I felt the month quickly just passed by! Happy still that I get to try so many new things this month. Yey!

    To The One I Love


    I have difficulties in putting my thoughts to words simply because you will always be more than the wonderful words I could ever write.

    Love, I would like to thank you for our fruitful first year.

    Guess it’s really a fruitful one if both are ready for the relationship.

    But for me, I would like to thank you more for handling ‘us’ carefully and at the same time, joyfully. (kahit lagi mo akong kinukulit at iniinis.)

    Thank you for waking me up every morning with kisses and hugs — even if this annoys me at all times because I still wanna sleep.

    Thank you for making up to me whenever you feel that I am tired of all the chores already. Your simple way of washing the dishes or cooking lunch really makes my heart burst with gratefulness.

    In times of misunderstandings, thank you for your hugs which clearly reminds me always that it’s not about the you versus me. It’s about the problem versus us.

    Thank you for your wide perspective in life and for being open-minded with things I cannot fully understand.

    You are my stopper.

    My guide when I am getting pissed with small things, and my reminder to let go of the things I can’t control.

    Thank you too for protecting me to anyone, anyone who hurts me, or would wanna hurt me. I saw this with my naked eyes and ears of how your love protects me. For that, thank you, my love.

    Love, thank you that for the first time in my life, I feel that finally, finally someone came along who is more than willing to love me for who I am and what I can do.

    Thank you because since I met you, I learned to love myself more, forgive myself more, be gentle with my self more, and be the best version of myself more to love you and the people around me even more.

    This blog will never be enough to tell the world how I love to love you.

    Really, thank you for coming to my life.

    I am excited for the days to come with you by my side. Thank you for all the everyday laughter, for all the hugs, and for all our jumps whenever something exciting is coming — from grab food delivery to our Merlin and to many other things and achievements.

    I love you.

    How to Get a CENOMAR in the Philippines

    how to get CENOMAR

    Glad to see you here, dear! First, congratulations! I am assuming you are already engaged and you are now getting married! May it be a Civil Wedding or a church wedding, one of the requirements to get married here in the Philippines is to have a CENOMAR, or the Certificate of No Marriage.

    So, if you are asking:

    How can I get a CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage in the Philippines?

    What is the purpose of CENOMAR?

    How much is CENOMAR in Philippines?

    Can I get the CENOMAR of my boyfriend/girlfriend?

    How can I get CENOMAR 2020 Online Philippines?

    I thought getting a CENOMAR is a hassle but surprisingly, it’s pretty simple!

    Ryan, my fiance, and I are preparing for our mich-awaited wedding this December 2020 when the pandemic happened.

    Sad because we are 100% ready. We have the budget, a team of wedding planners that we are excited to work with, and our minds are set up already that finally, finally, this will be our year.

    But, the pandemic happened so we had a shift in plans.


    Before I get to the main point, I just want to let you know that this is part of our series: THE BUDGETARIAN COUPLE WEDDING: A SERIES ON HOW TO BUDGET AND GET MARRIED IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    Hope you can read our The Budgetarian Couple blogs. Hehe.

    Here, we document our step-by-step process on how to get married here in the Philippines. I hope this WEDDING SERIES will help you and your fiance!

    You can also follow us on our social media page at Piathought or watch our vlogs on Piathought TV.


    As the name suggests, a Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) is simply a document that shows that a person doesn’t have any contract of any marriage. CENOMAR is also called a ‘Certificate of No Record of Marriage’ or ‘Certificate of Singleness’.

    In legal definitions for interpersonal status, a single person is someone who has never been married. A person who was previously married and was divorced or widowed is usually considered an “unmarried” person. If a marriage is annulled, however, or it is found to have been void ab initio (i.e. not valid in law to start with), and assuming the person was not married previously, that individual is single, rather than unmarried. – PSA


    As mentioned above, getting a CENOMAR is pretty simple. You actually have two options here.

