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    Shopee Review & My 12.12 Christmas Shopping Haul 2018

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    So this will be just a short and sweet review of Shopee Philippines together with some items I bought this December for their 12.12 campaign.


    Quick Facts

    • Shopee Philippines started last July 2015
    • Shopee is the fastest growing company in the category of online shopping
    • Shopee is present in 7 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines)
    • Shopee has two types of seller:
      • Community Seller – Technically, these are the sellers outside the Shopee Mall. You can also see a ‘Preferred Seller’ badge in some sellers shop, these are the shops that hit some Shopee seller criterias. Better to buy in these shops as well.
      • Official Shops under the Shopee Mall – This is where Shopee houses the direct distributors and brands selling on Shopee

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    Shopee Review

    Before we go to what I bought during Shopee’s 12.12 Christmas Sale, let’s review Shopee first. Below are some of the things I love about Shopee.


    • Shopee Website

    I love how straight to the point Shopee is. The website and their mobile app are both user-friendly. The combination of the colors used are pleasing to the eyes as well. The branding now is just so strong, thanks to Ann and Jose Marie Chan. Sa Shopee-pee-pee-peeeeeeee!

    Below the banners, the buttons you see is to, basically, categorize what Shopee offers. You can get the Free Shipping vouchers here, rebates from the Gadget Zone, get additional coins from the Coin Rewards, and many more!

    Shopee review 2018


    • Flash Deals

    one thing I love as well are the Flash Deals. Shopee has three windows for the Flash Deals. Basically, these are the items that are being sold with big discounts.

    Shopee review 2018


    • Free Shipping

    On the homepage, you will see a Free Shipping button. If you click it, it will redirect you to the below page. Shopee is giving Free Shipping here. You just need to click ‘Get Voucher’ and automatically, vouchers will be stored in your account.

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    Make sure you use it before checking out!

    Shopee review 2018


    • Shopee Mall

    Shopee Mall is like the premium version of Shopee. As mentioned above, Shopee has two types of sellers, the community sellers and the official shops under the Shopee Mall.

    Sellers under the Shopee Mall are the brands itself or the direct and official distributors of the brand so if you’re buying under the Shopee Mall, rest assured that the products are authentic.

    Shopee review 2018

    Shopee review 2018


    If it wasn’t for Shopee, I think I would never get the chance to try online shopping. With its very user-friendly website and mobile app and some research, Shopee got my heart and was addicted to it ever since.


    My 12.12 Christmas Shopping Haul

    Checking the items I bought, I think I saved around P4,177! Bought Christmas gifts for my family and friends!


    Sale Amount: P720
    Original Amount: P1,196
    Saved P476

    2. Lego

    Sale Amount: P389
    Original Amount: P698
    Saved: P309

    Shopee review 2018

    3. Ishigaki Glutathione

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    Shopee review 2018

    4. Platinum Karaoke KS-10 with Mic

    Sale Amount: P1,364
    Original Amount: P4,099
    Savings: P2735

    Shopee review 20185. CE Mystery Pouch

    Sale Amount: P143
    Original Amount: P800
    Savings: I think this is worth P400, saved P657

    Shopee review 2018

    Total Sale Amount: P3,301
    Total Original Amount: P7,478
    Total Savings: P4,177

    Thanks to Shopee’s discount code for employees as well!

    Disclaimer: Currently a Shopee employee but all reviews are based on personal experience

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