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Blogging Goals for 2019

Blogging Goals for 2019

I can still remember my high school years when I was writing on my notebook about the things that happened during the day.

Everything was so detailed – from what I ate, what I did, who was I thinking. Haha! Happy days.

Then college came and I was exposed to multiply, tumbler, and blogspot. And ever since, I have been writing everything online. Looking back, I was so emotional pala. Ay, until naman pala. Haha!

But, each time I feel like people are reading my blog, I delete it immediately or change the name of the website. Weird, I know. I just feel like my privacy was taken out of me each time I see a spike in my stats even though all I was writing was about the resorts I went to, the restaurant we’ve tried with the family, I don’t know.

Maybe I was just too afraid to share my thoughts into words because I feel like everyone will judge my grammar. Hahaha!

And last 2011 I think, I decided to share my thoughts here at piathought.com.

This blog and I have had so many ups and downs. Haha! I am actually considering her my buddy. LOL.

And after a very long hiatus, I am now trying to recover what has been lost with my piathought.

So, here are some of my blogging goals for 2019.

1. Content. Content. Content.

Yes, content is indeed the king! Because this blog was deleted before, I promise to add valuable contents for my readers. Will go back as well to my reason for making this blog, to be a keeper of all my happy and sad memories because I am a very forgetful person.

My goal for this year is to, at least, publish two articles per week for Piathought.com.

2. Increase Website Traffic

This blog, together with my visitmanila.ph, have been helping me with my finances because of my the ads present here and some paid guest posts.

Because I am starting again, I promise to do my best to increase my website traffic month by month by 50%.

3. Publish Ultimate Guides

Thanks to Jon of Jontotheworld.com, I was inspired to write long articles with not less than 1000 words. He inspired me to just pour everything in writing and just go with the flow.

So, I promise to two ultimate guides per month!

4. Increase Email Opt-In Rate

One of the things that I neglect doing in the past years for this blog was building my email list.

Hope you’ll be one of my first subscribers! Drop your email address below!

If you are like me who wants to grow their blog, I encourage you to make a list of blogging goals as well.

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