7 Tips on How to Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh

It’s the time of the year already when the rain is almost every day! Well, personally, I love rainy days but also, this means making sure that our laundry still smells fresh. Because, of course, who doesn’t wanna wear fresh smelling clothes, especially this rainy season?

If you are like us, who just started living independently, (my Mama used to wash my clothes. Huhu. Thanks, Ma!) I suggest you buy a washing machine with quality!

Because I am into keeping our laundry smelling fresh, I listed some of the tips that could help you have fresh laundries! Wish these helps!

How to Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh

  • Don’t throw wet clothes in your laundry hamper.

    This is the first on my list. Never ever throw wet clothes in your hamper. First, why would you do that?! Haha! But yeah, sometimes we are just so exhausted after a home workout that we wanna just take our super wet clothes off and put in the hamper. But this is a no-no because 1) maybe this might stain the other clothes 2) other clothes will get wet as well 3) clothes will be ugh — stinky, especially when you will be doing the laundry days ahead!
  • Why not try a strong-smelling detergent

    One of my current favorites now is the Surf Detergent with Fabcon. While I’m still checking other options, because doing laundry is somewhat new to me, this is my current favorite. You may also try liquid detergents that have a strong smell as this usually sticks in the clothes
  • Never forget the fabric conditioner

    If you really wanna keep your clothes fresh, never ever forget fabric conditioner. As mentioned I use detergents with fabcon in it already but if you wanna have more fragrant clothes, use a fabric conditioner. There are many fabric conditioners in the market and homemade fabric conditioners are currently getting a buzz since we have been months in lockdown.
  • Keep your house smelling good!

    Okay so you use a very good and fresh-smelling detergent, you also use a fabric conditioner but if your house is a bit umm, how can I say this, a bit stinky.. Your clothes will also pick up the bad odor! Sayang lang effort, girl! So, clean the house, spray fabric conditioner along with your disinfectant.
  • Dry clothes thoroughly

    Are you also like me, happily doing the laundry because it’s so sunny, and on the last few clothes that you are hanging, the sky went dark and then poof! It rains. Amazing!

    Sad as this seems but we need to have a couple of clothes rack that we can set up indoor. And make sure to put it out when Mr. Sunshine is back! Never ever fold wet clothes. Okay? This will unsurprisingly ake your clothes stinky.
  • Never overfill your washing machine with a super-huge load of clothes

    Honestly, I tried this a couple of times because, you know, I want to get it done. Hihi. But, guess what? Our clothes smell a bit bad and those at the upper part of the washer were not really washed!

    I suggest you don’t do this. Even if you’re in a hurry. Not worth the effort.
  • Wash wet clothes as soon as possible

    In connection with my first tip, I suggest you wash your wet clothes as soon as possible. And please not wait for days before washing it as this will surely be stinky.

Pia’s Thoughts

With the advent of technology, a lot of automatic machines for sale can be found in the online market nowadays. Aside from all the tips here, why not invest with a good washing machine that can help you have fresh smelling clothes?

Let me know in the comment section if you have other tips for our laundry to smell super fresh! Help a newbie washer here. Hehe!

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