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    Week 21 Challenge | Back to blogging (2018)

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    Earlier today, I made some serious decisions in my blogging career.

    If you don’t know yet, I have been blogging (inconsistently!!!) for around 10 years already. But every time I feel like someone is reading my posts, I quickly delete it all without even thinking twice. Oh yes! Hello, overthinking me!

    However, 2014 came when I decided to get serious in blogging and first purchased a domain for this passion blog,

    And then, the rest is history.

    After months of blogging, I got exposed to different kinds of opportunities (hotel reviews, fam tours and many more) and lovely people which I gladly thank God for.

    After I made a number of websites, I decided to focus on a new business blog,

    As mentioned earlier, I made some big decisions for my blogs this year that I really have to stick. No turning back, Pia! Please!

    Ever since I started blogging, my main goal is to make my websites one of the main sources of my passive income. Still clinging on to this goal because I know it’s possible! I actually got around $300 already from Google Adsense and some pesos and dollars for my affiliate marketing.

    If I earned this amount without even exerting so much effort, what if I start to get serious again?


    Maybe you already have an idea of my Week 20 Challenge!

    This week, I will be focusing on content. I have already optimized and and will also check if I can still change the layout for

    1. 4 blog posts for
    2. 4 blog posts for

    I already have a calendar for my posts and even a monthly KPI. Haha!

    How can I complete this challenge?

    Yes, 8 blogs for a week means crying buckets of tears for me. Haha! I know I have to juggle my full-time work and this side hustle if I want to see improvements already. But these are just some of the strategies I thought of to complete this challenge.

    1. Monday to Tuesday – Decide what to be written for all 8 blogs. Make an outline so everything will be easy to write. Start drafting the first four blogs while on the way to the office using Evernote. Complete the drafts while on the bus going home. Just write and write without thinking of the grammar, punctuations, and flow.
    2. Wednesday to Thursday – Recheck all 4 drafts and start editing photos in Canva. Make sure everything’s ready for posting before the day ends. Schedule posts for the current week. Start drafting the other 2 posts.
    3. Friday – Recheck the other 2 drafts and focus on completing everything together with the photos, links, etc. Schedule blogs for posting before the day ends.
    4. Saturday – Start drafting the last 2 posts together with the photos, links, etc.

    I know this schedule is really tight but I hope I can follow this through. Will let you know if I succeed!


    1. 4 blog posts for
    2. 4 blog posts for
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    Although I was not able to complete the four articles on Visit Manila, I can still say that this challenge is successful! Never thought I could publish 9 articles in just one week!


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    Pia Bernaldo
    In love with coffee dates, mountains, and beaches. Currently in the season and process of unlearning, relearning, and learning together with God.

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