Pia’s Life Bucket List

treasure mountain bucket list

Wanting to track every little hopes and dreams, I created my own life bucket list. This will be updated from time to time! Hope you’ll create yours as well and live life to the fullest!

treasure mountain bucket list

Places to visit


  1. Batanes
  2. Zambales
    – Anawangin
  3. Palawan
    – El Nido
    – Coron
  4. Sagada – been to Sagada but on a business trip. So, I wanna visit again!
  5. Quezon
  6. Abra
  7. Banaue – been to Banaue as well on a business trip!


  1. South Korea
  2. Taiwan
  3. Japan
  4. New Zealand
  5. USA
  6. Switzerland
  7. Holland


Moments to witness

  1. Watch sunset over the ocean
    • Alone
    • With Mama
    • With my (future) husband
  2. Experience autumn in Korea
  3. Experience snow in Japan
  4. Experience riding on top of a jeepney going to Sagada!
  5. Quiet time and coffee by the beach
  6. Stargaze while floating (again) in sea
  7. Bonfire with my family in a cold place
  8. Be engaged <3
  9. Be married by the beach
  10. Salvation of Mama
  11. Salvation of my family
  12. Walk/dance barefoot in the rain!!!
  13. Experience a sunrise
  14. See the Northern lights
  15. Experience spring
  16. Witness a couple being engaged
  17. Witness a solemn wedding (again)


Things to Achieve/Do

  1. Enroll in a masters/diploma class
  2. Staycation with Mama
    • 5 Things to Do at Azure Resort and Residences, Paranaque (with your Mama)
    • A. Venue Hotel Makati
  3. Out of town trip with Mama
    • Iloilo this July 2018
  4. Out of the country with Mama
  5. Out of town with best friend
  6. Out of the country with best friend
  7. Solo travel to anywhere
    • Batanes this September 2018
  8. Beach camp
  9. Camp at the summit of Mt. Ulap (my fave mountain!)
  10. Climb mountains
  11. Be promoted at work
  12. Buy another property
  13. Rent a commercial space for Mama’s business
  14. Cultivate close and non-disposable friendships
  15. Be a Proverbs 31 woman
  16. Small group at home
  17. Small group in the office
  18. Small group (youth)
  19. Move in to our Cavite house
  20. Buy my own car
  21. Date Mama in an exclusive place
  22. Earn passive income (online)
  23. Invest in VUL
    • Life insurance at Sun Life (Jan 2018)
  24. Open COL account
  25. Achieve 45kgs!
  26. Try a new sport
  27. Go skiing
  28. Give someone a surprise on her/his birthday
  29. Pray for a stranger whom you just recently met
  30. Grow Visitmanila.ph
  31. Start your own business
  32. Plant a tree, watch it grow
  33. Do public speaking in front of 1000 people
    • Thanks to TravelBook.ph! Part of my job. 🙂
  34. Get a complete makeover!
  35. Dye my hair!
  36. Cut my hair very short
  37. Spontaneous trip alone
  38. Spontaneous trip with a friend/Mama
  39. Create my dream home!


Things to Learn/Discover

  1. Learn how to drive
  2. Learn how to paint
  3. Learn how to draw
  4. Learn calligraphy
  5. Learn how to put on make up
  6. Learn how to play a guitar
  7. Learn how to dance
  8. Learn how to bake
  9. Discover self

If you’re reading this, let me know if you want to be part of my bucket list! Let’s go! 🙂


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