Faith Goals Know Her

January 2021 Goals

Hello, January 2021!

Can’t believe we already waved goodbye to the longest year of our lives, 2020! Indeed there are a lot to thank God for last year.

  • For keeping us safe
  • For all the growth that was brought about by the pandemic
  • For the restored relationships
  • For the marriage with my husband
  • ..and a lot more.

This month, I wanna focus in my focus word EXECUTION. Sabi nga, kapag may kailangang gawin at pwede namang gawin now na, gawin na.

It’s true that if we procrastinating a lot, we will move on very slowly and may miss a lot of opportunities along the way.



  • Read Atomic Habits
  • Watch Productivity videos


  • Cook good food for our family
  • Travel to a place Ryan and I have never been
  • Baby #1
  • Visit Mama often
  • Write top VIP list


  • Resign from Sunlife
  • Resign from fulltime Work


  • Complete Alltreats website
  • Open Shop #1 – S
  • Open Shop #2 – W
  • Open Shop #3 – TBH
  • Create Ecommerce System
  • Hira VA for Ecomm
  • Ukay Okay
  • Apartment


Long list, right? Haha! That’s why I will be needing a lot of time management and prayers this month. Hopefully I’ll achieve a number of items for this month.

Faith Goals Know Her

2021 Goals


I am claiming that this is the Year of Execution, Bravery, and Follow-Through.

Ever since I started working, I knew I have a problem with execution, bravery, and follow-through. And this year, I know I have to face them in order to reach my/our bold goals this year.

EXECUTION. I am a good planner. I know exactly what I want and how to do it but I know I lack strategy under the execution part. That’s why I really wanna progress more in this area and wanna do my best to execute the ideas and plans that I have in mind and in writing.

BRAVERY. For some, they think I am bold and brave enough to jump into something I don’t know but I really want. But honestly, I am not that brave, and I sometimes catch myself thinking about what might happen if I do this and that. So this year, I wanna focus more on this word – to be brave to do what I really want.

FOLLOW-THROUGH. The third and last word for 2021 is FOLLOW-THROUGH. Honestly, I think I can do the ‘execution’ and ‘bravery’ but I know it will be tough with this word, FOLLOW-THROUGH. As I said, I know what I want and I know how to get them. But I lack with follow-through. I usually forget the next steps that I need to do in order to move forward, or sometimes I am so lazy to look back, follow through, and check if I am in the right track.

I always wanna do this.. Writing yearly goals but this time I wanna incorporate these three powerful words to achieve our goals this year.


2021 Goals


This year we are praying that ecommerce will be for us so my goal is to have a system for our ecommerce shops.


I think this is the goal that I have been writing every year and I get so frustrated each year as well with this. I know the websites that I am handling have a lot of potential and I wanna make the most out of it.


Ryan and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding monthsary next month and a lot has happened already! I can say that I am truly blessed to have a caring husband like him. He will always be my best ‘YES’.


This year, I wanna focus more on my VIP relationships with people that I value the most. Made a list of my VIP relationships that I wanna nurture and give my time and effort. I always believe that quality goes above quantity.


Our goal is to have a number of passive income today that will help us retire early in the future. That’s why we wanna start our Real Estate Investment today.


Right now, our only passive income are these blogs and I wanna increase the monthly passive income that we are getting.

7. BABY #1

Yes!! Baby #1! They said no one’s gonna be prepared for anything including having a baby but this excites me the most!


Praying that my family will always stay healthy especially during this pandemic.


We are planning to complete our emergency fund as soon as possible! Hope to complete 5 months worth of our monthly expenses.


Praying for this!

How about you? What’s your goals for this year?


Faith Goals Know Her

December 2020 Goals

Happy first day of December! Can’t believe it is actually the last month of the year already.

In general, I think I can say that we had an unbelievably rough 2020. COVID-19, quarantines, economy went down, loss of loved ones, and many more.

But still, I am grateful that there were a couple of silver linings this year that I personally encountered – new found skills brought about the pandemic, accidentally found our ‘Tummy’ along the road, work-from-home, two months stay in the province, and many other things to mention.

Above all, this is the month that I’ll be marrying the love of my life who came unexpectedly last year. Hihi.

Trying to stick with my goals starting July 2020 and I am happy to say that I am on track despite the late postings. Hehe.

