Know Her The Budgetarian Couple

To The One I Love

I have difficulties in putting my thoughts to words simply because you will always be more than the wonderful words I could ever write.

Love, I would like to thank you for our fruitful first year.

Guess it’s really a fruitful one if both are ready for the relationship.

But for me, I would like to thank you more for handling ‘us’ carefully and at the same time, joyfully. (kahit lagi mo akong kinukulit at iniinis.)

Our first travel together. I remember praying to God on my first Batanes travel na kung sino ang makakasama ko sa susunod na Batanes ko, yun na ang the one! Haha!

Thank you for waking me up every morning with kisses and hugs — even if this annoys me at all times because I still wanna sleep.

Thank you for making up to me whenever you feel that I am tired of all the chores already. Your simple way of washing the dishes or cooking lunch really makes my heart burst with gratefulness.

In times of misunderstandings, thank you for your hugs which clearly reminds me always that it’s not about the you versus me. It’s about the problem versus us.

Thank you for your wide perspective in life and for being open-minded with things I cannot fully understand.

You are my stopper.

My guide when I am getting pissed with small things, and my reminder to let go of the things I can’t control.

Thank you too for protecting me to anyone, anyone who hurts me, or would wanna hurt me. I saw this with my naked eyes and ears of how your love protects me. For that, thank you, my love.

Love, thank you that for the first time in my life, I feel that finally, finally someone came along who is more than willing to love me for who I am and what I can do.

Thank you because since I met you, I learned to love myself more, forgive myself more, be gentle with my self more, and be the best version of myself more to love you and the people around me even more.

This blog will never be enough to tell the world how I love to love you.

Really, thank you for coming to my life.

I am excited for the days to come with you by my side. Thank you for all the everyday laughter, for all the hugs, and for all our jumps whenever something exciting is coming — from grab food delivery to our Merlin and to many other things and achievements.

I love you.