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Camaya Coast Hotel, Bataan – Summer Outing

Camaya Coast Hotel, Bataan – Summer Outing

Camaya Sands, Bataan – Summer Outing 3.16.13


  • Operations Department was really, really excited last March 16, 2013. Some arrived very early even though our call time is 4:30 AM. Out of the three buses that RLC used, we wer e the first one to go since we were already complete.
  • One thing I love about our very long bus ride was the beautiful scenes; the green fields, the heart-capturing sunrise, the clear sky and the noisy, crazy people around me.
  • After about 4 hours of bus ride we then went boat riding! We’re the last to go out the bus that’s why we don’t have any choice but to sit under the sun for the whole trip since the boat was already full. Yet, we still enjoyed the scene and the calm sea. And after about 20 minutes, Camaya Sands welcomed us with a warm smile. 🙂 The crews greeted us too with a wet, cold towel. Maybe they’re expecting that we were exhausted from our very long trip.
  •  Then lunch time came! All I can is yuuum! Foods were really delicious. They prepared vegetable salad, lechon, beef steak and many more! There were separate tables for make-your-own vegetable salad and you can also choose if you want halo-halo or shake! And, these were all unlimited. Happy tummy indeed!
  • After a short break from our lunch, we quickly headed to the shower room and changed clothes for swimming. I wore a see through orange top with my pink bikini top and black swimming shorts. And, off we went to the beach!
  •  Charlie and I had been partners on that one day escapade. We went kayaking! That was really fun; however, we went outside the boarder line and I was very, very scared even though I know how to swim and we have our life jacket. But still, we enjoyed our Kayaking!
  • We also went swimming on the infinity pool. Good thing our engineers were there because we don’t want to call ourselves losers for spending the day with just us two. HAHA. Two ‘first time’ happened to me today. First, it was my first time to see an infinity pool. HAHA. Second, it was my first time to swim with just my bikini top and shorts. Felt so good! I felt very light and comfortable. 🙂
  • 3:45 PM came and we were requested to go back to the pavilion for some picture taking. Charlie and I borrowed Ate Joan’s camera and yes! We had another set of jump shots! However, Ate Joan and Wii doesn’t want to do the jump shot; the others too were nowhere to be found, so in the end Charlie, Jayson and I did our first set of jump shots. It’s still fun!! 😀 
  • HR came and requested everyone to take a pose for the picture taking. We had many sets of pictures. And of course, Charlie and I were on the front! HAHA! On my right is Sir Bobot and on my left is Charlie. Hihi. We did the ‘rawr’ pose, the jump shot, the serious shot and many more! I had so much fun!

Okay, so before we go to my ‘Ugh!” moments, here’s a glimpse of Camaya Sands Hotel’s rooms. We haven’t tried this but they said Camaya hotel rooms are the best in Bataan.


  • Days before the outing, we have already announced that we have to be at the meeting place by 4:30 AM so that our bus could go as early as 5AM. However, one of our colleagues was late. So, the departure time which has to be 5:15 AM came down to 6:00 AM. We arrived at Camaya by 10:30 AM.
  • I was the coordinator of our our group that’s why I was not able to sleep on the entire trip. But, it’s okay still. I had so much fun and glee looking at the sunrise, the clear sky, the green fields and the calm sea. I will never get tired saying this all over again. Hehe. 🙂
  • My head was aching that time, I had mood swings and all I want to do is to sleep. It was really a no-no for me. 
  • We didn’t play any game. 
  • We didn’t do the cheer. We made props pa naman.
  • When we’re on our way home, our bus broke down. What happened was the two buses ahead of us came back and we crammed ourselves in. Good thing the buses were not so full.
  • Above all, I did not enjoy the very long trip. I don’t know why. I used to enjoy very long trips like that. Hmm. Maybe I am getting old already. Haha.

Despite these Ugh’s, I really had fun! I want to thank Robinsons Land Corporation for these once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed the fine sand, the sweet infinity pool, the green grass, the calm sea, the foods and the people that I have been with. 


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