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    The Memorable August 2020

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    I am trying to blog all my monthly goals and life updates every month HERE since my memory fails me every time. Hehe.

    And this month is indeed a month to remember. Last July and August, I prayed and thank God because still, family, friends, and I are safe from COVID 19.

    However, this August, I got sick and yes, I am COVID 19 positive. Will talk about it more in a separate blog post.

    Here are some of the updates for my August goals.

    AUGUST 2020 TOP 3 GOALS UPDATE (1/3)

    You may check my full blog post for August in this LINK.

    1. Double sales from last month for Alltreats – We only got around 25% comparing to our July sales. Sad but we only operated for the first 10 days of the month last August. We got really sick last month.
    2. Complete papers for our CamNorte tasks – We haven’t processed anything this month.
    3. Apply for online lecture so that I can get my student driver license – DONE! Got to attend the seminar last August 15 – 16. Will process my exam this month.

    August 2020 Bucket List Update

    1. Visit a beach – been craving for some vitamin sea lately – Of course, this didn’t happen.
    2. Dye my hair – YES!!! Finally dyed my hair with Ryan’s help. Hehe
    3. Focus on my daily day and night skincare routine – Nope.
    4. Try out the daily 5-minute journal – First 10 days only.
    5. More self-care this month – I can say yes to this.
    6. 1 blog per week – Nope.
    7. Send gifts to closest family and friends – Nope because we got sick. Hope to do this this month.
    8. Start minimalism – Nope.
    9. Plant more veggies – Nope but we’re happy with our vegetable garden now!

    Other Significant Things that Happened in August 2020

    1. I am Covid 19 positive.
    2. Ryan is now a very good driver! Love it!
    3. I am happy to say that Ryan is a very caring partner. We got closer emotionally because of what happened to us.
    4. Our veggies have grown bigger! We are now ready to harvest our pechay!
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    Pia Bernaldo
    In love with coffee dates, mountains, and beaches. Currently in the season and process of unlearning, relearning, and learning together with God.

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