2020 Faith Goals

So enough with the introduction, here are my December 2020 Goals.

Personal Goals

1. Complete Ecommerce and FB Ads Training

2. Social Media Marketing Training

3. Dye hair..again

4. Loss 2 kilos

Side Hustle Goals

1. 5 Blogs for Piathought and Visit Manila

2. Marketing plan for TBC

3. Complete Alltreats website

Relationship Goals

1.. Get married this month!

2. Celebration with family in Manila

3. Gala with Bai and Ericka

Bucket List

1.. Camping by the beach

2. Bonfire in a cold place with s’mores and hotdogs

Pia’s Thoughts

This is the last month of the year and I promise to bid 2020 with smile and laughter with people close to my heart. Still, I wanna thank God for giving me chances to see this world in a new light.

A chance to grow

A chance to mend whatever that is broken

A chance to learn to be happier

A chance to be more mindful and to practice self-awareness

A chance to know what God has still in store for me in this world.

Happy December 2020, everyone! Let’s congratulate ourselves for making it this far. Hopefully, there will be vaccine already in the next months and that we can live like it used to be in this world.

Faith Goals Know Her

November 2020 Goals

I know it’s November 29 already and I only have until tomorrow to post this! Haha. But still, better late than never as I promised myself to keep track of the goals I wanna achieve every month.

My November ’20 goals, which were also written on my Trello account, are actually just very straightforward and simple as I want to take slow on things and enjoy our life here in Camarines Norte.

November 2020 Goals

  1. File Marriage Certificate
  2. Visit 3 Municipalities in Camarines Norte
  3. Make a life project tracker

If you are a constant reader (hello, friend! Let me know if you are reading this. hehe), you would know that I wanna keep track of my life as a whole. I wanna write everything down as much as possible because I am one forgetful lady. Haha! Praying for more consistency in this part though.

That’s it my loves! Below are my 2020 goals per month and my highlights since July ’20. How about you? How do you keep track of your goals and memories?

2020 Faith Goals

Faith Goals Know Her

October 2020 Goals

I know I am 14 days late in posting my October Goals but still, better late than never!

Can’t believe we are now down to the last three months of 2020. There are so many ups and downs this year but still thankful because our family is safe and healthy — which is the main goal this year.

This July, I try to write here the goals I wanna achieve per month and what happened to those goals. In case you wanna see my blogs, here is it:

2020 Faith Goals

Praying to continue this monthly goals and highlights. Wish me luck! Hehe.



  • Travel safely to Camarines Norte
  • Celebrate Ryan’s birthday
  • Fix our Financial Spreadsheet
  • Ryan to get his driver’s license
  • Pia to finish Practical Driving Course
  • Pia to get her Student Driving Permit
  • Save an additional P30,000 for our Emergency Funds
  • Lose another 2 kilos


  • Validation Strategy for Sunlife
  • 5 blogs on Visit Manila
  • P30,000 profit for Alltreats


  • Breakfast/s with Mama
  • Gala with Diones sibs
  • Cook more for Ryan


  • Camping at the beach
  • Try driving in EDSA (LOL)

Pia’s Thoughts

After months of writing my goals and bucket lists, I feel like I am somehow managing my year. But of course there are goals that we nee to bid goodbye to and there are goals that we need to focus on.

Let’s go, October!

Faith Goals Know Her

September 2020 Goals

Happy September first, everyone!

And just like that, it is now the start of the most awaited season – the BER months which means Christmas is getting nearer and nearer!

You know, for us, Filipinos, Christmas is really something that we are waiting for joyfully. But course, Christmas will never be the same as it was before if COVID is still here.

Compared to my previous months, July, August goals, I added more items in the bucket list, but for now, I think I wanna go with three items only for both goals and bucket list. My mind has been wandering off lately and I couldn’t handle more responsibilities as of the moment. Plus, I wanna really do the things that will make me feel good and light.

September 2020 Goals

  1. Celebrate our first anniversary
  2. More self-love – Exercise, diet, and skincare
  3. Pass the driving school exam and save P10,000 for Practical Driving Course

September 2020 Bucket List

  1. Date with Ryan in a secluded place
  2. Be more creative – draw, paint, write
  3. Lose 2kgs

Pia’s Thoughts

It’s been how many months since we have been quarantined and most of us are getting stressed already with the way things are. Praying for the best COVID vaccine and medicines to stop this pandemic already.

