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Wait Productively Using Your Smartphone

Wait Productively Using Your Smartphone

Waiting for your boyfriend? For a bus? Very long line for a payment? Flight was moved from 5AM to 7AM? Sounds irritating. Right?

These obviously are not-so-good situations that I guess no one of us wants and enjoys. Remember that time flies and I promise, time is indeed gold! But wait, you can turn this mess into a very productive delay! Here are some tips you can do with your smartphone.Take note, this is not just taking out your phone with just candy crush on your mind. Sure, that’s one thing you can do when you’re in a long line, but is it worth your time? Of course not!

  • One thing you can do with your phone when suffering in a long wait is write.

Write! Write anything that your mind wants to let go of. Maybe you want to write about how to’s or about something you truly care and passionate about. This is what I’m doing when I’m in a long travel or in a long time.

  • Also, you can list down your to-do’s, review goals or make your bucket list.

With this, you can be again motivated to the things that you want to achieve and at the same time saved you time from writing those on their designated time and schedule.

  • Read.

Download something that interests you the most and read it. You can as well download the Holy Bible and read His Word. Acknowledge Him always and be close to Him. Or if you are studying or taking a board exam, reading while waiting is something to be done. Always, always have soft copies of your reviewers. You want to pass or maybe top the exam, right?

  • Listen to good music.

Study shows that listening to music enhances your memory and soothes your mind. Download songs to your smart phone or play music online. One good online music playing site that let’s you create your playlist is Grooveshark. It’s indeed on the go!Waiting can be very irritating but with small things written above, it can help you maximize your time and energy. Always be productive.


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