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    Basic Guide to the Masbateño Dialect

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    Planning to go to Masbate Province for a visit? Is your lover a Masbateño/Masbateña? Or just curious about Masbate’s diaclect? 

    Masbateño is a Visayan language spoken by more than 600,000 people, primarily in the province of Masbate in the Philippines. It is close to Capiznon variant of Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) and Waray-Waray, both spoken on Visayas. It can be considered a Bisakol language, meaning a language intermediate between Visayan and Bikol languages. – Wikipedia

    Here are some Masbate dialect, words, and phrases that might be useful for your first and succeeding trips to Masbate.

    W-H Questions

    • Who? – Sin-o?
      • Who are you with? — Sin-o an kaupod mo?
      • Who are you? — Sin-o ka?
    • What? – Nano?
      • What are you doing? — Nano an guina-himo mo?
      • What is your name? — Nano an pangaran mo?
    • Where? – Diin?
      • Where are you going? — Diin ka makadto?
      • Where are we? — Hain kita?
      • Where do you live? — Diin ka naga istar?
    • When? – San-o?
      • When are you leaving? — San-o ka mahali?
    • Why? – Kay nano?
      • Why are you afraid? — Kay nano kay hadlok ka?
    • How? – Pan-o?
      • How to get to Masbate? — Pan-o magkadto sa Masbate?

    Common Masbateno Phrases

    These are some of the helpful Masbateno phrases that can help you with your visit to Masbate.

    • I Love you – Palangga ta ikaw (Masbate Mainland)
    • I Love you – Namomo-ot ako sa imo. Namumot-an ta ikaw. (Bicol)
    • I Love you so much – Purupalangga ko ikaw (Masbate Mainland)
    • Let’s eat – Mag kaon na kita/ Karaon na kita
    • You’re (really) beautiful – Ka-ganda mo (gayud)
    • You’re (really) handsome – Ka-gwapo mo (gayud)
    • Help me please – Buligi/Buliga man ako
    • Can you teach me? – Pwede mo ako matukduan?
    • I want to learn Masbateno – Gusto ko makaaram mag Masbatenyo.
    • Good morning – Maayo na aga
    • Good afternoon – Maayo na hapon
    • Good evening – Maayo na gab-i
    • Sleep tight – Turog maayo
    • I don’t love you anymore – Dili ko na ikaw palangga
    • Can I ask a favor? – Pwede mag ngayo pabor? 


    • One – Usad
    • Two – Duwa/Duha
    • Three – Tulo
    • Four – Upat
    • Five – Lima
    • Six – Unom
    • Seven – Pito
    • Eight – Walo
    • Nine – Siyam
    • Ten – Napulo
    • Eleven – Onse
    • Twelve – Dose
    • Thirteen – Trese
    • Fourteen – Katorse
    • Fifteen – Kinse
    • Twenty – Baynte
    • Twenty One – Baynte-uno
    • One Hundred – Syen/Usad kagatos
    • One Thousand – Usad Kalibo/Karibo

    We hope you learned a Masbateño word or two in this blog post.

    Want to add some Masbateno words/phrases that you think might be useful to the Masbate visitors? Please comment down.

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