1. Start Victory Foundations class 
           – After four Saturdays, we finished the foundations class (now called Purple Book Class last May 27! We were the 2nd batch for this year! Hooray!
           – Making Disciples Class  – The next Saturday right after the Purple Book Class, we went through the Making Disciples Class.
2. One2One at least 1 one person
            – Started my One2One with my friend!
3. Lead a Victory group
            – Praying, praying for this, this year!
4. Attend Victory training/classes
             – Time and time again, I have been attending training and classes in Victory Pioneer that would help me in my walk with God.
5. Join a ministry in Victory
             – I am in the Kids Church now! Huhu!
6. Mama to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior
             – Praying real hard for this one. If you’re reading this, can I ask a favor? Please help me pray for her.
7. Be consistent in my Victory Group
             – Currently, I have been consistent in attending our Victory Group! It’s not because I have to or Ate Charis (my Victory Group Leader) says so but I want to know God more and that I would love to fellowship with people who loves Jesus.


1. Maintain a blog and turn it into business
2. Work abroad
3. Be a TV show guest featuring my blogs
4. Write for a magazine/newspaper
5. Have a stable business
6. Buy own house for Mama
7. Decorate my own room
8. Fully constructed house
9. Apply any NYC’s International Program
10.SSS and PAGIBIG loan (Haha! Yes!)
11. Apply to UPOU Diploma for Research and Development


1. Be married at 28y/o Be happy while waiting and trusting God for the best love story ever written
2. Meet my Father before my wedding
3. Meet new friends
            – God did not just gave me (and is continuously giving) new friends but also, He renewed a lot of relationships in this season!
4. Establish Godly relationships
            – God has promised to give me new relationships in this season. And He did! <3
5. Make lots of memories with my Mama!
            – Planning a Batangas trip with Mama. She wants to go to the beach daw <3

Places To Visit (International)

1. Europe
2. Singapore
3. Japan
4. South Korea
5. Dubai
6. Thailand

Places To Visit (Local)

1. Palawan
2. Batanes
3. Sagada
4. Banaue
5. Bontoc

Go on Adventure

1. Witness snow!
2. Go scuba diving!
3. Watch sunset with the love of my life
4. Fly first class
5. Fly in a hot air balloon
6. Be in a field full of flowers
7. See the Northern lights
8. Try ice skating
9. Climb mountains
              – May 7 – First mountain to hike are Mts. Cayabu and Maynuba + 8 Waterfalls in Tanay, Rizal
              – June 12 – Mount Ulap in Benguet
10. Go on a solo trip in Bontoc
11. Take Mama out of the country!
12. Buy a car and learn to drive
13. Volunteer
14. Be a joiner on a trip to anywhere!
             – May 7 – Mts. Cayabu and Maynuba in Tanay Rizal
15. Join PAS stargazing/meteor shower event
16. Try scuba diving

Things To Learn

1. Cook Filipino dishes Started with Ginisang Ampalaya! Haha.
2. Learn how to use make up!
3. Love yourself (Haha!)
Rose Bucket List