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Day 7: Laundry and the Cold War | COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

Day 7: Laundry and the Cold War | COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

March 21, 2020, Day 7 | Saturday

Today marks the 7th day of the enhanced community quarantine — a day of laundry and some kind of cold war.

Mr. R and I are working from home so Saturday’s a great day for us to do laundry and stuff like cleaning the house.

Early in the morning, I woke up a bit restless — I don’t know if it’s about my dream about COVID-19 or I just didn’t have a good sleeping position. Was awake for like three hours starting from 2:30AM, and Mr. R, being a deep sleeper as he is, has complete deep sleep. Bless him! Haha.

I haven’t transferred from my iPad our Day 1 to 6 but it was day 5 when I felt the urge of doing something that I know I have to think twice. It was a ‘go’ for me and I thought Mr. R is also okay with it but after a few small talks after breakfast, I knew that he was not comfortable with what I wanna do.

I think I would have said yes if the reason behind it was because of our safety but no. So, we had a mini cold war earlier.

After I took a bath, I saw Mr. R cleaning our room and readying our laundry.

No talking still.

I wish he could just hug me and say sorry. After our laundry, I quickly went up and reheat our lunch because it’s past 1PM already.

He took a bath and when he got to our room, he hugged me tight and I asked him if he fully understands my decision. So, we’re back to normal again — laughing, eating, eating, and eating.

I think we’re close to doubling our size in the next weeks. Haha!

In the afternoon, we just slept, watched news, prayed that COVID-19 will stop from spreading, and of course, eat.

At night, we just ate leftovers and oatmeal and watched “A Quiet Place”, somehow related to what we are experiencing right now.


The Philippines ended the day with 77 new cases totaling to 307 COVID-19 cases and 1 death was reported. If you wanna know more about the statistics and the patients, please go to www.covid19ph.com.

While there are 77 new cases, it was reported that there are 5 new recovered patients from the virus. My heart is always rejoicing whenever I hear in the news that patients are recovering. Praise God!

I have yet to mention in my previous days to be posted here that we were locked down here in Mr. R’s boarding house.

At first it was okay because we will not go out of course but panic starts attacking me when our boardmate downstairs has been coughing so hard (dry cough). His cough started last week and even informed us that he was quarantined for like two hours in Baguio because of his hoarse voice.

Now, I am actually panicking and asked Mr. R to bring our to-go Lysol whenever we go downstairs to use the toilet or cook. I can still hear him cough right now while writing this. And also, he is still going to his work everyday. Because no work no pay. My heart is aching!

Today’s a sad day as well because of the death of a young doctor who got COVID-19 because a patient didn’t disclose his travel history. Everyone, I know we are all scared of the unknown but please, our doctors here in this country are limited! I saw a documentary that the doctor’s ration to each Filipino is 1:10!

People, let’s not lie about our condition. Our frontliners are helping us flatten the curve.

Pia’s Thoughts and Prayers

There are always random times when I just think that maybe I am dreaming. Or maybe this is not really happening.

But I realized as well that we have to do our part and really hope and pray for the better.

I pray for the country’s leaders: I pray that God will give them the strategies that they should be doing to protect the Filipino people. I pray Father that you will give them the strength to push forward, and good health to everyone, that they will not have the COVID-19 while leading the country. I pray for the President and the Mayors to really have the heart for its people and unite as one during these trying times.

I pray for the frontliners: Our Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, janitors, maintenance, PNP, everyone who is outside for us inside our homes. I pray Father for good health, hope, strength to fight with this invisible enemy. Lord, protect them, Father. Protect them and their family.

I pray for the Filipino people: I pray for obedience, strength, and good health for everyone. I know that it is so hard for us, coping with this new challenge. But I pray Father that your provisions and light will shine upon us especially to the poor families, Father. I claim that they will not suffer hunger and that they will be protected by the government. Please, help us Father.

Remove fear, anxiety, and panic in our hearts and mind and replace it with hope that soon, this too, shall pass.


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