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March Bullet Journal 2020: Let’s Plan Together!

I think it was year 2017 when I first knew this productivity system called Bullet Journal. While I had so much fun drawing and tracking everything, I got overwhelmed as well. But! Guess you will always go back to your first love — and on this case, I got back to bullet journal as my productivity system and tracker.

Why does Bullet Journal work for me?

  1. I love handwriting and drawing
  2. I love that I can do whatever I want in my Bullet Journal
  3. I love that I can add to the next day or other days the things that I wasn’t able to do for the day — certified procrastinator here! LOL

Now, I will be sharing my March bullet journal with you!

If you haven’t tried this, and you also want the first two above, I suggest that you buy a notebook, dotted notebook if possible, but other notebooks are okay as well and start your own bullet journal journey!


Welcome Page

I actually saw this in one of the posts in Pinterest, and immediately fell in love with it so, ta-daah! Hope you like it because I like it so much even if it’s not perfect! Plus, I am also a coffee lover!

Added some important events and travels below the cup as well. If you have been following me on this blog, the reason why I made this is I wanna document my life because I am such a forgetful person.

Same with bullet journal, I also wanna be remembered of the things that I have to do and the important dates of the important people in my life.

March birthdays and events are not complete yet!

March Goals

Before, when I list down goals for the month, I would usually go back to my 2020 goals and list down all the things that I have to do to reach those.

But for March, I decided not to look at my 2020 goals but to just be in the moment and focus on what I really wanna do for the month.

I also added a short reason per goal/category on why or how can I achieve those.

Next steps for March goals

So now, I don’t just wanna write my goals but would really want to reach those. Here are just some of the steps I need to do.

I also encourage you to do this as this will clear your mind and you will have a path on how you can reach your goals

How to Stop Burnout/Stress

Added this one because.. This is what I am feeling as of the moment. All the responsibilities, the ‘things to do’, the goals I wanna reach, adulting sometimes feel overwhelming. And it’s okay.

So, added some of the burnout/stress relievers here. And it’s magical! Love that I can write whatever I want in my bullet journal!

March Grateful Everyday List

Ahhhh. I love this list so much! Imagine being reminded everyday that big or small, there is something to be grateful for.

The tree in front of your window giving shade and fresh air..

The cold wind of the night..

Sinigang na Baboy of your Mama..

There is really something to be grateful for.

March 2020 Calendar

Although I already have a calendar on my welcome page, I opted to make a bigger one!

Ideas Page

If there’s one thing I am proud of, I guess it is my idea generation skill. Haha! I can generate numerous ideas that sometimes I just wanna shut my mind off because I am not doing them anyway even though I know it will and can work.

But! Made this ideas page just so I can have something to look back and who knows, maybe we can out this to life one day!

Make sure you have yours as well!

Weekly Spread Page

In a bullet journal, you need to have a weekly spread like this. There are many different weekly spread page ideas on Pinterest that you can check but so far, this layout works for me the most.

But will try a new layout next week.

Pia’s Thoughts

Having a bullet journal is a breath of fresh air for me. All the colors, icons, or sometimes being minimalist, whatever you want at the moment, can do good for your mind and soul.

Every month, I will be sharing my bullet journal monthly spread with you all. Hope you’ll start yours as well!

You may add other pages that you want. If you want a habit tracker, a daily notes page, a devotion spread, you may do so.

Maybe you are thinking where is my finance page? I actually don’t have a finance page because I have a google docs sheet for my budget ang money management. Will share this very soon!

Let me know if you are onto making your own bullet journal!

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