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    Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary: A day-to-day Life During the COVID-19 Chaos in the PH

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    Hello, reader!

    I am Pia, the blogger behind this website and currently residing in the tropical country of the Philippines. 

    As we all know, the world is now suffering from a pandemic crisis — a virus that started in Wuhan in China that is now called COVID-19.

    Just this March 15, Metro Manila was placed in total lockdown. No public transportation, malls are closed and the only open are the essentials — wet markets, supermarkets, groceries, and the likes.

    Since I will just be staying inside the room, I decided to make a diary of what is happening during the lockdown — what I did, what I learned, basically what happened during the day.

    I haven’t written for the past days because I was so busy with work. you know, still pushing to achieve the work target even after all these chaos.. 

    But, after all what’s happening, I am still thankful, so much thankful because:

    1. We were lockdown in a safe place — with a roof and the location is near wet markets, drug stores, sari-sari stores..
    2. I am with Ryan – I am really from Cavite but was locked down at my fiance’s place. So blessed to have him during these times.
    3. We have food to eat
    4. We still have work – so much blessed to have a work that I can deliver from home. Although there are so much challenges, I am still thankful because work means we have money for our family’s needs and ours as well. 

      PS: My heart’s breaking for those daily wage earners who doesn’t know where to get money for their daily needs. I just hope the government would really take action on this today.
    5. Ryan and I are learning so much – learning to do things on our own – cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes, and, we are also learning from each other! So, Ryan has been teaching me how to have a super long patience, and how to be positive after all the news. He is my rock during these times. And him, I think he is learning how to cook and how to be more loving (Ay, tingin ko mas loving si Koya mo ahahaha)
    6. We realized family is everything – Even if I am far from my Mama, my heart and thoughts are always with her. Did she eat already? Did she go out? What if Covid-19 caught her? I wanna hug her now because I am afraid but I am afraid to bring the virus to her.

      Gaya nga ng sinabi ng bestfriend ko, “Konting tiis”. Yes, because this too, shall pass.

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    In love with coffee dates, mountains, and beaches. Currently in the season and process of unlearning, relearning, and learning together with God.

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