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Do’s and Dont’s for Guys when arguing with Girlfriends


Have you ever been in a relationship or currently in a relationship? Can you already say that the one you have in your life right now is your God’s best and you feel that he really is the one for you? The one who will be your forever?

Maybe you have been together for quite sometime now. You can say that you already know his everything. And all you can say to your friends is you already found your true love and he really is the right one for you. But, do you really know him? How does he reacts when you are arguing with something?

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To all the guys out there, these are some tips while in an argument with your partner:

1. Listen to her

When I say listen, not just plain listen with only your ears on her. Look into her eyes and feel the things that she is saying. Always remember that eyes are the window to your soul. I believe that every girl in a relationship deserves to be heard. Listen carefully and don’t just nod if you really don’t understand what she wants you to know. Ask things that you don’t understand in order for her to know that you really care about the situation right now and you are willing to solve the problem together.

2. You’re not always RIGHT

Guys, please, we know that you’re the man in this relationship. But hey, that doesn’t mean that you are always right. For example, your girl is saying positive things like, “I love how this attitude of ours are working on us.” And then you reply with “No dear. We can never be like this  without the help of my personal development book.” Woah. You read that right! There are really guys out there who are like this who always want the credit to be on them. And this is a big No-no!

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3. Don’t SHOUT at us

..even if we are shouting. Please, I know you are hot tempered in nature but please, try to make us cool! More than that, if you did something wrong that made us shout, never ever shout at us too! Just calm us down and we will. After days. Lol

4. Don’t you dare hurt us physically

Right! Don’t you dare, dear love. Because you may never see us again. And girls, you are all pretty enough not to be respected with a man like this. So guys, again, don’t you dare put your heavy hands on us.

Okay. Enough said or do you want me to add more? lol.

Girls, just a piece of advice, we sometimes tend to be super-duper emotional on some things that guys really hate. So, just be cool as well and if you feel like shouting, close your eyes and say to yourself, “It’s okay.. Calm down.” 

It will magically calm you down. A bit. 


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