Ivory Resort Calatagan: A Peaceful Afternoon Delight

ivory coast calatagan batangas

Can you wake me up when September ends?

Haha! Can’t believe it’s already September 30. As cliche as this may seem, time really passes by so fast and we really have to make the most out of it.

That’s why I pushed with my Calatagan getaway! Fortunately, my best friend is from this peaceful and beach blessed town.

Lately, the sea and the mountains are calling me. I have been longing for quiet times and places in the past months and glad I took a lap of faith in this area. I conquered two mountains already, Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Ulap.

And now, I am conquering beaches! Not the populated ones, but the peaceful and laid back beaches like Ivory Coast in Calatagan, Batangas. 


Situated along Manuel Uy Resort, Stilts Calatagan Resort, Burot Beach, and Playa, Calatagan lies Ivory Coast.

This peaceful and Talisay-blessed resort is perfect for those who want to spend the rest of the night in a tent or just to stay hours to enjoy the serenity of the vast beach space.

From Calatagan Bayan, it will approximately take you less than 30 minutes to this hidden beach resort via tricycle.

Tricycle Fare to Ivory Resort: PHP 100/pax

Bus Fare to Calatagan: PHP 160/pax

Van Fare to Calatagan: PHP 180/pax


The Ivory Coast Beach

Angelic (my best friend) and I arrived at the beach at 1:00 in the afternoon already as we prepared some food and went to grocery to grab some snacks and drinks.

Being a beach lover, what I appreciate more about the place is its exclusivity. Although there are a number of pitched tents in the area, still, the feeling of peace and stillness is in the place or maybe because I was just too focused on how love the ocean is.

The water was not high when we arrived. Sad because we weren’t able to fully enjoy the beach. But, we enjoyed cooking/roasting or should I say ‘toasting’ hotdogs. Haha! We had a very lovely chef by the way. Love how she made our hotdogs so yummy!

Going back to the beach, I also love that this resort is blessed with trees that brings shade to the beach goers. It also has tables and some areas has hammocks as well. Not sure though if  it was brought by the guests as well.

Resort Entrance Fee: PHP 100

Tent Pitch: 500


Who doesn’t love pictures?

Angelic and I are fond of taking each other’s photos (even if sometimes we get pissed at each other. Haha.)

Because the heavy rain is about to start (sad part because we had to leave), we quickly went to the beach and took photos although the water is really low.

After a couple of shots, the rain already started to pour. I



Although we stayed for just two hours or more, my heart was still filled and as if charged with happiness.

It has actually been my greatest joy ever since to be in the beach while raining. All the more when I am already swimming! Huhu! That’s why it was hard for me to leave earlier. I wish I could still see the rain over this vast beach as it gives me the feeling of peace and joy each time I see the calm waters and the pouring rain combined.

I wish I can stay but I can’t.

But still, I left the beach with a happy heart, thanking God for another prayer fulfilled – to be with nature again and to experience the rain at the beach.

Special thanks to Concepcion Family!


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