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Where to Stay in Sabtang: Pananayan Pension House and the Camping By the Beach Experience

Looking for the best place to stay on the beautiful island of Sabtang in Batanes? We would definitely like to recommend Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House is the best homestay in Sabtang island if you want a perfect view of the ocean, the lighthouse, and if you want to try camping by the shore.

The term ‘Pananayan‘ is an Ivatan term for waiting area. I talked to Ms. Joyce Elesterio, the very welcoming daughter and manager of the homestay and Pananayan canteen, and she mentioned that their business used to be near the port which served to be a waiting area for people going in and out of Sabtang Island.

We actually planned in staying on the island for about three nights but our supposedly first day in Sabtang was canceled because of the typhoon that time. I actually thought we’ll never get to the island because of the storm.

Good thing we just got stranded in Basco for one night! Still a good thing though because we get to experience the Batanes storm together! Haha!

Anyway, I was actually excited to check-in because of happyandbusytravel’s blog about the Pananayan Pension House!

Pananayan Pension House, Sabtang, Batanes

Okay, I want you to be present with me. Imagine staying near Sabtang’s shoreline with the lighthouse near you. At night, you can hear the soothing sound of waves, with the moon above the ocean, and with the stars sparkling so bright at night — together with the love of your life. Isn’t it sweet? Hehe.

It was actually a dream come true.

The Smooth Check-In

It was around 8 o’clock in the morning when we checked in at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang Island.

Since there’s no data connection or mobile signal in the area, I was not able to message Pananayan Pension House that we’ll be moving our stay to the next day, if the weather permits.

When we got to the place, they welcomed us with a big smile and helped us through our room on the first floor.

I was actually a bit sad because I talked to them weeks before that we would want the room near the balcony.

But because of the typhoon, they were still cleaning the rooms on the second floor when we arrived.

We stayed on the first floor first and asked again if we can transfer to the second floor after they cleaned the room. So happy they agreed! Our room was near the balcony, overlooking Basco, the ocean lighthouse, and the port of Sabtang.

We were also the only guests at that time. The house was all to ourselves!

I wanna go back. Really.

What’s Inside Pananayan Pension House?

What I love about Pananayan Pension House is that the whole house is generally clean and well-maintained. Really happy we stayed here!

  • Dining Area – Glad that they have a dining area! They also have a water dispenser, kettle, coffee and sugar, and mugs! Really a plus for a coffeeholic like me! Hehe!
  • Kitchen – There was no common kitchen in Pananayan Pension House but they were already constructing one when we were there. No worries about the food though because they also own a canteen near the port which is a 5-minute walk from the homestay
  • Living Room– What I love about Pananayan is that they have a living room at the first and second floors. Since we were the only guests at that time, we had so much fun staying in the living room.
  • TV They have a television in the living room however, there was no signal that time because of the typhoon. Would be better if they have cards or anything that guests can use for bonding time.
  • Rooms – I love their rooms! Pananayan Pension House is somewhat new and I love that the rooms were all fresh and clean. The whole house is well-maintained and you wouldn’t think twice about the cleanliness of the place. Not to mention that comfort rooms are really clean as well!

Pananayan Pension House Sabtang Living Room (1st Floor)

Pananayan Pension House Living Room
Pananayan Pension House Living Room at the second floor
Pananayan Pension House Balcony overlooking the ocean

The Pananayan Pension House Rooms

Here are some of the rooms at the Pananayan Pension House in Sabtang, Batanes.

Pananayan Pension House Room Rates

We got our room for around P400 per pax but they now have new rates. Please see below rates from their Facebook Page.

The Camping Experience

One of the items in our bucketlist is to try camping near Pananayan Pension House. We opted to pitch our tent early in the morning because it was so dark to pitch at night, we chickened out. Haha!

We just knew after our morning camping that if we opt to camp in the evening, they will assist us with our very own bonfire. Huhu!

oh, hello there, Mr. Sunshine!
Lovely morning view from our camping tent.
Can’t believe we pitched a tent! haha!
Camping area by the lighthouse! Beautiful.

We were surprised that they even pitched a tent for us!

At first, we thought there were other guests who want to camp as well. But turns out they thought we didn’t bring a tent! So, they pitched one for us. So sweet.

Camping before swimming!

Swimming Time and Roam Around the Shore

Of course, we will never leave without experiencing Sabtang’s sea! Hehe We went picture taking first before we submerged ourselves to the cold lagoon near the homestay. It was half amazing, half scary because we’ll never know when will the big waves come and what’s inside these rocks. Haha!

It was a total adventure.

Ryan, being his pa-superman self, went to the upper side of the rocks which got me so disturbed. Haha! 

Pia’s Thoughts

Pananayan Pension House is actually the best place to stay during your Sabtang trip. I also urge you to stay two nights to really enjoy Sabtang and have intimate moments with loved ones and self (if you are traveling solo).

I think it would be best if Pananayan Pension House has a common kitchen for guests though. Not sure if the kitchen that they constructing the last time was built now. But still, we are highly recommending this place if you want a home away from home, access to Sabtang’s shore, near the lighthouse and if you want camping by the beach!

Pananayan Pension House Details:

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