    1. Get to the nearest PSA SERBILIS/BUSINESS CENTERS
    2. Go to PSA Serbilis website and have your CENOMAR delivered

    Yup! Pretty simple but because of the pandemic, I highly suggest you use the second option. Less contact, less hassle.


    The CENOMAR costs varied if you are getting via online or if you’ll walk to PSA Serbilis or SM Business Centers.

    • Online Via PSA Serbilis – 430 pesos per copy, inclusive of the delivery fee.

      If you want to receive your CENOMAR via door-to-door delivery, I highly suggest you do it via online. The website says to wait for three weeks but in our experience, we got ours 4 days after payment.
    • Personal Via Serbilis Outlets – 210 pesos per copy

      If you are in a rush and you wanna get the CENOMAR as fast as possible, I suggest you go directly to the Serbilis outlets. Usually, they’ll release in 4 working days.


    In order to facilitate issuance of Certificate of No Marriage, there are a couple of pieces of information that are needed in having one.

    CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

    1. Complete name of the person
    2. Complete name of the father
    3. Complete maiden name of the mother
    4. Date of birth
    5. Place of birth
    6. Complete name and address of the requesting party
    7. Number of copies needed
    8. Purpose of the certification


    If you wanna get a CENOMAR personally because maybe there’s a PSA Serbilis/Business Center near your place or maybe because you wanna get married as soon as possible and you can’t wait already on PSA Serbilis Delivery.

    Step 1: Check out PSA Serbilis website and PSA website  for some details.
    Step 2: Download the CENOMAR APPLICATION FORM found on PSA Serbilis Website

    Step 3: Accomplish and print the CENOMAR form

    Step 4: Go to the nearest PSA Serbilis Office or SM Business Centers, pay the fees
    – Cenomar – P210
    – Service Fee – P25
    TOTAL – P235
    Step 5: The staff will give you the receipt and claim stub which will be used in the claiming of your CENOMAR.

    Step 6: Go back to PSA SERBILIS OFFICE/ SM BUSINESS CENTER on the designated date. Make sure to bring a valid ID or an authorization letter with signature and valid ID if you are not the owner.


    Personally, I really wanna go directly to the PSA Serbilis office and get the CENOMAR ourselves because as per the PSA lady staff who I talked to via phone, the CENOMAR will take about 3 weeks if we opt to have it delivered.

    But, we want more hassle free experience and we can actually wait for the documents so we opted to use the online PSA Serbilis.

    1. Go to PSA Serbilis Website (
    2. Hover to ‘Request’ and Click ‘Online Application
    3. Click ‘Click here to request now’
    4. Read the Terms and Conditions and Click ‘I Accept’
    5. Fill out the Application Form completely and click ‘Next’
    6. Review the details & Click ‘Confirm’
    7. Click ‘Cenomar’ in the choices
    8. Fill out Request Form for CENOMAR and Click ‘Save’ – Don’t forget to choose ‘Others’ in the ‘Purpose’ & Type in Marriage/Wedding
    9. Recheck details and Click ‘Confirm’ and Click Submit
    10. Now you are ready to pay! In our case, we paid via BDO online banking. Smooth transaction!
    11. Check your email for the ‘tracking number’
    12. Go to and check from time to time if the status has changed already
    13. Wait for 3 weeks if you are from Luzon and 4 weeks if you are from Mindanao. But in our case, we paid September 15, 2020 and the CENOMAR arrived after 4 days! Yes, super bilis!

    Pia’s Thoughts

    I really thought our CENOMAR will arrive after three weeks and we were so happy we just got is after a couple of days. I am not sure though if you are residing in Visayas and Mindanao.

    But still, great job, PSA Serbilis!

    Cafe Lupe Antipolo Hostel Review


    13 Unforgettable Birthday Ideas


    Your birthday is the most significant day of your life which is definitely to be celebrated — be it alone or with people that we love the most!

