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Basic Guide to the Masbateño Dialect

Planning to go to Masbate Province for a visit? Is your lover a Masbateño/Masbateña? Or just curious about Masbate’s diaclect? 

Masbateño is a Visayan language spoken by more than 600,000 people, primarily in the province of Masbate in the Philippines. It is close to Capiznon variant of Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) and Waray-Waray, both spoken on Visayas. It can be considered a Bisakol language, meaning a language intermediate between Visayan and Bikol languages. – Wikipedia

Here are some Masbate dialect, words, and phrases that might be useful for your first and succeeding trips to Masbate.

W-H Questions

  • Who? – Sin-o?
    • Who are you with? — Sin-o an kaupod mo?
    • Who are you? — Sin-o ka?
  • What? – Nano?
    • What are you doing? — Nano an guina-himo mo?
    • What is your name? — Nano an pangaran mo?
  • Where? – Diin?
    • Where are you going? — Diin ka makadto?
    • Where are we? — Hain kita?
    • Where do you live? — Diin ka naga istar?
  • When? – San-o?
    • When are you leaving? — San-o ka mahali?
  • Why? – Kay nano?
    • Why are you afraid? — Kay nano kay hadlok ka?
  • How? – Pan-o?
    • How to get to Masbate? — Pan-o magkadto sa Masbate?

Common Masbateno Phrases

These are some of the helpful Masbateno phrases that can help you with your visit to Masbate.

  • I Love you – Palangga ta ikaw (Masbate Mainland)
  • I Love you – Namomo-ot ako sa imo. Namumot-an ta ikaw. (Bicol)
  • I Love you so much – Purupalangga ko ikaw (Masbate Mainland)
  • Let’s eat – Mag kaon na kita/ Karaon na kita
  • You’re (really) beautiful – Ka-ganda mo (gayud)
  • You’re (really) handsome – Ka-gwapo mo (gayud)
  • Help me please – Buligi/Buliga man ako
  • Can you teach me? – Pwede mo ako matukduan?
  • I want to learn Masbateno – Gusto ko makaaram mag Masbatenyo.
  • Good morning – Maayo na aga
  • Good afternoon – Maayo na hapon
  • Good evening – Maayo na gab-i
  • Sleep tight – Turog maayo
  • I don’t love you anymore – Dili ko na ikaw palangga
  • Can I ask a favor? – Pwede mag ngayo pabor? 


  • One – Usad
  • Two – Duwa/Duha
  • Three – Tulo
  • Four – Upat
  • Five – Lima
  • Six – Unom
  • Seven – Pito
  • Eight – Walo
  • Nine – Siyam
  • Ten – Napulo
  • Eleven – Onse
  • Twelve – Dose
  • Thirteen – Trese
  • Fourteen – Katorse
  • Fifteen – Kinse
  • Twenty – Baynte
  • Twenty One – Baynte-uno
  • One Hundred – Syen/Usad kagatos
  • One Thousand – Usad Kalibo/Karibo

We hope you learned a Masbateño word or two in this blog post.

Want to add some Masbateno words/phrases that you think might be useful to the Masbate visitors? Please comment down.

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Animasola Island Rock Formation | Island Hopping in Burias, Masbate

There are a lot of islands and islets in Burias, Masbate. And the most unforgettable for me is the Animasola Island Rock Formation.


Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate province in the Philippines. The other two major islands are Ticao Island and Masbate Island. The Island has two municipalities, Claveria and San Pascual. -Wikipedia

Photo by: Benjie Garcia


Animasola Island Rock Formation – Burias, Masbate

Animasola Island features breathtaking rock formations together with its crystal clear and sparkling waters. This picturesque gem will make you fall in love with nature and Masbate all over again.

It was last 2016 when I had the chance to visit the three main islands of Masbate. Even though I was born and raised in Mainland Masbate, I wasn’t given a chance to travel to the other two islands, until I was given the task of my former company to accompany the winner of our Juanderlust contest, Dave Agbayani.

Yes, I know. Very fortunate and grateful indeed!

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Photo by: Lovey Marquez

One of the many islands we went to during the trip is the Animasola Island Rock Formation.

We marvel at the beautifully created rock formations for around 30 minutes. It was 12 noon that time and the sun was shining so bright! Kuya boatman said the intense heat, aside from it’s noontime is because the rocks are absorbing the heat.

Photo by: Lovey Marquez

After we checked the place, ate lunch, we then took the chance to swim! I can say that it was not really a good swim for me because of the rocks all over the place but I love that the water is crystal clear and with little to no trash at all.

I hope the Masbate government would continue to take care of this beauty.

Photo by: Jonas Roque

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How to get to Animasola Island Burias

There are actually many ways in getting to Animasola Island in Burias depending on where will your starting point would be.

  • Masbate Island – If you are coming from Masbate proper, you can check the schedule of the boat going to San Pascual, Burias. Travel time is 8 to 9 hours. Once you arrived in San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent going to Animasola. If you’re traveling solo, you can look for groups and ask if you can chip in going to Animasola and other islands.
  • Manila to Naga – There are regular flights to Naga via Cebu Pacific and PAL. Alternatively, you can ride the 8 hour bus. Most of the buses are in Cubao Terminal.
  • Naga to San Pascual – Once you’re already in Naga, go to the town of Pasacao. Pasacao is a 30-minute jeep ride from their own terminal in Naga City. This town is the  jumpoff point to San Pascual. Three boats depart daily in their port and travel time is three hours at most.
    • Schedule:
      •  7AM
      • 10AM
      • 2PM
  • San Pascual to Animasola –  Once you arrived in San Pascual, there are boats that you can rent going to Animasola. If you’re traveling solo, you can look for groups and ask if you can chip in going to Animasola and other islands.

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