Know Her

50 Random Things About Her

  1. Handwritten letters and notes are love. I love them so much that it tears me up sometimes. Because, memories.
  2. Coffee is my best friend. I can drink up to five cups a day.
  3. The mountains are addicting!
  4. Sunset and sea are still my first loves.
  5. Rain! Rain sometimes melts my heart. That feeling of something that deeply touches your heart.
  6. Lately, even just a picture of flowers attracts me so much. I feel beautiful even if I just saw one in a picture. Haha!
  7. P E R S E V E R A N C E – God’s big word for me this new season (James 1:2-5)
  8. God blessed me with the ability to write and I know I have to nurture it.
  9. The enemies are real.
  10. But God is far bigger than anything in your head.
  11. ‘SINIGANG na may gabi, yung pinakamaasim sa lahat!’. If you know me well, this is the first revelation you will now quickly about me.
  12. My go-to restaurant is Giligans. Because, sinigang!
  13. My Mama is the proof of ‘Actions speak louder than words.’
  14. Not fond of shopping not until this year. New season it is. Haha!
  15. Dreamed of joining the Little Miss Philippines when I was young
  16. I can reach my nose with my tongue.
  17. When I was in grade 6, I talked to God that whoever gives me my very first Bible will be my husband. My crush gave me a Bible when I was in 2nd year! Haha! Pero nagbreak din kami. Super puppy love. LOL
  18. I am in love with making websites.
  19. My best friends are Maco and Angelic. Love them both!
  20. Just knew that I love banana split. Cafe Lidia’s banana split is heaven!
  21. I love singing though not sure if it loves me as well. Haha! Follow me on soundcloud!
  22. Long drives with pouring rain are my thing.
  23. Currently, walls in my heart are just too high.
  24. Late night walks with the best people are one of the best!
  25. God has promised me new and godly relationships this new season
  26. Currently brewing a project called ‘Project Pii Time’. I know! It sounds.. off. Haha.
  27. One of the reasons I blog is because I am a forgetful lady.
  28. Dalawa pa lang ang lalaking pinayagan kong ihatid ako pauwi sa bahay.
  29. I have almost 30 Facebook Pages
  30. ..and almost 20 blogs
  31. My first choice for my course in college is IT. But, naubusan ng slot.
  32. Only child here!
  33. I love my Mama so much.
  34. Not good in giving up on people.
  35. Sometimes, I talk too much.
  36. Sometimes, I am also good at being snobbish and sad.
  37. I love hugs! Long, tight hugs.
  38. Still not comfortable with one on one dates with guys.
  39. I love how God answers me with His ‘Yes, No, and Wait’. And that’s when I learned to study His word.
  40. 2017 is by far the most painful yet greatest year ever.
  41. My face and hands have the capacity to turn to a waterfalls sometimes. Yes, always, always perspiring. Minsan, nakakainis na. Huhu.
  42. I have always been a beach lover. I love how the gentle sound of the waves give me peace.
  43. Bringing my Mama to Batanes and Korea are some of my faith goals next year!
  44. One of my best days at work was when I accompanied our Juanderlust winner to tour the whole Masbate (4N5D), Laguna (2N3D), Iloilo, Guimaras, Boracay (6N7D)! I miss those times!
  45. If I would go back to a certain place here in the Philippines, it would be Banaue and Sagada. Everything feels surreal. I feel like I belong there.
  46. The best decision I ever made is when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. No turning back. Best decision ever.
  47. Currently working in Shopee. Let me know if you want me to refer you. 😉
  48. Tagging 2019 as the year of investments and super adulting.
  49. Mentioned above that 2017 is my most painful year, I think I can now say it’s 2019.
  50. I get so tired easily. #gettingold