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    Tayog-Tayog | A Ghost Ship in Siquijor?

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    Tayog-Tayog Siquijor Ghost Ship, a well-known myth to the locals of Lazi in Siquijor is making rounds on the internet after it was featured in the famous Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho (KJMS).

    Tayog-Tayog Siquijor Ghost Ship

    ‘Tayog-Tayog’ is derived from their local dialect ‘tayog‘ which means quake because each time the ship shows up between 12 midnight until 2 AM, ‘tayog‘ is being felt in the area.

    Many locals and tourists have seen the Tayog Tayog Siquijor ships and they too couldn’t believe what they have seen. What’s creepier about these ships is that they disappear within a couple of minutes.

    One local fisherman went fishing in the evening and saw a big ship full of ‘enkantos’ in 1970’s.

    After which, the myth went on until today.

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    According to KMJS team, these ships dock in Bulwarte which is found inside the forest of Siquijor.

    The coast guards together with the Paranormal Expert tried to go after the ships but Tayog Tayog moved faster and it disappeared just so quickly.

    Many still don’t believe in these ghost ships saying that there really are some ships just passing in the area.

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    But for the locals in Lazi Siquijor, the videos that KMJS recorded is one of the best proofs that these are indeed Tayog-Tayog Siquijor ghosts ships. What do you think? Do you wanna see the ships too?

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