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November 2018 Life Recap

It’s been months since I last wrote here.

I miss those times when I would just write all the things that happened to me including small but significant ones. And I really hope that I will be able to write consistently here just like before.

Looking back, I remembered why I started a blog.
1. Because I love to write
2. To document my life because I tend to forget things easily and to record all the good and not-so-good memories

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So, let me start with my awesome November 2018 recap.

1.FLEX Program (Foundations of Leadership Excellence)

I think this is one of the best investments I did for myself in my 27 years of existence. Thankful to my supervisor during my Ayala Land days, Martin Arranz, for helping and pushing me to join this program. I really can’t thank him enough.

If you wanna know yourself more and would like to raise their level of self-awareness, I strongly suggest you take this two-day program of OCCI in Ortigas. This is the first step in their Leadership trilogy program with the goal of transforming the understanding of yourself, your relationships, and creating joy in your life.

They are also offering the same program in Visayas and Mindanao. Please check their website at

2. ALC Program (Advanced Leadership Program)

After the Flex (Foundations of Leadership Excellence), I decided to take the next step of the program which is the ALC (Advanced Leadership Program). Here, because the level of self-awareness was heightened in the FLEX, I have been more aware of my fears.

This is actually the best program I had so far. Thanks to Martin again. I can never attend this program in the same month if not because of him.

Without this program, I would not know strangers who I now consider a family. I missed them already!

I learned that it is possible to break free from our past and live life to the fullest with joy and love.

3. Met Ruffa Mae in Shopee HQ

I’m never into any artisas. Local or international. But hindi ko papalagpasin ‘to! Gow, gow, gow! Haha!

If you’re a close friend of mine, I love impersonating Ruffa Mae. I find laughter in the air whenever I impersonate her with her gow gow gow and todo na tohhhhh! Haha! So when she went to the office I made sure that I’ll get to have a selfie with her. I also did a gow gow gow sample in front of her. Haha! She’s so pretty!

4. Visited

TravelBook will always have a special place in my heart. Last November I visited the TravelBook office and saw my ex-workmates! Hi, Ina!


5. Tagaytay Supposedly-Overnight with Mama

Promising myself to have one weekend dedicated only to my Mama, we went to Tagaytay to review a hotel, the Residence Inn. However, after a day of fun at the Ukay-ukay Hub and enjoying the night and cold wind while sipping Bulalo, she asked if we can just go home (even if we already checked in at the hotel).

Of course, I said yes. I want my Mama to have a peaceful sleep. We went home at around 11PM and arrived home at around 1AM. Haha! Great day still.

6. First Christmas with Shopee Philippines

I actually had hesitations in joining the Shopee PH Christmas Party because it was a holiday (November 30) but thinking that this is actually my first time made me go and party with my new friends at work! We had so much fun kahit na nagkasakit ako after. Haha!

Brand Acquisition Team
Go, Business Development!

7. Joy and Peace

I can tag myself as an overthinker. I tend to overthink just about everything but this month, I have experienced overthinking less than the usual. Haha! After FLEX and ALC, I have experience being more joyful and peace. And most of all, I was reminded that I need God in every area of my life.

How about you? How was your November 2018?


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