I pray that September will be a month full of new experiences, healing, laughter, and creativity for us all. Always remember to create and love always!

Hold tight, everything’s gonna be okay!

Faith Goals Know Her Pia & Ryan

August 2020 Goals + What Happened in July ’20

July 2020 has been a very, very long month for me.

So much happened. So much didn’t happen as well.

Okay, just an update and reminder for myself, I am trying to blog here monthly about my goals, what happened with my previous months, and what didn’t. And here’s what happened for my July 2020 goals.

Will be adding my August 2020 goals as well.

JULY 2020 GOALS — What happened?

In general, even though this month was full of ups and downs, I am still thankful that my family and friends are COVID-19 free (or Covid negative already). Praying for the vaccine to be available soon here in the Philippines and the rest of the world. I think if it will come to the Philippines already, we need to celebrate — at home! Hehe.

Personal Goals

  1. Buy Innova (2nd hand) – Last July 4, 2020, Ryan and I bought our very first family SUV! Meet our newest secondhand Innova — we call him Merlin! Hehe! Ryan and I have been praying for this and we are so glad it happened! We thought we’ll acquire this next year but we are happy that this pushed through earlier than expected. Bought this in cash with a lot of sacrifices.
  2. Buy more stocks after Innova – Bought stocks for our provincial resellers and added some stocks for our winning items. Wish us luck!
  3. Write 4x on Piathought – I have written 1 blog only.
  4. Double the sales for Alltreats (Check us out HERE) – We haven’t even gotten to 50% sales if compared to our goal! 😞 Just got 75% of our sales last June 2020.
  5. Learn how to cook (Currently, I know how to cook Sinigang, Adobo, Tinola, Prito Prito haha) – I have tried how to make monggo, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang togue. First time!
  6. Marketing and Expansion plan for Alltreats – This is what saddened me most. Haven’t done this that’s why sales went down as well. But we finally have a Masbate Distributor!
  7. Plant more in the vegetable garden with Ryan – This is one of our biggest YEY! Ryan and I have been so into planting veggies! We are now trying hydroponics and we added some new veggies: ampalaya, sitaw, onions, luya, garlic, and we are planning to add talong in the next days! Ryan made our veggie plot bigger and he also made a latayan ng mga gumagapang na veggies!

Family Goals

  1. Play more with Evond (my pamangkin) – Not sure if I can say that I fully made this happen because we are always in the other house. But I bought him an aquarium and he’s so happy!
  2. More kwentuhan with Mama – Can’t say as well if I made more kwentuhan with Mama but we visit our house from time to time. And made sure to have some coffee time. Parying for more kwentuhan and slow time with her.

As mentioned above I really felt that July has been so long for us. So much happened! Aside from the goals mentioned earlier, these are the significant things that happened in July 2020.

Other Significant Things that Happened in July 2020

  1. Ryan and I learned how to drive. And park!? — Thanks Kuya Obet! Proud to say that he only taught us for two days, 1st day 2 hours, 2nd day
  2. We bought an aquarium for our house. But two fishes died the next day.
  3. Bought Mama and Kuya Evond an aquarium too! The nephew is so happy!
  4. Ryan is always trying to renew his license — but fails each time. Frustrating but okay lang!
  5. First time to be invited to a webinar for ALLTREATS – We are so happy, thank you, Millennial Start-Ups and Vien!
  6. The Savings Pinay messaged us for a FREE Feature for our ALLTREATS – Yey! Thank you, Izza!
  7. Mr. Google messaged me for their Western Remittance — yey!


I feel like I always get overwhelmed whenever I have a big project to finish or start. So this month, I promised to list the three main things I need to get done which will impact my life. Saying hello to minimalism as well. LOL!

So yes, I will be limiting my goals to top 3 and will put everything on my bucket list this month. Keeping it simple for my mental health. Hehe!


  1. Double sales from last month for Alltreats
  2. Complete papers for our CamNorte tasks
  3. Apply for online lecture so that I can get my student driver license

August 2020 Bucket List

  1. Visit a beach – been craving for some vitamin sea lately
  2. Dye my hair
  3. Focus on my daily day and night skincare routine
  4. Try out the daily 5-minute journal
  5. More self-care this month
  6. 1 blog per week
  7. Send gifts to closest family and friends
  8. Start minimalism
  9. Plant more veggies

Pia’s Thoughts

July 2020 has been a relief and somewhat a struggle for me. Literally ups and downs! Changes have been everywhere this month and I sometimes feel overwhelmed but happy. Glad Ryan has been so patient and true to his word each and every time I get sad or what. Thanking him really for helping me to be the best version of myself.

