Are you looking for cheap and budget-friendly hotels in Baguio for your trip? We made a super KLOOK list for you!

Baguio City will always be one of the go-to cities for us Filipinos. Imagine the cold wind, pine trees, night market, and the peaceful feeling that one can get whenever you’re in Baguio — so we really understand why you always want to go back.

Whenever we travel to Baguio before we have a kid, we always make sure to book with cheap hotels, inns, or guesthouses in Baguio. We always have the idea that we will stay late outside and just sleep throughout the night so why pay for luxurious hotels? But of course, it’s just us before we had kids.

Here are some of the cheap hotels, inns, and guesthouses in Baguio that you cant check for your Baguio trip.

1. Vista de Pino Baguio

Klook Reviews:

  • Quiet area, accessible. Few minutes from the city via taxi/jeep. Affordable and clean.
  • The place is very nice It is a bit away from the city’s noise when it is time to relax after a long tour.
  • Check more reviews here

Vista de Pino Address: 133 Scout Barrio

Vista de Pino is near the following:

  • Camp John Hay
  • Treetop Adventure
  • Baguio Convention Center
Cheap Hotels in Baguio

2. Casa Bel Baguio

Book the Lowest Rate: 1,442.50 pesos

Please take note that rates vary from time to time. Please check Casa Bel’s rates here

Klook Reviews

  • Great stay, thanks to the staff who were accommodating

Casa Bel Address: MMGARA Bldg, Marcos Highway, Marcos Highway, Baguio City

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