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Blogging Goals for 2019

I can still remember my high school years when I was writing on my notebook about the things that happened during the day.

Everything was so detailed – from what I ate, what I did, who was I thinking. Haha! Happy days.

Then college came and I was exposed to multiply, tumbler, and blogspot. And ever since, I have been writing everything online. Looking back, I was so emotional pala. Ay, until naman pala. Haha!

But, each time I feel like people are reading my blog, I delete it immediately or change the name of the website. Weird, I know. I just feel like my privacy was taken out of me each time I see a spike in my stats even though all I was writing was about the resorts I went to, the restaurant we’ve tried with the family, I don’t know.

Maybe I was just too afraid to share my thoughts into words because I feel like everyone will judge my grammar. Hahaha!

And last 2011 I think, I decided to share my thoughts here at

This blog and I have had so many ups and downs. Haha! I am actually considering her my buddy. LOL.

And after a very long hiatus, I am now trying to recover what has been lost with my piathought.

So, here are some of my blogging goals for 2019.

1. Content. Content. Content.

Yes, content is indeed the king! Because this blog was deleted before, I promise to add valuable contents for my readers. Will go back as well to my reason for making this blog, to be a keeper of all my happy and sad memories because I am a very forgetful person.

My goal for this year is to, at least, publish two articles per week for

2. Increase Website Traffic

This blog, together with my, have been helping me with my finances because of my the ads present here and some paid guest posts.

Because I am starting again, I promise to do my best to increase my website traffic month by month by 50%.

3. Publish Ultimate Guides

Thanks to Jon of, I was inspired to write long articles with not less than 1000 words. He inspired me to just pour everything in writing and just go with the flow.

So, I promise to two ultimate guides per month!

4. Increase Email Opt-In Rate

One of the things that I neglect doing in the past years for this blog was building my email list.

Hope you’ll be one of my first subscribers! Drop your email address below!

If you are like me who wants to grow their blog, I encourage you to make a list of blogging goals as well.

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Tips to Make Your House Look De-Cluttered

As the homemaker, when the responsibility is completely on you to make the house look systematic and well maintained, things turn out to be very challenging for you.

We are sure that you make the best possible effort to make things fall in place but still you fail to give that perfect look to the house. When truly this is the condition with you, then trust us following some tricks and tips can make your house look less cluttered with minimum effort.

Before moving to the tips, it is important to understand that once you are done with the setting of the house, make sure to clean the floor, corners of your sofa and, back of the entertainment units etc with your vacuum cleaner.

Don’t have a vacuum cleaner yet with you? If yes, then go for buying one. This will help you to keep the floor clean and dirt and dust free. Visit and know about the best brands of Vacuum cleaners in the market.

Reduce open space in the house: In case you are having a wall with enough open shelving, an open entertainment unit along with side tables just beside the sofas, then that indicates too much open space. Almost everything you are having in the house places on shelves is visible to you making the interior look cluttered. Organizational design expert, like Laura Cattano, recommends investing in boxes where you can safely store some basic and non-personal items. It should include those things that need for domestic use but that not on regular basis. The choice of boxes can be like a basic container for storage which can be placed inside a closet or even boxes with aesthetic appeal to enhance the look of the interior. The main concept here is to keep things behind the curtain and out of vision.

Create a specific storage space with tabletop trays: When the need is to systematically arrange and maintain items that need to be kept open and in and around the house. For example, the keys bunch in the hallway or after bath products like body lotion, cologne or cream in bathroom counters. Cattano suggested finding ways to keep such items in the group by creating specific storage space with tabletop trays. This trick is a simple yet creative way to make the position of items in different sections of the house. That way, it looks intentional and less cluttered. Cattano gave a good example in this regard. She said she keeps a decorative tray on her coffee table, and on it, she places candles and a vase. She added that it would have been easy for her to place the candles right on the vase placed on the table, but to make it look different she used the tray for a calm and soothing look on the coffee table.

Let light play in your home interior: When your only wish is to reduce the amount of clutter in the interior then add up more light in the interior space as enough amount of light will be the key element to represent the illusion depicting a wider space. Cattano said that not only can light fixtures act as an anchor to expand the space, but it will visually open it up.