    Days or even weeks before our birthday, some, if not all of us, feel a little emotional and a bit down. Not sure why.. Maybe because we are hitting another year older, or perhaps, you are looking at your previous years and goals and you feel like you didn’t level up?

    While these are valid feelings, know that the fact that you hit another year in your life means that you are doing a good job and there are days ahead of you to do what you really want and be happy!

    In this blog, we listed some of the unforgettable birthday ideas to help you in planning and creating a remarkable day.


    birthday ideas
    1. Hit the beach

      Perfect for every occasion, traveling to a beach will always be a perfect idea! The calmness of the water, gentle splash of the waves, simple by-the-beach dinner, or even a beach party are some of the things that you want to consider.

      Read also: Beach Getaways Ideas
    2. Camping trip

      If you love nature, camping, may it be on a beach or in the mountains, is surely one of the best ways to enjoy your birthday.

      Never forget to bring good friends, music, and hotdogs for your bonfire night! At night, you can also try to set a mini-program with games. Simple, yet you will surely enjoy your birthday.
    3. Bonfire at night

      May you just have a simple birthday with all your loved ones with you to celebrate it. Why not end your day with a bonfire, and maybe grab hotdogs and barbeque?
    4. Go to the nearest amusement park

      If you are wanting to go to an amusement park ever since, this is the best treat that you can give to yourself! So go ahead, book a ticket and explore the amusement park near you.
    5. Climbs a mountain

      I actually did this for my 28th birthday and it was super fun! Much better if you tag along with a friend. You can also join group hikes so you can meet new people.

      Read Also: Where to Climb Mountains in the Philippines
    6. Reconnect with old friends and lost contact family members

      Each one of us is growing old and we oftentimes forget people along the way unintentionally or intentionally. If you have a relative or a family member, even a then-close friend that you wish to forgive, to thank for, and to reconnect, this will be the perfect give to yourself.

      List down the people close to your heart then that you wanna reconnect with.
    7. Staycation alone or with friends

      Here in the Philippines, staycations are actually one of our go-to birthday party ideas! If you are from Metro Manila, the best staycation places are in Tagaytay City because of its cool climate and overlooking view of the Taal Volcano. You may also just try to look for hotels in Metro Manila cities like here in Quezon City, Paranaque City, and many more!

      You can now go to pretty places without going to far places!

      Read Also: Staycation Ideas
    8. How about a food crawl

      I am pretty sure there’s a number of restaurants or cuisines that you want to try recently, right? Why not list them all together, tag along your Mother for a date or your hubby and close friends. That will surely be fun!

      Read Also: Food Reviews
    9. Visit a Home for the Aged/Boys Town

      You may also want to celebrate your birthday with grandmoms and grandpas in a Home of the Aged or Boys town. Some of my friends are doing this every single year on their birthday. They usually create the program, bring a lot of food, and present to kids and the elderly.
    10. Why not go on a Picnic?

      If you are a little busy and don’t really wanna go out in faraway places, but still wanna celebrate your birthday outside, you may try to check the nearest, and cleanest parks in your area. Packing sandwiches, barbeques, hotdogs, for a simple celebration with special people in your life is one of the most amazing things to do during your birthday.
    11. Paint and Sip Party

      Do you want to do something new that you have never tried before or wanting to try again? You can go for a Paint and Sip party! While there are some restaurants that are offering paint and sip party, you may also try to DIY this. Buy sets of painting materials, maybe look for sample paintings on Pinterest, buy your favorite wine, and just enjoy painting,
    12. Plan a Street party with neighbors

      Are you close with your neighbors? Why not try to have a street party! Maybe prepare a boodle fight with all your favorite food. Don’t forget to create a program! Surely be fun!
    13. Stay at home and recheck goals in life

    If you want to celebrate your birthday alone, you may just stay at home, and be cozy on your bed while thinking about your life in a bigger picture.

