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    7 Activities and Attractions at Zoocobia, Pampanga

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    Zoocobia Pampanga is a fun zoo theme park by the Zoomanity Group that boasts a variety of interesting and enjoyable activities and attractions including the first gravity car ride in the Philippines called the Zooc Ride.

    Zooc Ride is suitable for all ages and will surely give you a thrilling experience. Other attractions also include the Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Giant Slides and Birds of Paradise, a close encounter with different colorful birds nestled in the tree’s branches.

    Situated at the luscious paradise in the middle of Clark Freeport ZoneZoocobia offers the best nature and animal experience for families, barkada day tour, and other organizational and educational trips.

    Zoocobia pampanga
    Welcome to Zoocobia! 🙂

    Here are some of the attractions that you will see and experience when you visit Zoocobia at Clark Freeport Zone:


    1. Bird Thrill

    And yes, we were indeed thrilled of these cute and colorful birds! We had a very close encounter with these lovely birds, though they didn’t land on one of my palms to eat seeds. Guess they don’t want sweaty palms! Haha!

    zoocbia pampanga rates zoocbia pampanga rates

    2. Birds of Paradise

    I am honestly not a fan of birds perched on my hand or shoulder. I just feel like they would bite me with just one bad move! But then, I conquered my fear with this pretty and cute bird! You will find more birds here like the Philippines Eagle and many more.

    zoocbia pampanga rates

    zoocobia pampanga rates zoocbia pampanga rates

    3. Garden Maze

    Zoocobia’s Garden Maze is not your usual maze! While checking how to get out of the maze, you will get to see different animal topiaries! Go through the labyrinth and find yourself out of it!

    zoocobia pampanga zoocobia pampanga

    4. Philippines Pride

    Philippines Pride will showcase you the best of the best — our Philippines’ Bests! One of my favorite animals here is the Bear Cat Civet! I was so lucky because I had a very close encounter with this pretty ball of fur.

    zoocobia pampanga zoocobia pampanga zoocobia pampanga

    5. The Barn

    This one big barn is full of baby farm animals like goats, sheeps, pot bellied pigs, and many more! Experience bottle feeding to your delight! We also fed horses, camels, goats to name a few.

    zoocobia pampanga zoocobia pampanga zoocobia pampanga

    6. Zooc Ride

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    This gravity car ride is indeed one among the best rides I’ve ever had in my life! Experience the thrill of riding your own car with the help of gravity. This is a 400 meter track with three curves which will serve as your way to super thrilling ride!

    zoocobia pampanga rates zoocobia pampanga rates zoocobia pampanga rates

    7. Animal and Bone Museum

    This museum boasts of numerous animal bones all with description and history. Though my favorite here is the ostrich egg which is equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs and takes 60-80 minutes to boil. Interesting!

    zoo angeles pampanga

    zoo angeles pampanga zoo angeles pampanga zoo angeles pampanga

    Zoocobia Day Tour Packages

    For your hotel needs, you may book at and get big discounts! Zoocobia Fan Park is indeed perfect for family adventure, educational tour, and the likes.

    zoocobia day tour packages

    For more information, you may follow and visit them on their social media accounts:

    BOOK ONLINE: TravelBook X Zoocobia





    Contact No.: 0922 717 2402

    Disclaimer:  Thanks Zoomanity Group for inviting us over to experience 
    the best of Zoocobia, Pampanga. Photo credits to Ace Paragoyo of
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