Fix up wires and plugs: One major villain to a clutter-free interior look is the ugly appearance of the ill-fitted, exposed wires moving from outlets to reach different devices in the different room. If you are having an entertainment unit where you place your music system or television, create a closed part in the unit itself so that you can easily move the cord right at the back. Many people prefer to make the best possible effort to tuck wires at the back of something to make it invisible. Cattano gave the advice to avoid hiding the wire or cords by forcefully bringing some unwanted stuff in front to create a curtain. If the stuff falls you’ll find yourself with extra work of removing additional clutter to manage with. To go simple, make use of a cord cover, or move the wires right behind your sofas or even under the rugs to keep it visually out of sight.

Make some physical effort to reduce the amount of clutter in the house: One of the surprising ways and definitely a major one to reduce the appearance of clutter is by making some physical effort to reduce the amount of clutter in the house. Don’t make the haphazard fixing of the clutter without thinking about anything. Cattano advised a system to implement which she denotes as editing. She considers it a better and thoughtful process. She said that first, you need to figure out who you are you, how you are wishing to stay, and how you want to look like. Now, pick those stuff which offers you the scope to do that and remove the rest stuff that doesn’t match your needs and expectations.


ALC Micro-Group | First Christmas Get-Together

I have already accepted the fact that people just come and go in our lives. And there’s nothing to be really sad about it because that’s just how it goes. If they stay, they will stay, but if they will not, that just OK.

But, ALC, the 2nd workshop of OCCI’s trilogy, reminded me that we need to care deeply. To care even if it hurts and to build relationships in this world.

If you wanna know more about what is ALC and how it helped me, please see blog here.

ALC Micro-group

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ALC Micro-Group

It was November 2018 when I got the chance to enter the worlds of these people who now I can consider my soulmates. These guys are the people whom I have shared my crazy stories, my deepest darkest secrets and still supported me in every way.

Also, I am just so glad because I feel like we really have some things in common.

  • We’re not that comfortable with small talks
    • These guys are my tribe. We can talk non-stop for hours and mind you, these are not the usual topics that occur in an ordinary day. I love how we talk about anything under the sun and still are genuinely interested in every topic that one is discussing. Love learning with and from them!
  • We love to tell stories!
    • Yes, it doesn’t mean that because we are introverts we are the types that don’t really talk that much. We actually love to talk about many things! But of course, sometimes, we need need to take a break or two. Hehe.
  • We genuinely care for each other
    • Even after the workshop, these guys have been super supportive and caring. From time to time we check on each other and we promise to meet every once in a while as well. Love this bunch!

Who would have thought that we have been talking for like 5 hours already non-stop? Haha! Really looking forward to another date night with this bunch!

Just wanna thank OCCI because if they didn’t have these workshops, we’ll never find each other.

If you wanna know more about the workshops I am talking about, you may check my blog post here.

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Frontrow Enterprise for Indigent Kids All Around the Philippines

On the campaign of Frontrow Enterprise, the number 1 multi-level company right now in the Philippines for their mega charity event, with Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Kpop Stars Momoland as endorsers, here comes these events that are not announced but we will share to you all their generosity.

On December 2, 2018 at the grounds of La Consolacion College Pasig, 100 indigent kids from the adopted community of the school came and received different kinds of imported fruits from Frontrow Enterprise headed by its Chief Executive Officer Sam Versoza and its President Raymond Francisco.

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The indigent kids were welcomed by no other than Santa Clause who as always gracefully gave lots of candies and chocolates and ready for the photo opportunities with the children and children at heart.

Kiwanis Clubs-in the Philippines supported the gift giving and assisted in the distribution with their own gifts that’s composed of toys, biscuits and candies. Clubs included were Malate, Makati, Manila, Manila Bay, Pasay and some members who contributed from Kiwanis Club Arista and Bonifacio Global City.

Here are the other gift giving under Frontrow Enterprise for the indigent kids and aetas which are supported by Tag Media Group, the organiser of Asia Leaders Awards where Frontrow Enterprise President and frontman, Raymond Francisco bagged the Young Businessman of the Year Award and Lifetime Excellence Award for Marketing.

-December 13, 2018 Metropolitan, Makati
-December 15, 2018 Mendez, Cavite
-December 15, 2018 Tagaytay
-December 16, 2018 Clark, Pampanga (Morning)
-December 16, 2018 Subic, Zambales (Afternoon)
-December 16, 2018 Pasig (Morning)

FRONTROW is an exclusive distributor of credible, tried and tested, award-winning health and beauty products. Its main products are health supplements – LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione, LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract, LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract and LUXXE Renew Anti-Aging 8 Berry Extract.

