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July 2020 Goals

July 2020 Goals

And just like that, it’s already July 2020!

My fiance and I have been in work-from-home state since March 15 — nearly 4 months of being together every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner. LOL.

It has also been months since I last wrote here. Many things happened. Things that I have never thought to happen during the quarantine time. I think I need to write this in another blog post. Hehe.

July 2020 Goals

These past months have been super effective and productive for us. Hope I can write about it in the next coming day. So for July, here are some of our/my goals.

  1. Buy Innova (2nd hand)
  2. Buy more stocks after Innova
  3. Write 4x on Piathought
  4. Double the sales for Alltreats (Check us out HERE)
  5. Learn how to cook (Currently, I know how to cook Sinigang, Adobo, Tinola, Prito Prito haha)
  6. Marketing and Expansion plan for Alltreats
  7. Plant more in the vegetable garden with Ryan

Also I hope to:

  1. Play more with Evond (my pamangkin)
  2. More kwentuhan with Mama

Hope to know more your July Goals as well!



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