Thank You Lord too for our keeping our family and friends COVID-19 Free!

Praying that August will be good to us all and that COVID-19 will not harm our families and friends. I hope that the vaccine will be all over the world soon.

Faith Goals Know Her

July 2020 Goals

And just like that, it’s already July 2020!

My fiance and I have been in work-from-home state since March 15 — nearly 4 months of being together every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner. LOL.

It has also been months since I last wrote here. Many things happened. Things that I have never thought to happen during the quarantine time. I think I need to write this in another blog post. Hehe.

July 2020 Goals

These past months have been super effective and productive for us. Hope I can write about it in the next coming day. So for July, here are some of our/my goals.

  1. Buy Innova (2nd hand)
  2. Buy more stocks after Innova
  3. Write 4x on Piathought
  4. Double the sales for Alltreats (Check us out HERE)
  5. Learn how to cook (Currently, I know how to cook Sinigang, Adobo, Tinola, Prito Prito haha)
  6. Marketing and Expansion plan for Alltreats
  7. Plant more in the vegetable garden with Ryan

Also I hope to:

  1. Play more with Evond (my pamangkin)
  2. More kwentuhan with Mama

Hope to know more your July Goals as well!

Faith Goals Know Her

2020 Faith Goals

It’s 2020 already! Grabe, I can still remember when I was still in high school, each time I imagine myself in 2020, parang sobrang tanda ko na.

Sabi ko nun, ‘Maybe I already figured out life by that time.’

‘Maybe I have a lot of money by then.’

‘Maybe I have kids already.’

‘Living happily together with my husband.’

Looking at what I have now in my life is surreal already. I may not have kids and husband yet, nor have a big chunk of money in the bank, but I can say that I am learning to be grateful for all the blessings God has given me for all those years.

I also wanna thank the Lord for all the ups and downs, because these made me a better and responsible person.

So, here’s me welcoming this new decade full of hopes and visions.

Update: October 14, 2020

I am actually blogging my monthly goals and highlights since July and I am loving it! It has also been months since I last checked my 2020 goals and I can see some improvements in some, some goals have been deleted as well since it really doesn’t spark joy hehe, and added some as well.

Here are the blog list of my goals and highlights!

2020 Goals

Characteristics to Improve

  • Show up more
  • Give more
  • Be consistent
  • Finish what I started
  • Follow-through
  • Appreciate downtime
  • Meditate
  • Be fully present
  • Forgive more
  • Open more
  • Love more
  • No more overthinking
  • Handle stress properly

Personal Growth

  • Read 20 books – Deleted this. Not my priority for the year.
  • Travel to 20 different places (local and international) – International is impossible. But locally, I’m still positive that I’m gonna tick this off the list.
  • Cook 20 never tried recipes – Yes yes yes!
  • Write personal thoughts again on Piathought – treat piathought as your ‘home’ again – I think I am becoming good on this again.

Spiritual Growth

  • Devotion – Not consistent still
  • Attend church – Not consistent still

Financial & Career Growth

  • Reach $2000 income in blogs – Will work hard for this!
  • Establish Visit Manila PH (business blog)
  • Establish Invest Pinoy (business blog)
  • Save additional P50,000 for our emergency fund
  • Open COL
  • Increase full-time salary
  • Help 50 families to know more about financial education
  • Open an online shop – Alltreats


  • Be more open to Mama
  • Be intentional in having friends
  • Send handwritten letters monthly to people I love
  • Give more time for family and friends
  • Build a stronger relationship with Ryan

Generally, I want my 2020 to be the year of waking up to my full potential.

I think I have a number of goals that I can’t write here because I think those are the super private ones. Haha! I actually have a bullet journal where I write my 2020 goals and I plan on writing there my monthly goals first then here.

Ikaw? What are your 2020 goals?

Faith Goals Know Her

December 2019 Goals

It’s that time of the year again! Who would have thought that it’s December already. Time flies by so quickly!

And of course, since it’s the last month of the year, why not make the most out of it? Sharing to all of you my goals this month. How about you? What are your goals?