“Our beauty soaps, the 01 Skin Whitening Bar (made of glutathione), the 02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar and the 03 Orange Papaya Bar, that have also sparked raves among consumers. Right now, the company introduced new line of skin care products from Korea (100% made in Korea) which include to LUXXE Reveal Instabright Progressive + Instant Whitening Body Crème and the LUXXE Reveal Dynamic Duo BB and CC Cream + SPF 50 Hybrid Stick. According to Raymond from his recent The Manila Times interview, “It is through these sought after products that we give people the opportunity to do business and upgrade their status in life.

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Online Course? Study Online with AMA Online Education

People nowadays are eager to know more.

Our curiosity lights up because of the fast transfer of information on social media, blogs, and whatnot. We are amazed at how this ever emerging technology affects us in our daily lives and as typical, curious human beings, we want to learn more.  But to some, this is a little impossible because of the many responsibilities in life. One of which is basically having a full time work that needs you to be physically present in the office.

Fortunately, we now have many online sites that offer online studies/online course like AMA Online Education!


What is AMA Online Education?

AMA University Online Education (AMA OEd) is the first full online education in the Philippines. It upholds the vision and mission of its institution as it responds to the cultural shift to a digitized age, opening its doors for anyone from the Philippines and abroad, who are willing to learn and advance their knowledge in a wide variety of courses. AMA OEd endeavors to stress the importance of educating the youth, as well as employed individuals seeking degrees, and the fostering of everyone’s potential as a productive portion of today’s competitive society.

AMA Online Education Website

Personally, after I learned that AMA is now offering online courses, I got so excited that I hurriedly checked on their websites. I have tried some online courses before, but I felt more excited with this AMA online course!

AMA Education is the pioneer in computer education in the Philippines, and now, AMA Online Education is the very first university in the Philippines to offer full online courses/online course and programs which will definitely help you balance responsibilities.


AMA Online Courses Academic and Short Courses Offered

Academic Programs


Short Online Courses

  •  XML – Based Web Application
  •  Mail and Web Services
  •  Network Security
  •  Linux Administration
  •  Digital Imaging
  •  Multimedia Communications System
  •  Multimedia Sound and Video
  •  Web Application Development using JSP and OBDC
  •  Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL
  •  Visual Graphics Design 101
  •  Illustrations 101
  •  2D/3D Animation
  •  Advance Game Development using Unity
  •  Basic Game Development using Unity
  •  3D Game Art Development
  •  2D Game Art Development
  •  Digital Photography
  •  Computer Programming 7 (SQL Server 2012)

You may check AMA Online Courses website for more information.

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Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go.

Always move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go. (Repeat 100 times)

I was busy searching for ways to how to organize my office workspace. And while searching, I saw this picture. I feel like I need to stop searching at the moment and internalize this one.

As a 20-something, I have many wants and needs in life. In fact, I have a very long Bucket List that is always with me wherever I go because I am inlove with the idea of wanting and itching to cross out all the items in my list. But this photo made me think some things that I guess I need to ponder on as I go through life.

1. Move fast!

I always want to move fast. I always want to do ‘more’. I always tend to say ‘yes’ eventhough I feel like shutting off already. Why? Because I want to do things that I know would help me to learn new things. I want to go out of my comfort zone. But at the end of the day, I feel like I am not doing anything.

‘Move fast’, I usually tell myself. Well I thought I am fast but honestly, after analyzing my work and my day, I am actually not. Why? Because I overthink. 

2. Don’t overthink!

Well, sadly, overthinking and I are the best of friends.

I always want to be the best of what I can be. I want to do this and that. And also, I want to do an excellent job that’s why I tend to overthink things that really should not be overthinked. So with that issue, my work usually gets slower than the faster I am aiming.

Many things also ended up with a no-no because of my so-called bestfriend. I guess they are just so many and I really don’t want to remember all those. And I learned to let go.

3. Let it go.

“Let it go.. Let it go.. Can’t hold it back any more. Let it go, let it go! Turn away and slam that door…” 

Are you singing now? Well I am! Lol.

