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3 Easy Steps on How to Start Your Day Right and Be Productive

Have you ever felt feeling guilty at the end of the day because you think you never did anything productive throughout the day? Well, I guess you never did plan for your day. Always remember that famous quote, “Time is gold”

Yes, it still and will forever be one of the best quotes in life that we have to live by. And I am pretty sure that by starting your day right together with handwork, self-discipline, and perseverance, you will feel that you fully maximized your time for the day. 

So, here is my step-by-step process in utilizing my time and I hope this will help you as well.

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3 Easy Steps on How to Start Your Day Right and Be Productive

These steps are super easy but powerful. And if not taken seriously, you will not achieve the desired outcome.


Maybe you’re thinking, “Wait, we’re talking about ‘starting’ here, not ending!” 

Yes, you are right!

But in order to start your day right, you also have to end it right. Agree?

Ending your day right means writing the things you have accomplished for the day before you go to sleep.

With this, you can monitor your progress and see how well you have done for the day. After looking back on the things you’ve done, write down as well the things you needed to do for tomorrow.

You can now anticipate the things that you have to prioritize for the next day.


As much as possible, don’t oversleep/undersleep.

Sleeping for 9 hours or more will make you feel very unproductive throughout your day.

Sleeping under 8 hours though will usually make you feel a little agitated, thus being unproductive throughout the day.

Why not challenge yourself to exercise waking up a bit earlier than usual?

After saying a little prayer and stretching a little bit, and open your journal and review the things you needed to do for the day and schedule your time.

Exercise your thoughts because it will drive your day!

If you think you are lazy on this day, you will really be lazy and will not do anything productive. Shift your mind to see things positively and you will see your dreams coming true.


I am pretty sure that for a couple of days, you may feel very lazy coping up with your schedule.

Don’t worry. We all experienced that in one way or another in our life.

But practice makes progress and daily progress is a sure way to hit the goal! Make your schedule a habit. It really feels good seeing your To-Do things written in your journal were all ticked out at the end of the day!


Every one of us already felt that we need to be more productive and that time should not be wasted, and we have to succeed in whatever goals we have.

I still suggest to open your mind, see the bigger picture, and try to not pressure yourself and beat yourself each time you fail.

Every day is a new day to live life to the fullest, to live the life you really want, to live with your maximum potential.