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How to Get a CENOMAR in the Philippines

How to Get a CENOMAR in the Philippines

Glad to see you here, dear! First, congratulations! I am assuming you are already engaged and you are now getting married! May it be a Civil Wedding or a church wedding, one of the requirements to get married here in the Philippines is to have a CENOMAR, or the Certificate of No Marriage.

So, if you are asking:

How can I get a CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage in the Philippines?

What is the purpose of CENOMAR?

How much is CENOMAR in Philippines?

Can I get the CENOMAR of my boyfriend/girlfriend?

How can I get CENOMAR 2020 Online Philippines?

I thought getting a CENOMAR is a hassle but surprisingly, it’s pretty simple!

Ryan, my fiance, and I are preparing for our mich-awaited wedding this December 2020 when the pandemic happened.

Sad because we are 100% ready. We have the budget, a team of wedding planners that we are excited to work with, and our minds are set up already that finally, finally, this will be our year.

But, the pandemic happened so we had a shift in plans.


Before I get to the main point, I just want to let you know that this is part of our series: THE BUDGETARIAN COUPLE WEDDING: A SERIES ON HOW TO BUDGET AND GET MARRIED IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Hope you can read our The Budgetarian Couple blogs. Hehe.

Here, we document our step-by-step process on how to get married here in the Philippines. I hope this WEDDING SERIES will help you and your fiance!

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As the name suggests, a Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) is simply a document that shows that a person doesn’t have any contract of any marriage. CENOMAR is also called a ‘Certificate of No Record of Marriage’ or ‘Certificate of Singleness’.

In legal definitions for interpersonal status, a single person is someone who has never been married. A person who was previously married and was divorced or widowed is usually considered an “unmarried” person. If a marriage is annulled, however, or it is found to have been void ab initio (i.e. not valid in law to start with), and assuming the person was not married previously, that individual is single, rather than unmarried. – PSA


As mentioned above, getting a CENOMAR is pretty simple. You actually have two options here.

  2. Go to PSA Serbilis website and have your CENOMAR delivered

Yup! Pretty simple but because of the pandemic, I highly suggest you use the second option. Less contact, less hassle.


The CENOMAR costs varied if you are getting via online or if you’ll walk to PSA Serbilis or SM Business Centers.

  • Online Via PSA Serbilis – 430 pesos per copy, inclusive of the delivery fee.

    If you want to receive your CENOMAR via door-to-door delivery, I highly suggest you do it via online. The website says to wait for three weeks but in our experience, we got ours 4 days after payment.
  • Personal Via Serbilis Outlets – 210 pesos per copy

    If you are in a rush and you wanna get the CENOMAR as fast as possible, I suggest you go directly to the Serbilis outlets. Usually, they’ll release in 4 working days.


In order to facilitate issuance of Certificate of No Marriage, there are a couple of pieces of information that are needed in having one.

CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

  1. Complete name of the person
  2. Complete name of the father
  3. Complete maiden name of the mother
  4. Date of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Complete name and address of the requesting party
  7. Number of copies needed
  8. Purpose of the certification


If you wanna get a CENOMAR personally because maybe there’s a PSA Serbilis/Business Center near your place or maybe because you wanna get married as soon as possible and you can’t wait already on PSA Serbilis Delivery.

Step 1: Check out PSA Serbilis website and PSA website  for some details.
Step 2: Download the CENOMAR APPLICATION FORM found on PSA Serbilis Website

Step 3: Accomplish and print the CENOMAR form

Step 4: Go to the nearest PSA Serbilis Office or SM Business Centers, pay the fees
– Cenomar – P210
– Service Fee – P25
TOTAL – P235
Step 5: The staff will give you the receipt and claim stub which will be used in the claiming of your CENOMAR.

Step 6: Go back to PSA SERBILIS OFFICE/ SM BUSINESS CENTER on the designated date. Make sure to bring a valid ID or an authorization letter with signature and valid ID if you are not the owner.


Personally, I really wanna go directly to the PSA Serbilis office and get the CENOMAR ourselves because as per the PSA lady staff who I talked to via phone, the CENOMAR will take about 3 weeks if we opt to have it delivered.

But, we want more hassle free experience and we can actually wait for the documents so we opted to use the online PSA Serbilis.

