Where to in BGC: Bari-Uma Ramen

If you are looking for a new ramen house to try in BGC, Taguig, we highly suggest Bari-Uma Ramen in Serendra.

The place is not that bug but can still accommodate the family and the whole barkada! Just make sure you go there earlier before the peak hours!

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‘Bari-Uma’ Ramen | The Super Tasty Ramen

Bari-Uma Ramen actually originated in Hiroshima, Japan in 2003. They are famous for theirtonkotsu shoyu base, which is tagged as Japan’s “strongest tonkotsu broth” (meaning the most flavorful in Japanese).

Also, ‘Bari’ means super and “Uma” means tasty in Japanese. Yes, Super Tasty indeed.

Bari-Uma is also present in neighboring countries like Hongkong,
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and of course, Japan.

Bari-Uma Ramen Details

Before we start about our experience, here are some of the restaurant’s details that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Location: Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Mobile Number: +63 9063360930
  • Opening hours: 11am – 10pm
  • Average Cost: PHP1300 for two people (approx.)
  • Cuisines: Japanese

Bari-Uma Ramen is housed in Serendra, BGC, Taguig City. To exercise your imagination, if you are familiar in BGC, if you will be coming from High Street going to Serendra, Bari-Uma is at your right, and if from Market! Market!, you need to check the left side.

Because I can already call myself a BGC girl since I’m currently working there, I dind’t have any diffifulty in finding the place. Plus, there are lots of kind Kuya guards around the area that you can ask naman.

Upon entrance, you would notice the smiling staff of already guiding you to the vacant tables.

What I love about the place even if it’s a little small is that you will immediately feel the Japanese vibes because of it’s interior designs.

The place is quite small and there are just a few customers enjoying their ramen (I think it was around 1 PM then). Though if I remember correctly, I heard that when it’s lunch and dinner time, the place usually gets full.

So, be there early, ramen lover!

What to eat at Bari-Uma?

Aside from their super tasty ramens, they have other Japanese dishes that will surely satisfy you. Mind you, I got so full that day!

Let’s start with the highlight, Ramens, of course!

1. Ajitama-Uma Ramen

Price: PHP 380.00

This pork flavored shoyu soup is complemented with grilled thick-cut chashu, seasoned bamboo shoots, Spring Onions and flavored egg for only PHP 380.00.

2. Nori-Tama-Uma

Price: PHP 420.00

For less than five hundred bucks, you’ll have pork flavored shoyu soup, with grilled thick-cut chashu, Seaweed, seasoned bamboo shoots, Spring Onions and flavored egg.

3. Kara-Tama-Uma Ramen

Price: PHP 420.00

Still, for less than five hundred, you’ll get pork flavored shoyu spicy soup, with grilled thick-cut chashu, seasoned bamboo shoots, Spring Onions and flavored egg.

If you are a spicy food lover like me, Kara-Tama-Uma is perfect for you! When this arrived at our table, I knew exactly what to get first.

And mind you, it didn’t disappoint! Try it if you want a spicy ramen.

4. Shoyu-Uma (Light soup)

Price: PHP 320.00

This ramen is pork flavored shoyu light soup, with grilled thick-cut chashu, seasoned bamboo shoots and Spring Onions.

5. Chashu-Uma Ramen

PHP 480.00

Pork flavored shoyu soup with grilled thick-cut 4pcs of Chashu, seasoned bamboo shoots, and Spring Onions.

6. Okasama-Uma Ramen

PHP 320.00

Also, don’t worry if you’ll bring your kids with you as Bari-Uma also offers Kid’s Ramen for only PHP 320!

7 . Gyoza

I am honestly never a fan of gyoza as well. Last time I ate gyoza I think was when I was with my blogger friend Allan at Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss in Makati.

But this one’s different. I can really feel the meat and it’s really tasty.


  • Crispy and juicy gyoza
    • PHP 180 – 5 pcs
    • PHP 340 – 10 pcs
  • Spicy Gyoza
    • PHP 200 – 5 pcs
    • PHP 380 – 10 pcs
  • Teriyaki Gyoza
    • PHP 200 – 5 pcs
    • PHP 380 – 10 pcs
  • Age Mayo Salad Gyoza
    • PHP 200 – 5 pcs
    • PHP 380 – 10 pcs

8. Deep Fried Chicken

What I love about their chicken is it’s so juicy because their chickens are marinated with garlic, shoyu, vinegar and black pepper.

  • Karaage
  • Spicy Karaage
  • Teriyaki Karaage
  • TartarKaraage


  • PHP 200 – 4 pcs
  • PHP 380 – 8 pcs

9. Japanese Authentic Yakitori

Yakitori Combo
Assorted grilled skewered meat ( Chicken and pork)
PHP 230 – 5 sticks

Yakitori (Chicken and Pork)
PHP 99 – 2 sticks

10. Japanese Clay Pot Rice

Japanese Clay Pot Rice Chashu
A pot of rive with diced chashu, egg, carrots and spring onions.
PHP 230.00

Japanese Clay Pot Rice Karaage
A pot of rice topped with deep-fried chicken, egg, carrots and spring onions.
PHP 230.00


House Blend Ice Tea

Sake (Rice Wine) and Japanese Beer

If you’re looking for a cold wine or beer to complete your Japanese cravings, fret not because Bari-Uma has rice wines and Japanese beer for you!

Yamada Nishiki Sake – PHP 490.00
Kirin Beer – PHP 140.00
UtuUto/Fufu Premium Sake – Php 1,500.00

Bari-Uma Ramen Menu


Craving for Kara-Tama-Uma right now! I really love the spice and the tenderness of the meat. Same with their Yakitori. Their house blend iced tea is also a surprise for me. I actually wanted to ask for a second glass. Haha!

Anyway, overall, I love how tasty, not just the ramens are, but every dish that was served to us. Will definitely be back!

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