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FLEX & ALC of OCCI | Not Your Ordinary Personality Development Workshops

If there’s one thing that I am truly grateful for this year, it is knowing OCCI and being part of a community of genuinely caring people.

Before I talk about OCCI, I have a short story about a woman who’s been struggling for months.

Once upon a time, there’s a leader who’s been acting like a victim for quite some time already. Inside She felt tired. And she knew she has to do something. Then one day, her long lost friend shared about these workshops which made an impact in his life. And immediately, she said she wants to know more.

Fast forward, to today, she had attended two of the most powerful training that changed her even until now. And that is OCCI’s FLEX and ALC.

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What is OCCI?

OCCI is an action leadership school for personal organizational and societal transformation. Committed to building a “world that works with no one left out” OCCI has guided thousands of individuals, corporations and communities in realizing their highest potential. – EMIL ROBERT QUINTO,
Founder of OCCI

The Experience

Because of the promise we made that we will never divulge whatever happened inside the training, I’ll be sharing what I have learned instead.

Foundations of Leadership Excellence (Flex)

FLEX is a two-day workshop where you can learn about the fundamental principles of leadership, success and peak performance. Our goal is to bring out the leader in you: Your empowered Self that is responsible for the choice you and is committed to personal growth as well as the growth of those around you. FLEX will heighten your awareness of the negative belief systems that hinder you from actualizing your highest possibilities, and provide you with options, tools techniques to shift those paradigms. When this shift occurs, ordinary people producing extraordinary results. – OCCI Website

What I learned from FLEX

As mentioned above, FLEX is a two-day event, usually held on weekends, which I thought was like the many other training that I have attended. But I tell you, this one is different.

Honestly, in the morning for day 1, I thought to myself, ‘Okay. Just ‘another’ training I need to attend.’ But, as time goes by, I found myself wanting to seat in front just to make sure I get everything that the facilitator is saying. And 2nd day came, and this made me tell myself that this one is not a joke. This training will not change your life but will open your mind to who you really are.

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These are the things I learned and experienced during and after the FLEX training:

  • Self-awareness – I think this sums my FLEX. After the training, I can say that my level of self-awareness increased. It increased so much that I have known some of the belief systems that I needed to take off of my life.
  • Gratefulness – We have to be truly grateful in life. After I walked out of the room, I realized that we have to be grateful to all the things and people that we have in our life.
  • Belief systems  – I realized that I have so many belief systems in life that sometimes are stopping me to live life to the fullest! Now, I am beginning to take opportunities that are once a no-no for me.
MY FLEX Soulmates

Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)

The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) is the next step towards achieving personal mastery. Awareness of limiting paradigms is just the beginning. The ALC empowers you to overcome the paralyzing fears and self-limitations that have long suppressed the creative expression of your true self. This four-day intensive process is an opportunity to experience profound personal breakthroughs, guaranteed to radically transform your relationships with yourself and with others. – OCCI Website

What I learned from ALC

ALC is a four-day training and from the title itself, it is indeed Advanced and to add on it, really intensive.

I thought it would be the usual FLEX but no. Every time I think of ALC I just ran out of words. I don’t know what to say actually. Haha! This training will make you angry, sad, happy, ashamed. I think I felt all emotions during these four days. But  day is all worth it. If only I can talk about it here! Haha!

These are the things I learned and experienced during and after the ALC training:

  • We need relationships – If you would know me this last year until this year, you’ll know the walls I made to protect myself from the people I call intruders whom I think would hurt me. I realized I had this ability to shut myself off from the people in my life and the people who want to be part of my life. But here, I realized and it deeply etched in me that we need relationships. Relationships that we can trust, that we can turn to, that we can love, and that we can hold on to.
  • Everything starts at home – I think this is all I can say. Every little thing starts at home. Let’s be very cautious about this.
  • We all have a past that we need to look back to in order to move forward – one of the hardest thing I did but was so happy I did it anyway.
  • You can. Yes, you can!
  • Met people who are the most genuine of all!

Overall, these are the workshops that I will forever treasure. I even asked some of my friends and loved ones to take these workshops as well. Next in the trilogy of workshops is the LEAP!

Leadership Excellence Achievement Program

The Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP) is a 60 to 70 day intensive coaching program that will let you experience total personal empowerment, making ALL your relationships work, 100%. LEAP is all about becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision of who you are. By being clear about what you want and taking full responsibility for every area of your life, you can manifest the life of excellence that you truly deserve.

If you want to know more about FLEX and ALC schedules, you may comment below or check OCCI’s website at

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