Yes dear. We all have to let go. Let go of past love that is haunting you. Let go of the wrong things you have in the past. Let go of the relationship that is not helping you grow. 

Just let go. We are sometimes bombarded with things that go out of our way and we, of course, tend to give upand feel so down. Don’t worry. That’s normal but if you are carrying it all over some years now, you have to let it go. Maybe you have to do something in order for you to fully be freed from something that has been eating your happiness, or maybe you have to seek guidance and professional help from someone. 

Go. Help yourself and most of all, let go.


Do’s and Dont’s for Guys when arguing with Girlfriends

Have you ever been in a relationship or currently in a relationship? Can you already say that the one you have in your life right now is your God’s best and you feel that he really is the one for you? The one who will be your forever?

Maybe you have been together for quite sometime now. You can say that you already know his everything. And all you can say to your friends is you already found your true love and he really is the right one for you. But, do you really know him? How does he reacts when you are arguing with something?

Image courtesy of stockimages /

To all the guys out there, these are some tips while in an argument with your partner:

1. Listen to her

When I say listen, not just plain listen with only your ears on her. Look into her eyes and feel the things that she is saying. Always remember that eyes are the window to your soul. I believe that every girl in a relationship deserves to be heard. Listen carefully and don’t just nod if you really don’t understand what she wants you to know. Ask things that you don’t understand in order for her to know that you really care about the situation right now and you are willing to solve the problem together.

2. You’re not always RIGHT

Guys, please, we know that you’re the man in this relationship. But hey, that doesn’t mean that you are always right. For example, your girl is saying positive things like, “I love how this attitude of ours are working on us.” And then you reply with “No dear. We can never be like this  without the help of my personal development book.” Woah. You read that right! There are really guys out there who are like this who always want the credit to be on them. And this is a big No-no!

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

3. Don’t SHOUT at us

..even if we are shouting. Please, I know you are hot tempered in nature but please, try to make us cool! More than that, if you did something wrong that made us shout, never ever shout at us too! Just calm us down and we will. After days. Lol

4. Don’t you dare hurt us physically

Right! Don’t you dare, dear love. Because you may never see us again. And girls, you are all pretty enough not to be respected with a man like this. So guys, again, don’t you dare put your heavy hands on us.

Okay. Enough said or do you want me to add more? lol.

Girls, just a piece of advice, we sometimes tend to be super-duper emotional on some things that guys really hate. So, just be cool as well and if you feel like shouting, close your eyes and say to yourself, “It’s okay.. Calm down.” 

It will magically calm you down. A bit. 


3 Major Reasons Why You & Your High School Best Friend Didn’t Work Out

High school memories were one of those moments that we will never forget. Those were the times when we have experienced many ‘firsts’ in our lives — first crush, first pajama party, first dance, first frustration, first kiss, first love and of course, first pimple (for me, lol).

And with all those ‘firsts’ there are people beside us whom we have shared our smiles, laughter and tears with — our best friends. High school best friends are far different from our other best friends met in college or at work. They somewhat have different level of, let’s just say, craziness. 

Back in our high school years, we’ve made many crazy, funny and adventurous things! Why? Because we are all so carefree! We don’t care that much if we don’t have enough money for snacks; because a single stick of fish balls can already make us happy! We don’t care that much when we laugh so hard inside the tricycle; because we know we are genuinely happy! We don’t care if we are on the beach the whole day under the sun; because sunburns are nothing to us then! 

But do you know the time when we started to care about everything? It’s when our crushes finally entered the scene. HAHA. 

But let me just ask you a question. What happened now? Where are they now

Hmm. Thinking? You are lucky if you know where they are right now or what they are doing. Oh. Maybe you are asking why you are still lucky, eh? Because sometimes, there are ‘bestfriends’ who just wandered off not saying even a single word or goodbye, not knowing that they now do not intend to come back.

Here are some of the reasons why your high school best friend became an Ex-bestfriend:

1. Lack of initiative to communicate.

“Remember the times after high school graduation? You said we will stay the same.”

This is the first line of the letter I wrote to my ex-best friend — that was never been given. We are four in the group. We have been so close before. We have had our ups and downs but still, we forgave each other, moved on and still shared laughter and tears.

