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    Corregidor Island | Historical Spots, Accommodation, Tour Rates, Getting Around

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    Corregidor Island is a tadpole-shaped island situated at the entrance of Manila Bay in the Philippines. It is known for its historical contribution to the defense of Manila because of its strategic location.

    Corregidor may be a small island but this 48-kilometer long island stands as a memorial for the courage and heroism of our Filipino forefathers and American defenders who fought the Japanese during World War II.

    Where is Corregidor located?

    Majority of the people I meet, if asked where is Corregidor located, they would insist it’s part of the Bataan peninsula. Years before, I would personally insist on this as well but after researching (and this trip as a proof), Corregidor Island is part ofCavite.

    I think Corregidor Island is mostly known to be part of Bataan because it is linked to the Death March that happened in Bataan. But, yes! Corregidor is actually part of Cavite City, Cavite.

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    corregidor map
    Photo by Wikipedia

    How to get to Corregidor Island?

    The most popular way to get to Corregidor Island is through the only accredited agency, Sun Cruises. 

    Sun Cruises provides one internationally-classed vessel/fast ferry to cater the round trip transfers to and from Corregidor Island.

    Sun Cruiser II can accommodate a maximum of 280 passengers per ride which totals to 560 passengers in a day.

    corregidor bataan
    Sea Side Terminal | Sun Cruises

    You may book through their website at or their partner agency,

    But if you are one of those who have their own vessels, (yes, ikaw na! Pa-experience, please!) you may coordinate directly with Sun Cruises for the tour packages and special arrangements.

    how to go to corregidor
    Inside Sun Cruises vessel going to Corregidor Island.
    how to go to corregidor
    Lovely morning <3

    Sun Cruises
    Seaside Boulevard, SM MOA Complex

    What to see in Corregidor Island?

    Before we start, I just wanna say that I had so much admiration to the government bodies, third-party organizations, partners, and especially to the Corregidor Foundation, which has been in the works for several years already to protect the island, promote full restoration, and conserve the history and its contribution to the Philippines.

    Upon arrival in Corregidor’s port, we were immediately welcomed by some refreshing drinks and this pretty tram!

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    Below are just some of the remnants of the past that can still be seen in Corregidor. I urge each and every one of you reading this to visit and explore Corregidor.

    1. Malinta Tunnel

    Where did the name ‘Malinta’ come from? ‘Malinta’ is derived from the word ‘leech’ because during the old times, Malinta Hills, is full of leeches or ‘linta’ in tagalog, hence, Ma-linta.

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    The Malinta Tunnel was built by the American soldiers for storage and bunker but was later equipped with 1000 hospital beds.

    During the war, it was said that there were 2,000 Japanese soldiers who committed suicide when the US began bombing the tunnel resulting in the blockage of the entrance in 1945.

    malinta tunnel corregidor

    Back in the days, I have heard and read stories about the Malinta Tunnel so I know the place has a very tragic past. That’s why I was so nervous while entering the tunnel’s doors.

    I can still remember the loud pound of my heart. Haha! This is during our day tour, by the way. Wait for our night lateral tour!

    malinta tunnel corregidor

    2. Corregidor Hospital Ruins

    It was a creepy visit, honestly. The area was so quiet and I can only just imagine what had happened in the past – the bombings, the shouts and cries of the wounded soldiers, the doctors and nurses running..

    Corregidor’s Hospital was shaped like a cross for the reason that in the event of a conflict, it will be spared. But apparently, the Japanese didn’t mind this cross-shaped hospital and was bombed all out.

    On to this day, there are a number of creepy drawings and writings in the walls of the hospital. I really thought we were going to visit the hospital in the evening — good thing we didn’t. We were there from 5PM to 6PM, I guess.

    After the hospital was totally devastated, they transferred to some of the laterals of the Malinta Tunnel, hence, the 1,000 hospital bed.

    3. Middleside Barracks 

    Middle Side Barracks was built by the Americans in 1915 and was used as quarters of the 60th Coast Artillery anti-aircraft regiment, United States Regular Army, and the Philippines Scouts.

    The Middle Side Barracks was bombed by the Japanese in the year 1941.

    During my research about the middle side barracks, I found something interesting that was not mentioned in our tour. Check it here.

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    3. Filipino Hero Memorial (FHM)

    One of the newest installations, this memorial is for the Filipino people who helped in the battle of Corregidor.

    Located at the tail-end of the island, this site honors every soldier, leader, doctors, nurses who fought and died to protect the island of Corregidor during World War II.

    4. Crater of a Dead Volcano

    Unknown to many, Corregidor has a dead volcano. It was said that the four islands near Corregidor were formed due to the eruption of the volcano years ago.

    5. The Filipino Woman Park

    Near the Filipino Hero Memorial park is The Filipino Woman Park. This is a site symbolizing courage and bravery during the war.

    6. Mile Long Barracks

    7. Japanese Garden of Peace

    As mentioned by our tour guide, in 1986, a group of Japanese gathered around 40 socks of bones in the area out of 4,000 Japanese soldiers who died in Corregidor.

    The site was built to honor all soldier, may it be Americans, Filipinos, or Japanese, who died and fought in the island.


