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Life Lately: Hey. How are we, Pia?


I have been very melancholic for the past weeks. I don’t know if I should blame this on my hormones or if I have a better reason.

Anyway, that’s enough for an introduction. Haha! I have been missing-in-action because I was too focused on my job in the past months but will make time for blogging already.

Had so much boo-boos and highs lately and I want to share some with you.

Shall we start?

Sunsets, I love.

1. Moved-in to our own house

Before we go deeper, let me announce today that we have already moved in permanently (!!!) to our house in Cavite.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions and not to mention ~~ wallet ~~ before we finally got the decision to stay here for good.

After about three years, we finally moved in last Sunday, May 6, 2018. Though I’m happy that we’ll have a new journey in Cavite, I’m a bit sad because I will miss Greenpark Pasig which has been our home for the past 5 years.

I will miss the trees, our breakfast dates outside the house, our neighbor’s dogs that I call kaaway (I’m afraid of dogs).

But still, thank you God for the provision and for your perfect timing! It has been two weeks and I am still adjusting from the travel time to Manila for about three hours or so. Haha!

I still don’t have photos of our house! Ito yung naglilipat na kami. Parang ayoko pa umalis nyan. Haha!

2. Breadwinner

Wooo! I can already feel the pressure and tension of being the sole provider of the family. Though my Mama’s making sure that she is doing side hustles, still, it’s my main responsibility to take care of us even though we are only two in the family.

I love the feeling of being more responsible now but sometimes I feel like the pressure is really on. Ugh. I hate thinking too much.

3. Sea

If we’re close, you’ll know how I always long for a beach escape that I even download ocean/waves sounds. Funny, I know! It’s calming effect really soothes me and helps me live in the moment.

Right now, I just need one beach escape. I just hope time and budget permits because ~~ hello, adulting.

4. Love. Love?

Hey, hey! it’s been more than a year of my single life. And I met a number of ‘good’ guys already. Good? Haha! And then, I met an unusual guy with an unusual story.

I honestly can’t say if this is love already.

I’ve been in constant communication with a guy who has been courting for a while. Doubt, I think, is still in me and would like to really dive into God’s word and be really sensitive to these open doors.

Still, things are complicated and he knows that I’m not ready yet. Not because I am not over my past yet, but I want to really know if someone is so sure of me already. And of course, same with me.

On my way home at 11PM.I don’t know why I chose this photo though. Haha!

5. Mother’s not working anymore

Honestly, this is the year that I have stepped up in my career as a daughter. Career? Haha! I am really tired every single day since we moved in our house in Cavite. Every. Single. Day.

But that feeling of, ‘It’s okay, Pia! You’re Mom’s don’t need to wake up at 4 AM every day because of work’ reminds me that this is the reason of why I am working.

And here’s the reward, Mama is starting to take a lot of rests already because she doesn’t have a job anymore. And with that, I am okay with being tired every day. Tapos na sya mapagod magtrabaho, ako naman ngayon.

It’s also okay for me because I am now loving adulting and responsibility.

We jogged!
Seeing her free from work responsibilities is heaven for me.

6. My PCOS Journey

It’s actually good that I knew that I have PCOS before trying to get pregnant. At least I still have the time to correct my hormones and stabilize my menstrual flow because I really want to get pregnant.

I’m currently taking pills to regulate my mens. I hope everything will be okay.

7. Working on my

I love blogging. I also have the fascination with website making. HTMLs are like mysterious creatures for me and I want to know them little by little.

After months of forgetting intentionally about this blog, I refreshed myself of what I really want to do. And then, I decided to get back on track again.

Check out my business blog, 

8. The Passion Projects

Lately, I come to the realization that I’m not doing the things I love already. Like I quit doing things that make me happy. Now, I am starting to track some of my passion projects – blogging, bullet journal, and my two new projects, cooking, and gardening!

So, there! I actually have many things to say but I’ll put it all in words next time.

Oh, before I end, I just want to say that I missed writing so much! Here’s the start of my hopefully regular blogging again!


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