Tips to Make Your House Look De-Cluttered

As the homemaker, when the responsibility is completely on you to make the house look systematic and well maintained, things turn out to be very challenging for you.

We are sure that you make the best possible effort to make things fall in place but still you fail to give that perfect look to the house. When truly this is the condition with you, then trust us following some tricks and tips can make your house look less cluttered with minimum effort.

Before moving to the tips, it is important to understand that once you are done with the setting of the house, make sure to clean the floor, corners of your sofa and, back of the entertainment units etc with your vacuum cleaner.

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Reduce open space in the house: In case you are having a wall with enough open shelving, an open entertainment unit along with side tables just beside the sofas, then that indicates too much open space. Almost everything you are having in the house places on shelves is visible to you making the interior look cluttered. Organizational design expert, like Laura Cattano, recommends investing in boxes where you can safely store some basic and non-personal items. It should include those things that need for domestic use but that not on regular basis. The choice of boxes can be like a basic container for storage which can be placed inside a closet or even boxes with aesthetic appeal to enhance the look of the interior. The main concept here is to keep things behind the curtain and out of vision.

Create a specific storage space with tabletop trays: When the need is to systematically arrange and maintain items that need to be kept open and in and around the house. For example, the keys bunch in the hallway or after bath products like body lotion, cologne or cream in bathroom counters. Cattano suggested finding ways to keep such items in the group by creating specific storage space with tabletop trays. This trick is a simple yet creative way to make the position of items in different sections of the house. That way, it looks intentional and less cluttered. Cattano gave a good example in this regard. She said she keeps a decorative tray on her coffee table, and on it, she places candles and a vase. She added that it would have been easy for her to place the candles right on the vase placed on the table, but to make it look different she used the tray for a calm and soothing look on the coffee table.

Let light play in your home interior: When your only wish is to reduce the amount of clutter in the interior then add up more light in the interior space as enough amount of light will be the key element to represent the illusion depicting a wider space. Cattano said that not only can light fixtures act as an anchor to expand the space, but it will visually open it up.

Fix up wires and plugs: One major villain to a clutter-free interior look is the ugly appearance of the ill-fitted, exposed wires moving from outlets to reach different devices in the different room. If you are having an entertainment unit where you place your music system or television, create a closed part in the unit itself so that you can easily move the cord right at the back. Many people prefer to make the best possible effort to tuck wires at the back of something to make it invisible. Cattano gave the advice to avoid hiding the wire or cords by forcefully bringing some unwanted stuff in front to create a curtain. If the stuff falls you’ll find yourself with extra work of removing additional clutter to manage with. To go simple, make use of a cord cover, or move the wires right behind your sofas or even under the rugs to keep it visually out of sight.

Make some physical effort to reduce the amount of clutter in the house: One of the surprising ways and definitely a major one to reduce the appearance of clutter is by making some physical effort to reduce the amount of clutter in the house. Don’t make the haphazard fixing of the clutter without thinking about anything. Cattano advised a system to implement which she denotes as editing. She considers it a better and thoughtful process. She said that first, you need to figure out who you are you, how you are wishing to stay, and how you want to look like. Now, pick those stuff which offers you the scope to do that and remove the rest stuff that doesn’t match your needs and expectations.

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