    7. Pacific War Memorial and Museum

    8. Battery Grubbs

    Glad we ended our day here at the Battery Grubbs just so ready with the sunset.

    9. Eternal Flame

    We went here to experience the sun rise.

    10. Battery Way

    11. Japanese Tunnel

    12. San Jose Chapel

    Sample Corregidor 2-Day Tour Itinerary

    • Check-in at the terminal – 6:30AM
    • Boarding – 7:00AM
    • Estimated Time of Departure (Manila) – 7:30AM
    • Estimated Time of Arrival (Corregidor) – 9:00AM
    • Guided Tour – 9:10AM
    • Night lateral tour – 5:00PM
    • Morning tour – 6:00AM
    • Estimated Time of Departure (Corregidor) – 2:30PM
    • Estimated Time of Arrival (Manila) – 4:00PM

    Tour Rates and Packages

    Corregidor Historical Tram Tour

    AdultChild Rate (3-11y/o)
    Weekday RateP3,358P1,944
    Weekend RateP3,629P1,944

    Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila-Corregidor-Manila)
    – Guided island tour
    – Shrine and Island entrance fees
    – Buffet lunch with drinks
    – Day tour kit

    Corregidor Overnight Rate Package

    Room Rate – SingleP5,250
    Room Rate – Twin/DoubleP7,500
    Extra BedP3,500
    Family Room (5 pax)P15,000

    Complimentary Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila-Corregidor-Manila)
    – Overnight Accommodation at Corregidor Inn
    – Shrine and Island entrance fees
    – Full board meals
    – Day tour kit

    Corregidor Adventure Game (The Rock Challenge)

    Rate per pax

    Note: Minimum 15 pax

    Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila-Corregidor-Manila)
    – Corregidor adventure game
    – Shrine and Island entrance fees
    – Buffet lunch with drinks
    – Complimentary historical tour
    – Day tour kit

    Corregidor Historical Walking Tour

    Rate per pax

    Note: Minimum 5 pax

    Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila-Corregidor-Manila)
    – Walking Tour
    – Shrine and Island entrance fees
    – Buffet lunch with drinks
    – Complimentary historical tour
    – Day tour kit


    Joining Tour – P650 per pax
    Outdoor Activities – P550 per pax
    (sunset and sunrise viewing, hospital tour, easy hike)
    Kayak – P500 per hour

    Where to stay in Corregidor?

    Corregidor Island has only one accommodation in the area – Corregidor Inn. This newly-renovated inn has 31 rooms good for couples, families, and barkada.

    Complimentary Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila-Corregidor-Manila)
    – Overnight Accommodation at Corregidor Inn
    – Shrine and Island entrance fees
    – Full board meals
    – Day tour kit

    We stayed in their twin room!

    Corregidor Overnight Rate PackagRate
    Room Rate – SingleP5,250
    Room Rate – Twin/DoubleP7,500
    Extra BedP3,500
    Family Room (5 pax)P15,000

    Where to eat in Corregidor?

    Days before our scheduled trip to Corregidor, I browsed about the place and read that previous guests where not that happy with the food.

    So, when we arrived at the place, I was surprised that their food tasted great! As in, promise. One of my highlights here were the food.

    Corregidor Tour Packages

    1. Chill
    2. Thrill
    3. Learn
    4. Cheers

    Chill Package

    • Corregidor Inn (Boutique Hotel)
    • Glamping
    • Swimming
    • Spa and massage
    • Sunset and Sunrise viewing
    • Movie by the beach with bonfire

    The Rock Challenge (Adventure Race)

    • Exciting team building challenge of mental and physical tasks in exchange for clues hidden in several historical landmarks on Corregidor Island
    • Discover the more interesteing and mysterious side of Corregidor
    • Runs for about 2 to 3 hours depending on speed of play
    • Minimim of 10 players
    • Includes buffet or packed lunch

    Thrill Package

    • The Rock Challenge (Adventure Race)
    • Island Pike XP (Picnic + Hike Experience)
    • Bike Corregidor
    • Nature Hike
    • Night Lateral Tunnel Tour
    • Army Post Hospital Tour
    • Camp Adventure
    • Rock Balancing
    • Kayaking


    • Historical Walking Tour
    • Historical Tram Tour
    • Photographer’s Package
    • Educational Trips
    • Hotel and Vessel Familiarization
    • Yoga Class


    • Wedding Package
    • Pre-Nuptial Package
    • Birthday Package
    • Corporate events

    Other Corregior Island Photos

    Pia’s Thoughts

    After this trip, every time friends and family ask me where should they travel next, I always tell them to never skip Corregidor. I don’t know if it’s only me but I left Corregidor with a heavy heart. I felt like I have had a deeper connection to the island.

    Knowing its infamous history, being with the very buildings that were used before, being and knowing the people who are running Corregidor and making sure Corregidor won’t be forgotten made me love the place instantly.

    My highlights for this trip, aside from the food (haha!), were the night lateral tour at the Manila Tunnel, fun night with the bloggers and Sun Cruise General Manager (learned so much from her!), and the hospital tour.

    I highly suggest you guys explore Corregidor!

    Corregidor Travel Series

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