  1. Go to PSA Serbilis Website (psaserbilis.com.ph)
  2. Hover to ‘Request’ and Click ‘Online Application
  3. Click ‘Click here to request now’
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and Click ‘I Accept’
  5. Fill out the Application Form completely and click ‘Next’
  6. Review the details & Click ‘Confirm’
  7. Click ‘Cenomar’ in the choices
  8. Fill out Request Form for CENOMAR and Click ‘Save’ – Don’t forget to choose ‘Others’ in the ‘Purpose’ & Type in Marriage/Wedding
  9. Recheck details and Click ‘Confirm’ and Click Submit
  10. Now you are ready to pay! In our case, we paid via BDO online banking. Smooth transaction!
  11. Check your email for the ‘tracking number’
  12. Go to psaserbilis.com.ph and check from time to time if the status has changed already
  13. Wait for 3 weeks if you are from Luzon and 4 weeks if you are from Mindanao. But in our case, we paid September 15, 2020 and the CENOMAR arrived after 4 days! Yes, super bilis!

Pia’s Thoughts

I really thought our CENOMAR will arrive after three weeks and we were so happy we just got is after a couple of days. I am not sure though if you are residing in Visayas and Mindanao.

But still, great job, PSA Serbilis!


  1. Your post reminds me of the time when I was having a hard time getting a CENOMAR! I should have read this post before when I needed it. CENOMAR is very important, When I was applying for Fiance Visa, the US embassy actually required me to include this on my application! I hope this post will come out on the google search to make it easier for our kababayans to apply and get one.

  2. I’m still a student, so it’ll be years before I get married, but this is helpful for my cousin who’s getting married this year. I’ll share this to her. Thank you!

  3. Great that you got it for just few days. I also needed one for my Partner’s Visa, but I authorized my Immigration Agent to get it in my behalf since I’m here in Australia. Parang mabilis rin like yours.

  4. This is very detailed dear.. im sure anyone who chance upon this will be helped. I got mine dati dun sa website where you get order your cenomar and birth certificate. i forgot na the page, kasi parang nawala na din yun.. hehe

  5. This is such a well structured post! Very easy to understand and such helpful content. Getting this CENOMAR can really be a hassle, but your steps made it so clear and easy to follow. Thank you po!

  6. First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Yay, akala ko wedding preps lang ang struggle sa mga ganito, may mga requirements pa palang ganito. HAHAHA okay, pag na-engage na ko mararanasan ko rin to. Hintay lang ako. Pero feel ko mag-online na nga lang para mas safe hehe

  7. Buti nlng may mga gantongbsteps na… Dati ang gulo gulo…. Pero yung fee nia almost hindi nmn nag bago… Same halos.

  8. Hello! Congratulations in advance for your soon-to-be wedding. I suppose busy na kayo lately sa preparations. It’s a good thing that your CENOMAR arrived a few days after ordering online. Yung sa PSA kasi, ang tagal mga three to four weeks daw yung birth certificates, marriage contracts and death cert.

    Hopefully pag kinasal na ko, I’d come across this very detailed article. God bless you more with your preparations ahead!

  9. This is super interesting cause i never knew that something like this was required pala! Hopefully I’ll be needing it soon when same-sex marriage will be legal here in the philippines. Wait, I don’t even have a jowa. Lol

  10. I don’t remember how we got our CENOMAR, but I think it wasn’t difficult. My husband and I took care of it and just followed the instructions given us by the people at the city hall.

  11. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but this is such a comprehensive post! Great job, Pia! And good thing you got your CENOMAR so fast! Kudos to PSA Serbilis website – I also tried them before when I needed my birth certificate. They delivered on time too (or earlier) too. 😁

  12. This is actually pretty informative. I have no idea when it comes to marriage stuff and I just found out through this post about the need for CENOMAR. Thank you for the knowledge brought by this post!

  13. I remember getting a CENOMAR 2 years ago yata. I love that the online process makes it less-hassle kasi I don’t have to get in long lines sa government offices. Plus together with the CENOMAR, I get to have a copy pa with my birth certificate and it was delivered straight to my office.

  14. Thanks so much for the detailed review. was browsing through wedding stuff cause I was feeling nostalgic and then I saw this one. It’s nice that there are more PSA centers now unlike before when we got married. And the convenience of getting your certificates via online? WOW, perfect especially during the time of the pandemic. Hope that you remember that it wont be the big wedding that’s important but the marriage and partnership that you and your husband will create after said wedding. 🙂


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