  1. Fix budget and don’t go over the budget – My boyfriend and I had been using a budget sheet that has the 50/30/20 budget strategy. While it really worked for us, this past few cut-offs had been a struggle for me because I had been over my budget for some reason. This month, my goal is to do an extreme budgeting and really track my expenses so I would know where my money went at the end of the month.
  2. No Credit Card Use – I admit that I had a little splurge with my credit card last month because of the wedding of my cousin causing me to go beyond my budget this month. So this month is a no credit card use month for me.
  3. Save 50% of my 13th-month pay for Emergency Fund – While I know that I need to pay for all my debts first, I would like to complete my emergency fund as simultaneously while paying my credit card bills. For the reason that my credit card purchases are scattered for about 24 months, 12 months, and 6 months. I would like to pay for 50% of my credit card and the other 50% will go to my emergency fund. Being the breadwinner of the family is never a joke so will do my best to complete our 3 months emergency fund. And add a portion every month for it to be a complete 6 months emergency fund. Mabuhay ang mga breadwinner na kumakayod para sa pamilya!
  4. Meet with 10 clients – As an Insurance Advisor, one of my targets this month is to talk to 10 people who, like me, want the best for their family; who wants their family and future to be secured and finally, for people who want to achieve financial freedom. If you wanna know how, send me a message at
  5. No Rice December – Okay. Hingang malalim! So last year, it was November to January when I decided not to eat rice and practice the Low Carb diet. And now, I wanna start the Low Carb diet again because I feel like I really need a trim in my belly, legs, and arms. Haha! But more than those, I wanna prioritize myself and my PCOS because I am already turning 29 and I also want to have a child. So, diet and exercise it is!
  6. No Coffee/Soda December – I really don’t know why I am doing this to myself in “December” but yes, I would like to cut coffee (my forever love) and sodas. Coffee because I think for the past few years I have been drinking a minimum of 4 cups of coffee daily and now,I feel like I don’t have blood anymore, just caffeine. Haha! And it is giving me palpitations more than I have ever experienced. Of course, I don’t wanna die yet because I wanna get married and have kids. Lol. Charot. Soda because my goal is to intake healthy food and drinks
  7. 15-minute exercise – I think my last exercise was summer. Haha! But currently, I feel like my body is really shouting and pleading for one. Now, I downloaded an application called Women Exercise. I like it because it has a step by step procedure on what to do and you can also choose what to target on your body.
  8. Pack gifts and write handwritten letters – It has been a while since I gave people gifts for Christmas because I was never really accustomed in giving one because I don’t have the means before or I don’t know. Maybe I was just prioritizing other expenses before. But now, I promise myself to give gifts to the people around me who have been a blessing this year.
  9. Masbate Wedding and Tour – My highschool best friend is getting married this month and she got me as one of her bridesmaids! I was also surprised that he got Ryan as one of the groomsmen as well because I don’t have a partner yet! Haha. Anyway, what’s even happier is that Mama will come with us! It’s been yearssss since our last visit in Masbate for a vacation and I can’t wait!
  10. Camarines Norte Vacation – My boyfriend and I will be spending a couple of days at his place in Camarines Norte! This is actually my 3rd time I guess but I am still excited!
  11. Build content for Visit Manila and Piathought I had been away from my babies ( I call my websites babies and home) for the past months and it had been making me sad and furious at the same time. Sad because I know I have so many things that I should have documented but furious at the same time because I know I should have done it anyway. Now, my goal for this month is to write, write, write!
  12. Start the Project Invest Pinoy – Invest Pinoy is a platform for Filipinos who wants to invest. My goal is to help people know how to invest and where to invest. Get accredited as a Real Estate Salesperson – This is actually a very long overdue project and this should be done this month. One thing I realized on this one is that time is very essential and we need to move quickly and get things done. This has been on my list for about 9 months already and will do my best to get this done this month.
  13. Treat Mama and Evond to a gala day – We have a pamangkin at home with us because her Mama is an OFW. He’s been with us for like 7 months already and we’re happy to see him grow. This month, since we’re not going to be with him during our Masbate vacation, I promise to treat them to a gala day!

So maybe you’re asking why am I in a hustle? Well because I want my family and my future own family to have a good life. But don’t worry because I make sure that I work hard and play hard as well.