    This is also the perfect time to recheck your goals, edit some, and add another according to what you want in life in the next years.

    I also suggest you make a bucket list of the things that you want to do in the net year. Go to your most favorite place? Try a new hobby? Earn on the side? Write as many as you want.. The things that make you feel most alive.

    Pia’s Thoughts

    Birthdays are one of the most exciting dates in our lives. Imagine, you hit another year in your life.

    Another year to live life to the fullest.

    Another year to celebrate life with the people you love the most.

    Another year to explore the world, another year to hit those in your bucket list!

    Top 5 Ways on How to Earn Money Online Without Investment


    Is it really true that you can earn money online without investment?

    Yes, this is 100% true — if we are talking about ‘money’ investment.

    But in order for you to actually ‘EARN’, you need to invest in a lot of patience, determination, coupled with a do-it-now and can-do attitude.

    While some of the many eager people out there already knew the potential of earning online, many of us are still wondering how to have their first dollar in the world of internet.

    Also, you might be asking yourselves, ‘I heard we need to write very well to land in a job online.’; or, ‘I just don’t know what my skills are for this online thing.’

    But, may of us are still into knowing how online work is really ‘working’.

    So, we compiled some of the many online jobs that will help you in answering your — how to earn money online, how to earn money online without investments, how to earn money online without paying anything, questions’

    1. Be a Freelancer and Start Making Money Online

    Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. – source

    If you know how to write in English, how to organize your thoughts and research on some materials and studies, maybe know and love excel, there are a lot of side gigs and even fulltime work that you can try! Just beware of scams because yes, there are many bad guys in the internet freelance world y’all.

    Virtual Assistants, Digital Marketing.. these are just two of the many online jobs that are in demand right now. Note that you will not shell out money investment here, just pure perseverance, focus, and your I’m-not-giving-up attitude!

    Freelancing Sites

    These are just some of the freelancing sites where you can start, but there are a lot of sites out there that provides freelancing gigs.

    2. Get Paid By Answering Surveys Online

    There are just many online survey sites that are proven and tested already. You may want to try the below links and sign up:

    3. Sell Your Old Stuff Online

    All of us can sell anything online. Why? Because I am 101% sure that you have something in your house, apartment, or dorm that needs to be put to trash. But why put to trash if you can sell it online?

    Personally I made a shop for preloved items which I started back in 2011. I stopped the operations but hopefully, this we will open again this year. Follow us here: Ukay Okay Shop

    You can also open an account on and sell your stuff there. Yes, you can sell pre-loved items and even go ‘Live Selling’ as well.

    So I suggest you start cleaning your house, or better yet, read blogs about minimalism. You’ll love it for sure!

    Focus on the rooms, kitchens, and storage areas. I am very sure you will see many things that can be sold online.

    4. Start a Blogger/Blogspot Account and Get Money From It through Adsense, and many other advertising gigs

    Did I hear a ‘Yehey!’? 

    Of course, this may sound so easy and perfect.. You imagine yourself just sitting lousily while waiting for thousands of internet users to share your blog and visit your website with 1 post only. 

    But, hello? No.

    This requires a lot of patience, determination, hard work, with a lot of CONSISTENCY.

    Go and sign up at, know what you really want to write that people would want to read, write, write and write, and sign up on for advertisements if you have a steady number of visits already.

    Again, this is not a one-night-only kind of online work. 

    You may want to read this for further explanation: Make Money with Blogspot

    5. Create a Youtube Channel and upload videos

    One of the very interesting thing to do to make online money these days is through Youtube.

    Youtube channel is actually just blogs; not written but videos instead. Once you reached a certain threshold for views and subscribers, you’ll definitely earn from a minimum of $100 or more than per month!

    Pia’s Thoughts

    So, there you go! We hope that we answered some of your questions on how to earn money online without investment. 

    These are just some of the many opportunities you will encounter when working online. For questions, suggestions, please leave a comment below.