But then after some several years, we started lacking the initiative to communicate with each other. The other two remained the same. But for the other one, we somehow feel that we are no longer part of her new life.

Honestly, I thought it would still be the same. But as time goes by, after I had some chances to communicate with her, I feel that she is willing but I still don’t know what hinders her until now.

It has been years and now, we feel like we are total strangers to her. Not a single ‘Hi!’ was ever heard or read, not a single ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy New Year’ was ever greeted, not a single ‘Happy Birthday’ directly from her was ever heard of.


The lesson I have learned from this is to always make time to even just text or say a single ‘Hi. How are you?’ to your friend. It will help a lot. I swear.

2. We forget to understand.

We are from the province of Masbate and I am the only one who studied here in Manila, a more or less fifteen-hour travel to our province by land and sea while all three of them studied in Albay, a more or less five-hour travel by land and sea.

We only meet each other face-to-face every vacation, that is, if all of us got the chance the go home due to exhausting summer classes, endless duties and many others.

But when all of us had the chance to go home, we usually go to each other’s places, go to the beach and shared new and of course, old stories. However sometimes, we usually forget to understand that we also have our own lives and even families to be with.

“Ganyan ka naman talaga eh. Minsan na nga lang makauwi, di ka pa sasama sa amin sa beach ngayon.”, “Hindi ka na naman nagpaparamdam.” Have you heard of this? Sounds familiar?


Sometimes, we just have to understand certain things happening to our friends. Did you try to ask her how is she doing? Because we might not know, maybe our friend has problems that she is not telling. And with those words of discouragement and never ending questions, your friend will now think that you will never understand. And that is when the walls between you and her start to grow higher. 

Again, we have to understand. Think before we react. Probe. Listen.

3. We became a bully.

We never want to have a bully best friend or even just a friend. At first, we thought it’s just alright because everyone is laughing, everyone is happy! 

But you know what? Everyone is happy except the one that you are always bullying. 

You may see her laughing all along but deep down inside? She is definitely not okay with those laughter about the way she speaks or the way she dresses or the senseless mistake she did. 


Always think before we speak. Yes, we are the best of friends and we know everything happening in each others’ lives but we have to take note that we have to slow down sometimes in laughing each others faults. Because if that ‘sometimes’ goes ‘always’, feelings will change and will cause misunderstandings and finally the end of friendship happens.

Best friends are God-given gifts. They are our so-called sisters/brothers from another Mother/Father. However, many times, we tend to forget how blessed we are for having best friends that will stick through thick and thin. We sometimes forget to know what is happening in their lives now because we thought everything is still the same when in fact, everything has changed already. We sometimes didn’t mean to hurt their feelings because all we care is our own.

So today, our next step maybe is to reach out to those people whom we have called best friends before. Let go of pride and start anew. Remember that once in a while, they have been part of you.


Wait Productively Using Your Smartphone

Waiting for your boyfriend? For a bus? Very long line for a payment? Flight was moved from 5AM to 7AM? Sounds irritating. Right?

These obviously are not-so-good situations that I guess no one of us wants and enjoys. Remember that time flies and I promise, time is indeed gold! But wait, you can turn this mess into a very productive delay! Here are some tips you can do with your smartphone.Take note, this is not just taking out your phone with just candy crush on your mind. Sure, that’s one thing you can do when you’re in a long line, but is it worth your time? Of course not!

  • One thing you can do with your phone when suffering in a long wait is write.

Write! Write anything that your mind wants to let go of. Maybe you want to write about how to’s or about something you truly care and passionate about. This is what I’m doing when I’m in a long travel or in a long time.

  • Also, you can list down your to-do’s, review goals or make your bucket list.

With this, you can be again motivated to the things that you want to achieve and at the same time saved you time from writing those on their designated time and schedule.

  • Read.

Download something that interests you the most and read it. You can as well download the Holy Bible and read His Word. Acknowledge Him always and be close to Him. Or if you are studying or taking a board exam, reading while waiting is something to be done. Always, always have soft copies of your reviewers. You want to pass or maybe top the exam, right?

  • Listen to good music.

Study shows that listening to music enhances your memory and soothes your mind. Download songs to your smart phone or play music online. One good online music playing site that let’s you create your playlist is Grooveshark. It’s indeed on the go!Waiting can be very irritating but with small things written above, it can help you maximize your time and energy. Always be productive.